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Clean Room Maintenance

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Clean Room Maintenance

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  1. Procedures for Clean Room Maintenance

  2. Most of us have heard of the concept of clean room as we know it should be a sterile environment where nothing gets in and get contaminated. We assume that the most covert top secret stuff like inventing super killer diseases for World War 3 can take place inside that environment.

  3. Clean rooms are in fact quite innocuous and they are not the scene of high action, high adrenaline, stunt based, world saving, red or blue wire cutting and hero wearing torn vest places that we think they are and by which time they have ceased to be clean at all. They play a vital life saving role, however when it comes to life recovery after you have admitted a person who met with an accident and waiting outside for the result.

  4. Clean rooms are all about controlling the whole environment and its variables as they control natural elements such as light, temperature, humidity and airborne contaminates which are harmful during the manufacture and repair of sensitive electronic components.

  5. What are particulate matters present on this blessed earth? Whatever it is, you don't require them in a clean room, as it goes under the label "bad". In order to meet the standard requirements these filtration systems, air management equipments as well as all the other gadgets and machines must be constantly monitored and maintained to keep a clean room clean and run smoothly.

  6. There are various classes of requirements available and for a class having a certification of 100 then there must be 750 particles per cube foot that measure 0.2mm and it is the measurement of particles identified by experts, I just hope that it definitely means something to the people who are supposed to know.

  7. A clean room is more complicated than what we do in vacuum cleaning and dusting once a week to keep our environment clean and tidy. That might be sufficient enough for your room or you could have just curled your toes and gone once a week, that is based on the type of environment you live in.

  8. But clean rooms require something more than what we expect as it actually does require floors that are clean enough to eat food on the floor, although goodness knows that how many microbes are present on the food that you eat and therefore they are barred from the clean room's sterile environment.

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