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1st Meeting

1st Meeting . Computer Application. Look at these photographs of different situations!. Match the photographs with text 1 to 4 below!.

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1st Meeting

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  1. 1st Meeting Computer Application

  2. Look at these photographs of different situations!

  3. Match the photographs with text 1 to 4 below! • Computers can help students perform mathematical operations and solve difficult questions. PCs are also used for administrative purposes: for example, schools use databases and word processors to keep records of students, teachers and materials. • Race organizers and journalists rely on computers to provide them with the current positions of riders and teams in both the particular stages of the race and in the overall competition. Several PCs give real time informationon the state of the race. Computer databases are also used in the drug-detecting tests for competitors.

  4. 3. Computers store information about the amount of money held by each client and enable staff to access large databases and to carry out financial transactions at high speed. They also control the automatic cash dispensers which, by the use of a personal coded card, dispenser money to clients. 4. Airline pilots uses computers to help them control the plane. For example, monitors display data about fuel consumption and weather conditions. In airport control towers, computers are used to manage radar system and regulate air traffic.

  5. Find the words in texts 1 to 4, and match the with the meanings below!

  6. Listen and fill the box with the appropriate informations! • Electrical engineer • Secretary • Librarian • Composer

  7. The Present Simple Passive • You form the present simple passive with am/is/are + past participle • Examples: a). This program is written in a special computer language. b). Programs and data are usually stored on disks.

  8. Do the following exercises! • Various terminals (connect)........to this workstation. • Microcomputers (know).........as PCs. • Magazines (typeset).........by computers. • When a particular program is run, the data (process)......by the computer very rapidly. • The Web (use)........to search for information and buy products online. • the drug-detecting test in the Tour de Frace (support).........by computers. • All the activities of the computer system (coordinate).........by the central processing unit. • In some modern systems information (hold).......optical disks.

  9. Assignment! • Make five simple present passive sentences.

  10. See you next meeting!

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