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  1. iNDiAN FESTiVAL2009

  2. Sharukh Khan NITE 10TH Nov 2009

  3. Sharukh a Brand in Indonesia • Sell television Rights in Indonesia • Local sponsorship • Ticketed event • 5000 seating • Sell Accessories • Pre Signed Photo Signature Cards • Get Kajol as well for a repeat of “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai” • Have the Premier of his new Movie “My Name Is Khan”in UBUD with the writers event along with India’s top writer(TBA) • Dinner for the stars Hosted By the Ambassador jointly with the Main sponsors. Sharukh Khan Nite 10th Nov 2009

  4. The Legend Of Ram It took Aamir Raza Husain three acres of land, 19 sets, 35 characters and a 100-member crew to tell what he calls the greatest story in the world. With mega special effects, like flying chariots and burning fortresses, it is one of the biggest productions ever made in India. 12th Nov to 19th Nov 2009

  5. Venue :Duniya Fantasy-as they have the Rama Sinta Show • The festival of India is seen to take place in all parts of Jakarta blending with the Indonesian Places of Interest • Story of the Ramayana very popular with the Indonesian Community • Would attract Local and Indian Communities • First of its Kind In Indonesia- the concept and production Legend Of Ram 12th Nov to 19th Nov

  6. Children’s Day Special 14 Nov 2009

  7. Inauguration By • AMIR KHAN • The Movie Screening • A discussion Forum with • Educationist on Desilecsic • Children(Diff Venue) • Donation from Amir For • Mentally Challenged Kids(HSBC) Children’s Day Special 14TH Nov -15th Nov 2009

  8. The Indian Puppet shows By Ramdas Padhye Venue: Taman Mini Children’s Day Special 14th Nov 2009

  9. Children’s Day Special

  10. Children’s Day special dates 14th and 15th Nov 2009 • Venue Taman Mini • Taman Mini Suited for Children • Again keeping with the theme of Indian Festival spread over the Places of Interest in Indonesia. • All Dances by Children from Schools. • Gandhi School /GIIS School from Singapore Children’s Day Special 14th -15th Nov 2009

  11. Combined with the street food of India/food fest • The Traditional ‘Mela’ Setting • Artifacts Sale • Mehendi Wali • Making of Bangles • Making Puppets • Magician • Fortune Teller • On the spot Painting Competition Children’s Day Special 14th -15th Nov 2009

  12. VENUE :Taman Mini Auditorium First Screening of the Film festival The Best of 2008 FilmsA SHOWCASE 14th Nov -21st Nov 2009

  13. The Best of 2008 Films -A SHOWCASE 14th Nov -21st Nov 2009

  14. Shankar .Ehsaan .LoyConcert 14th Nov 2009

  15. Indonesia’s Top Rock Band to blend In some segments with them. • Can Combines dancers like Sweta Salve,Jaswinder, • MC doubles up as stand up comedian providing a variety of entertainment –Like Vir Das • Additional young Singer from the Voice of India/Saregama show –Mauli/Sumedha Shankar .Ehsaan .LoyConcert 14th Nov 2009

  16. Woman weaver passing the motifs' shuttles. Paithan, A weaver woman wind the patterned weft thread in the shuttle. Poochampalli, AP. The gold thread (zari) is measured before the weaver spools it. Kanchipuram, Weaver woman on her loom. Coimbatore, Weaver's house. Nuapatna. The warp is being woven. Gadwal. Weavers Of India Detail of ikat weaving. Nuapatna 22nd Nov 2009

  17. Show case Weavers of India • Venue – Exhibition Hall centre • Sogo • Fashion Show By Garima Amitabh Singh • Live Singing by Shaibani Kyashap • Sale and display of Garments in SOGO • Indian furnture display to create an ambience in the central area –local vendor earlier used for the Indian Display in all ‘Metro’in 1999 • Display of Weavers around in action show casing different regions of the Country –showcase for 1week 22nd Nov – 29TH Nov 2009 • Sale of these fabrics • Handmade Puppets • Street Food - products Shaibani Kyashap Live Singing Weavers Of India 22nd Nov 2009

  18. Dravidian family Telugu Brahmin sari , 6 yards.  Ceylonese/ dancer 9 yards Nivi family Kannagi sari, 6 yards. Dhoti Family Saura sari, 9 yards. Orissa sari, 6 yards The "families" of Indian Drapes : Exhibition of Saris Mul sari, 9 yards. Khond modern sari, 6 yards 22nd - 29th Nov 2009

  19. Theater –Naseeruddin Shah 19th Nov -20th Nov 2009

  20. 'DEAR LIAR'(English) Beyond friendship, beyond companionship, George Bernard Shaw and Stella Campbell’s was a rare and incredible relationship. Their love and admiration for each other (despite their being married to others), found expression through ‘hundreds’ of letters to each other. Stella Campbell was his muse, his inspiration, drawing out a soft, tender side of him that even Shaw was unaware of. Shaw’s homage to her was the creation of Eliza Doolittle in the most famous of his plays ‘Pygmalion’. Jerome Kitty’s script captures their intense bond, in his fascinating retelling of their ‘love story’. Naseeruddin Shah, who was last seen in the film ‘Monsoon Wedding’, brilliantly executes Shaw’s Irish humour and wit. A vibrant Ratna Pathak Shah brings Stella Campbell to vivid life. Another option could be ‘Court-martial’ Naseerudin Shah & Ratna Pathak Shah 19th Nov 2009-20th Nov 2009

  21. Aap ki Soniya' (Hindi) Sonali Bendre makes her debut on the Indian stage, with ‘Aap ki Soniya’. Aap ki Soniya takes over where Tumhari Amrita left off. Several years after Amrita’s death, Zulfikar Haider is retired and leading a languid life. His calm existence is shaken out of stupor when he is assailed by a storm of accusatory mail from a ‘Soniya’. Born of Amrita and ‘Andy’, Soniya lives in Paris. Searching for the truth about her mother who abandoned her, Soniya learns about the rare and unique bond that Zulfikar and Amrita shared. In a determined effort to unearth who her mother really was, Soniya turns to Zulfikar, at first with hate and venom. What ensues is the evolution of a relationship, with ‘Amrita’ providing the common bond between the two. Farooque Shaikh, the celebrated actor enlivens the character of Zulfikar Haider, for a second time. Sonali Bendre the impressive Bollywood star takes to the stage for the first time and renders a remarkable Soniya. Naseerudin Shah&Sonali Bendre 19th Nov -20th Nov

  22. iNDiAN FESTiVAL 2009 EVENTS AT A GLANCE 10TH Nov -29th Nov 2009