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ThomsonNOW for Business Communication PowerPoint Presentation
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ThomsonNOW for Business Communication

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ThomsonNOW for Business Communication
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ThomsonNOW for Business Communication

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  1. ThomsonNOW for Business Communication

  2. What IS ThomsonNOW? • Available with: • Essentials of Business Communication 7e by Guffey, • Business Communication: Process and Product, 5e by Guffey, and • Business Communication, 15e by Lehman/Dufrene • A one-stop product with all a student needs for a course in one location, under one access code, with one purchase • A response to student and instructor requests to SIMPLIFY our offerings and ADDRESS THE COST OF BOOKS! • A four-part product: • Personalized Study Plan • Book • Homework Manager • Course Manager

  3. The Personalized Study Plan • Pre-Test Quiz Assesses students understanding of chapter concepts • Based on Pre-Test Results, System Provides Directed and Personalized Review Strategies Review Materials to which Students Are Directed Include: • Links to e-Book Chunks • Links to all the review resources you might find in other web products (electures, audio reviews, videos, text illustrations) • After Reviewing, Students Can Take a Post-Test Quiz, (which can be assigned for a grade), and then they receive a new study plan based on the quiz results

  4. Mary Ellen personally wrote feedback for each pre- and post-test question in ThomsonNOW so that the student knows why they got and answer right or wrong and where that answer can be found in the text.  For each question, we actual provide students with a direct link to the exact area in the ebook where the concept they got wrong is reviewed.

  5. Personalized Study Plan Example

  6. E-Book • Each purchase of ThomsonNOW includes access to a FULL E-BOOK version of the printed text! No need to buy a hard copy book! • The Ebook Is Printable and Searchable!

  7. Homework Manager • Students completed automatically graded homework assignments online • Scores feed to a gradebook that works with WebCT and BlackBoard gradebooks • Open-ended questions are available to view and grade by the instructor • Multiple-Choice Questions and True/False Questions were written to be very valuable! • Mary Ellen worked personally on the homework to make meaningful, auto-graded questions work in a discipline where most of the homework is not assessed with MC and TF questions.  Because TNOW can’t grade the open-ended writing assignments that are usually used in Bus Com courses, she tried write questions that get students to recognize correct writing.

  8. Example of Guffey Gradable Guffey Homework

  9. Homework Manager • AACSB Learning Outcomes • Each homework question within ThomsonNOW was associated with the AACSB learning outcome it assesses. • Instructors can generate reports within the grade book that show how students have been assessed against certain learning outcomes. • When setting up homework in THomsonNOW, instructors can filter the homework bank according to the AACSB learning outcome they wish to assess in that assignment!

  10. Filtering Questions for Certain AACSB Learning Outcomes

  11. Course Manager • Grades feed to a gradebook in TNOW that syncs with WebCT, BlackBoard, eCollege, and Sakai gradebooks • Discussion area • Message-posting area

  12. What does it all cost? • Product can be purchased in three ways: • Buy access code from Thomson e-commerce site = cost is 50% of list price of hard copy book • Buy access code bundled with hard copy book in the bookstore = cost is an additional $10 on top of the price of the book • Buy an access code card in the bookstore, no bundle with hard copy book = cost is 50% of list price of book plus bookstore mark-up

  13. Thank You! Erin Joyner 513-229-1944