the ballad of mulan by song nan zhang n.
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The Ballad of Mulan by Song Nan Zhang PowerPoint Presentation
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The Ballad of Mulan by Song Nan Zhang

The Ballad of Mulan by Song Nan Zhang

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The Ballad of Mulan by Song Nan Zhang

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  1. The Ballad of Mulanby Song Nan Zhang Vocabulary, Spelling, and Skills

  2. Spelling Focus More Short Vowels • pond luck drop • lot rub does • drum sock hunt • crop shut won Review: Challenge: • hop dodge • much dusk

  3. Key Vocabulary: armor- a metal covering worn to protect a knight in battle The knight put on hisarmor before going into battle.

  4. comrades • companionswho share one’s activities Her comrades were astonished and amazed.

  5. endured • put up with or lasted through Mark endured through the night.

  6. farewell • good-bye Mulan had to say farewell to her family.

  7. triumphant • successful Mulan was triumphant in battle.

  8. troops • soldiers The brave troops marched into Battle.

  9. victorious • having wonby defeating another The victorious troops were glad to be home.

  10. Other Vocabulary: • sorrowful- really angry • sighs- long, deep breaths exhaled by a person, often because of sadness • invaders- enemy attackers from another • country or planet • draft- selection of people to serve the army • scrolls- rolls of paper with writing • frail- weak • bridle- straps, bit, and reins placed on a horse’s head and used for control while riding

  11. Other Vocabulary cont. • bank- ground along the edge of a river or lake • dusk- the time of evening just before dark • harsh- extremely unpleasant • ravaged- violently destroyed • summoned- asked to come • bestow- to give or award • swift- fast • escort- to travel along with, usually to • provide protection or show respect • astonished- very surprised; amazed

  12. ComprehensionMaking Inferences T89A, PB32 • Authors don’t always explain everything in a story. Sometimes readers have to figure out how characters feel or why they do certain things. • Use story clues and your own personal knowledge to make an inference.

  13. Structural Analysis/Vocabulary: Syllabication T89C A syllable is a word part with one vowel sound. A compound word is divided between the two words. nightfall night – fall Words with a VCCV pattern are often divided between the two consonants. yellow yel – low If two consonants make one sound, the two consonants are in the same syllable. mother moth – er PB 36

  14. Vocabulary:Multiple – Meaning Words T89G Many words have more than one meaning. How the word is used in the sentence will help you know the meaning. Context is how the other words in the sentence give clues about the definition of the word. Transparency 1-13, PB 40

  15. Study Skill: Dictionary T89H • Guide words show the first and last words on each page. • Each bold word defined is called an entry. • Entrywords are divided into syllables. • An entry includes pronunciation, part of speech, definitions and the spelling of different forms of the word. • The pronunciation is how the word is pronounced. • Parts of speech are nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. Transparency 1-14