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Util Locate

Util Locate

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Util Locate

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  1. UTIL-LOCATE San Diego County’s Most Reliable Utility Locating Service Provide Page- 01

  2. INDEX Util-Locate Page -03 Util-Locate, Inc. Page - 05 Util-Locate, Inc. San Diego Page - 07 Util-Locate Services Page - 09 Util-Locate Services San Diego Page - 10 Page- 02

  3. UTIL UTIL- -LOCATE LOCATE San Diego County is one of the 58 counties that make state of California. The county established February of 1850, just a few months after California joined the union to become the 31ststate. The county is roughly the size of Connecticut, made up incorporated and towns, and many more unincorporated communities. up the was in and of is 18 cities In 2011 the estimated population of San Diego County was 3,140,069, making it second only to Los Angeles County. Page- 03

  4. UTIL UTIL- -LOCATE LOCATE Much of this region’s economic, physical growth has been shaped by the unique and diverse geography. This area can boast of having miles of coastline, lush, valleys, lakes, panoramic views of the deserts and mountains. The incredible geography, coupled with the mild climate, could be part of the reason population between the years of 200 and 2010.Population growth is a very big part of economic growth, and so it is welcomed by most. social, and breathtaking green and that rose the 10% It can, however, present some major problems. Page- 04

  5. UTIL UTIL- -LOCATE, INC. LOCATE, INC. One of the problems with any sort of development is that you run the risk of hitting underground pipes or cables. A San Diego utility locating service can help avoid any dangerous or costly mistakes. If you are planning any type of development or excavation, whether it is commercial or residential, it is important to let one of the San Diego utility locators help you with the details. You can call the Utility companies but it may take days to get results, causing unwanted delays in your work. Cables/Wires– These types of cables are usually used to supply your house or business with services such cable television and in some areas internet. While they may not present an immediate danger, you may be liable if you damage them. Page- 05

  6. UTIL UTIL- -LOCATE, INC. LOCATE, INC. Gas Pipes– Pipes are used to transport many utilities, such as your water and sewer, natural gas, or perhaps propane. Using a San Diego utility locating service can avoid the cost and mess of a broken sewer pipe or water main, and the potentially dangerous situation of gas or propane leaks. Page- 06

  7. UTIL UTIL- -LOCATE, INC. LOCATE, INC. SAN DIEGO SAN DIEGO There are several ways that a San Diego underground utility locating service can provide you with the information that you need. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems– This is a method of locating underground pipes and cables by sending a pulse of energy into the ground with a sending antenna and picking them up with the receiving antenna. The returned pulses are used to construct a picture of underground objects. Utility Mapping– This method uses a CAD program to produce a drawing of the location of utility lines after they have been field located and mapped. Page- 07

  8. UTIL UTIL- -LOCATE, INC. LOCATE, INC. SAN DIEGO SAN DIEGO Util-Locate is a San Diego utility locating service that offers their services to both residential and commercial land owners. Don’t risk injury, or waste valuable time and money. Before you begin any type of excavation call the experts and let them map your utility lines or pipes. Util-Locate have been providing solutions to all professionals on some the most challenging jobs throughout Southern California & all concerned with diligence and performance. Our clients include consulting engineers, soil engineers, architects, Geo environmental, surveyors, civil engineering, building contractors, property developers, managers, lawyers, building materials manufacturers, suppliers, government and public authorities. Page- 08

  9. UTIL UTIL- -LOCATE LOCATE SERVICES SERVICES Util-Locate in 2001 providing business professionals with a wide range of quality services using state of the art equipment. Util-Locate use its vast knowledge, latest equipment and experience to prove why they continue to be industry leaders and top choice for DAMAGE PREVENTION. We have been providing, Underground Utility Locating, Mapping, CCTV, & Ground Penetrating Radar services for over 10 years building long lasting relationships. is a private professional Company founded UTIL-LOCATE SERVICES SAN DIEGO Benefits and Features of GPR Scanning Locating: Rebar, tension cable, conduits, voids, PVC pipes, electrical lines and other subsurface anomalies. We can measure targets and slab thicknesses of up to 10″in depth. Inspection: A variety of surfaces such as floors, walls, decks, towers, tunnels, balconies, bridges, ceilings, etc. 2D Scanning: we can e-mail images of the scanned areas of slab or structure. If requested, we will also show a proposed core mark between targets for drilling and coring. Page- 09

  10. UTIL UTIL- -LOCATE LOCATE SERVICES SAN SERVICES SAN DIEGO DIEGO We mark all lines and sub-structures clearly for easy identification. Contractors many times will lay several different pipes and cables at different depths. We mark everything clearly, so you are aware of these situations. Follow Us Page- 10