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The Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle. The whole ________ is made of ______and ____________. planet. rocks. minerals. A mineral is a _____ substance--it is ___________ all the way through. pure. the same. That means that a mineral is either an _________or a _____________. element. compound.

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The Rock Cycle

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  1. The Rock Cycle

  2. The whole ________ is made of ______and ____________. planet rocks minerals

  3. A mineral is a _____ substance--it is ___________ all the way through. pure the same • That means that a mineral is either an _________or a _____________. element compound • All rocks are made of two or more _________. minerals

  4. Crystals • _________________ are minerals that have had enough room to develop into the shape they were meant to be. Quartz crystals from Arkansas https:/.../images/ArkansasCrystal867.jpg

  5. Copper sulfate crystals. http://z.about.com/d/chemistry/1/0/e/P/coppersulfate.jpg • The chemicals that make up a mineral determine the ____________ of the ______________ it forms. shape crystals

  6. Earth Cross-Section Inner Core Outer Core Mantle Crust

  7. CRUST Earth Cross-Section

  8. Earth’s ________ is made up of rocks and minerals. crust • Much of the crust is covered by ___________, ________, _________and _______. ice liquid water sand soil • If you dig deep enough, you will always hit rocks.

  9. The crust includes all the soil _________. horizons • The crust is less than ____ of the total mass of Earth. 1%

  10. MANTLE Earth Cross-Section

  11. The mantle is the _____ casing of the Earth. solid • The mantle makes up about _______ of Earth’s mass. 70% • ______________comes from the __________. Some magma mantle

  12. CORE Earth Cross-Section

  13. ___________ is ______, ___________ is _______. Inner core solid outer core liquid Some magma • ______________ comes from the __________. outer core • Made mainly of _______ and ________. iron nickel 30% • Makes up about ___ of Earth’s mass.

  14. The Rock Cycle is: Constant ___________________ of material in ______________________ recycling Earth’s crust

  15. http://www.matt-willard.com/artwork/design/Rock-Cycle.jpg

  16. http://www.matt-willard.com/Artwork/Graphic_Design/Rock-Cycle.jpghttp://www.matt-willard.com/Artwork/Graphic_Design/Rock-Cycle.jpg http://www.matt-willard.com/artwork/design/Rock-Cycle.jpg

  17. Igneous 1._____________ rock - molten rock that cools and solidifies. GRANITE www.beg.utexas.edu

  18. Mt. Rushmore is granite library.thinkquest.org

  19. 2._______________rock - layers of rock fragments that were compressed and cemented together. Sedimentary They often contain __________. fossils www.lifefamilytraining.com

  20. Metamorphic 3.________________ rocks – igneous or sedimentary rocks that have been compressed and heated _______________________. without melting MARBLE www.geology.neab.net

  21. Igneous rocks form when hot ______________ rock cools and changes into a __________. liquid solid molten This __________ rock is called __________. magma

  22. The process of ___________ changing into ___________ is called _____________. meltedrock solid rock solidification cnsm.csulb.edu uraniumminerals.com keith.martin.home.att.net

  23. two There are ________ main types of igneous rock, depending on ________________________. where the magma cools

  24. ________ igneous rocks: ______ cools somewhere inside Earth’s _______. Intrusive magma crust This type of rock cools off very _______. slowly

  25. www.windows.ucar.edu/.../ig_intrusive.html

  26. 3dparks.wr.usgs.gov/carrizo/html/b014.htm Granite Boulder

  27. ________ igneous rocks: magma ______ from a ________ and cools ________ on the _________. Extrusive erupts volcano quickly surface

  28. "Nature's Glass" http://volcano.oregonstate.edu/vwdocs/vwlessons/lessons/Slideshow/Igrocks/Obsidian6.jpg

  29. Igneous rocks usually contain _________. crystals Pegmatite http://www.teacherstech.org/mackensteinre/PEGMATITE_big.jpg

  30. Crystals are ______ if the magma cooled _______. large slowly They are ______ if the magma cooled _______. small quickly

  31. www.outreach.canterbury.ac.nz/.../page6.shtml

  32. Igneous Rocks library.thinkquest.org

  33. Crystal Cave of Giants Largest Crystals Ever Found On Earth Discovered in Mexico http://www.canyonsworldwide.com

  34. http://www.canyonsworldwide.com

  35. http://www.canyonsworldwide.com

  36. http://www.canyonsworldwide.com

  37. http://www.canyonsworldwide.com

  38. http://www.canyonsworldwide.com

  39. Because of the high heat, igneous rocks ______ contain _______. never fossils

  40. Sedimentary rocks form when __________ bits of existing rocks erode and combine with decomposing organic matter. weathered This mixture is called ______________. sediment

  41. Sediments are carried into bodies of water and pile up on top of each other over millions of years. www.pacificislandtravel.com

  42. When sediments are dropped off into bodies of water, this process is called __________. deposition

  43. higheredbcs.wiley.com

  44. picasaweb.google.com

  45. Their own weight plus the weight of the water above them causes __________ to build up. pressure pressure The _________ squeezes out the water and compresses the sediments together. This process is called _________________. compaction

  46. Sometimes, organic matter forms ________. fossils Jellyfish Fossils http://ls.berkeley.edu/files/images/jellyfish_fossils-lg.jpg

  47. The sediments bond together into sedimentary rock. This process is called _______________ cementation Sedimentary rock is usually built up in _________ which are visible when you examine a rock sample. layers

  48. www.wellcollc.com

  49. Sedimentary Rocks library.thinkquest.org

  50. Metamorphic rocks form when ________ or ____________ rocks are _________ by _________ and _____ but ________ ________. igneous sedimentary changed pressure heat without melting

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