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Study Abroad In China 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Study Abroad In China 2007

Study Abroad In China 2007

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Study Abroad In China 2007

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  1. Study Abroad In China 2007 An unforgettable experiences for a group of GCSU students in China. A photo presentation for their traveling through: Guangzhou, Shantou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Xian.

  2. First Stop: Guangzhou

  3. May 19th. - Visiting Guangzhou@ Yue-Xiu Park

  4. May 19th. - Guangzhou First Meal in China Zhujiang River Cruise

  5. Stop 2: Living & Study @ Shantou

  6. First Day @ STU We Can Play! From Competition To Corporation

  7. In the Welcome Party We are Friends! Let's Cheers! Let's Sing!

  8. Visiting City of Shantou Visiting the Tea Museum

  9. Visiting the Beach Farm Which one is bigger? VS

  10. Visiting City of Chaozhou

  11. Visiting City of Chaozhou Watching the Dragon Boat Competition We are on the local TV news as special guests. Can you guess which one is faster?

  12. Visiting Local Companies 1. A Garden China Items company

  13. Visiting Local Companies 2. The Wedding Dress Company

  14. Visiting Local Companies 3. Aulde Toy Company

  15. Trip to Nan’ao Island in Shantou

  16. Trip to Nan’ao Island What happened? What are you waiting for? Oh, my god! Come to join us!

  17. Visiting Shantou Government Organizations & Host Family Visiting the local high school

  18. Visiting Shantou Government Organizations & Host Family Visiting the local hospital

  19. Visting Shantou Government Organizations & Host Family

  20. Study with Chinese Students Study is not that boring!

  21. Social Life at Shantou University with Chinese Students It’s great fun to interact with Chinese students

  22. Our Host Students, Our Dear Friends

  23. Stop 3: Visiting in Shanghai Visiting International & Chinese Corporations in Shanghai • Omron Company (Japan) • Hyster Company (USA) • Shanghai GM (U.S.A.) • Ausate Company (China) • Coca-Cola Company in Shanghai (U.S.A.) • Bao Steel Company (China)

  24. Visiting International & Chinese Corporations in Shanghai • Omron Company (Japan)

  25. Visiting International & Chinese Corporations in Shanghai • Hyster Company (German)

  26. Visiting International & Chinese Corporations in Shanghai • Shanghai GM (U.S.A.)

  27. Visiting International & Chinese Corporations in Shanghai • Ausate Company (China)

  28. Visiting International & Chinese Corporations in Shanghai • Coca-Cola Company in Shanghai (U.S.A.)

  29. Visiting International & Chinese Corporations in Shanghai • Bao Steel Company (China)

  30. Shanghai & Suzhou City Tour • Shanghai City Tour • City View • Huangpu River Cruise • Shanghai Museum • Meg. Lev. Train • Zhujiajiao Tour • Suznhou City Tour

  31. Shanghai City Tour Day Scene- City sight-seeing Night Scene -Huangpu River Cruise vs

  32. Shanghai City Tour (cont.) Shanghai Museum • Super-Train Zhujiajiao Tour

  33. Suzhou City Tour

  34. Stop 4 – Beijing • Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City • Heaven Temple • Great Wall • Summer Palace

  35. Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City

  36. Heaven Temple

  37. Great Wall

  38. Summer Palace

  39. Stop 5: Visiting Xi’an Emperor Qin’s Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses

  40. Students Comments • Finally, we would like to quote some of their feedbacks about this trip after their returning to home. • Hopefully, those comments will tell you – why they will never forget this trip and China.

  41. “We had the opportunity to see a full range of international businesses and their management styles. We saw everything from the most labor intensive processes like the porcelain factory to almost fully automated businesses like Coca-cola.” “The host students at Shantou University taught me how to be a great host and make people feel more at home. I realized just how many opportunities that I have and I will appreciate them more. I learned how important China is to the global economy and how in the future they will play an even more important role.” (GCSU Student: Clay Vaughn)

  42. < Happy Birthday – Our Dear Clay> • - June 14, 2007. Today is the 21st birthday of our student Clay. In his lifetime, it is the first time that he will spend his birthday – far from home and thousands miles away– in Shantou, China. To celebrate his birthday, our Chinese students, as a group, bought him a big birthday cake with their best wishes. So, I wrote this English poem for everyone here today.

  43. Happy birthday, our handsome Clay! Best wishes from all of your Chinese friends with this delivery. “We wish you happy and lucky in your birthday, and everything will be going your way.”

  44. You came to this world 21 years ago today, Growing up with everything for you ready. Everyone around you likes to say, “You are a quiet boy – handsome and great.”

  45. Thanking you for coming to China, our great country. Bring in your interest, friendship, smile, and fantasy. Wish you enjoy every minute during your stay, Hope you will like what you hear and what you see.

  46. We know – there will be more challenges on your way. We wish you happy and success every step of the way. Never forget your Chinese friends here in the room today, Remember they like you and will miss you someday.

  47. For your birthday, finally we all want to say: “Happy, Happy, Birthday! Our Handsome Clay” -- Your Professor Yang, written in Shantou, China, June 14, 2007.

  48. “I really enjoyed my Stay in China and wish I could have had the opportunity to explore more. There is so much about China the rest of the world has no idea how much it is worth discovering. It is a life altering experience.”(KSU Students: Berthony Beauge)

  49. This trip provided a broad prospective of China’s economy. We were exposed to a wide range of businesses on different levels of scale. Being able to see two sides of China’s economy provided a better understanding of the development of its economy. By being able to interact with the managers, we were able to see how they form good relationships through buying us dinner and being personable.(UGA Student: Grady Kendrick)

  50. “My trip to China was overall a very good opportunity to compare American style learning and managing to Chinese style. It was not odd for me to find students taking over 50% more classes than the typical college undergraduate in the U.S. Also, because of the intense competition, I found usually under more pressure to do well in school and from what I observed, did not spend nearly as much time as U.S. students partying. This trip is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Take time to explore, learn, and trying to take full advantage of your experience.” (UGS Student: Steven Out)