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English for Business Communication

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English for Business Communication
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English for Business Communication

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  1. English for Business Communication DLVTC XU MEIRONG

  2. English for Business Communication Third Edition Xu Meirong from Department of Int’l Business Communication of Dalian Vocational & Technical Collage

  3. Learning Objectives • Be able to write a letter of counteroffer • Be able to write letters of declining offers/ counteroffers • Be able to write letters of declining orders

  4. Main & Difficult Points • Counter proposals • Counteroffers • Firm counteroffers • Non-firm counteroffers • Counter counteroffers • Replies to the enquiries

  5. Key Words & Expressions • Counter-offer on the usual terms be on the high side regret be in line with reduce reduction turn down the prevailing market level • heavy demand heavy bookings • heavy commitments repeat order duplicate order shortage of stock

  6. Key Words & Expressions ⊙Identifying the reference of your letter • We thank you for your offer dated June 10, offering us 1000 m/t walnuts. • We acknowledge receipt of your letter of May 5 offering us the captioned goods at US$35.00 per piece CFR Vancouver on the usual terms.

  7. Key Words & Expressions ⊙Stating the reasons for expressing regret at inability to accept the offers/ orders • a. Much to our regret, as your offer is out of line with the market level, it is difficult for us to accept it. • b. We regret to say that we cannot accept your offer, as your price is unworkable. • c. We would much more appreciate it if there is a discount. • d. We find the rice you quoted is much higher than other suppliers’ of the similar products. Could you please lower it down to …?

  8. Key Words & Expressions ⊙ Making a counteroffer • a. To step up the trade, we counteroffer as follows, subject to your reply reaching us before this weekend. • b. In view of the above, we would counteroffer in your interest, that at US$26.00 per piece CFR Vancouver on the usual terms.

  9. Task 1 • Warming-up Discussion • You (Fashion Trading Company in U.K.) have received a firm offer from the seller (China National Garments Imp. & Exp. Corporation) . You find the offer unworkable. How will you reply to them?

  10. Writing Steps for reference • thank the seller for his offer • stating the reason for declining the offer • make a counteroffer • Endings

  11. Specimen Letters for Analysis (1)

  12. Language Points • on the usual terms 按照惯常条款 • under the usual terms 按照惯常条款 • according to the usual terms 按照惯常条款 • in reply to ph. 现答复;兹复 • in response to • in answer to • 现答复你方本月26日来函,向你们报实盘如下。 In reply to your letter of 26th of this month, we are making you the following firm offer. This is in response to your letter of 26th of this month. We are making you the following firm offer. end-users 最终用户,用户(指以使用或消费为目的的消费者) • regret vt. 抱歉, 遗憾 • 抱歉无法按你方16日信中所提价格供货。 We regret our inability to supply the goods at the price indicated in your letter of 16.

  13. Language Points • We very much regret to say that the goods supplied are not up to the expectations. 很遗憾所供货物令我们十分失望。 • 由于原材料价格上涨,抱歉无法按原价格接受你方订单。 We regret that we can’t accept your order at the original price owing to the rise in the price of raw materials. • find your price too high 认为你方价格偏高 • Different Expressions • find our prices too low 认为我方价格偏低 • find our prices reasonable 认为我方价格合 • find our prices competitive 认为我方价格具有竞争性 • find our prices in line with the market 认为我方价格与市价一致 • find our prices workable 认为我方价格可行 • find our prices acceptable 认为我方价格可接受

  14. Language Points • out of line with 与…不一致 • in line with 与…一致 • 你方的价格与现行的市场价格完全不一致。 Your price is entirely out line with the price ruling in the present market. • 你方所询购的货物超出我们的经营范围。 The goods you enquired is out of line with the scope of business activities. 你方价格颇为合适,但交货期太长。 Your price is quite in line, but the time of delivery is too distant. • the prevailing market 现行市场;现行行市 • Similar Expressions: • the present market • the current market • the ruling market

  15. Language Points • Useful expressions on Prices: • the present price 现行的价格 • the ruling price 现行的价格 • the going price 现行的价格 • the prevailing price 现行的价格 • the current price 现行的价格 • the prevalent price 现行的价格 • the Indian origin 产地 • country of origin 生产国别;原产地 • Certificate of origin 原产地证明 • What is the place of origin?? 产地是哪里?

  16. Language Points • indicate v. 表示;说明; • indication n. 概念;迹象;示意;征兆 请报实盘并说明最早交货期。 Please make us a firm offer, indicating the earliest delivery date. • 各种迹象表明价格将上涨。 There is every indication that the price will rise. • Please let us have your indication of price for the captioned goods. 请告知你方对标题项下货物的价格意见。 迹象表明羊毛价格将进一步下跌。 Information indicates a further decline in the wool market.

  17. Language Points • slightly adv. 略微;稍稍;稍微 这位病人略为见好一点。 The patient is slightly better. 11.the difference in (price) (价格方面)的差别 质量上的差异是显而易见的。 The difference in quality is quite clear.

  18. Language Points • such being the case (in this case) 情况就是这样 ,鉴于这种情况 • step up ph. 促进;加速 • 我们竭尽全力加速生产以满足市场上大量需求。 We are doing utmost to step up production to meet the heavy demand. • in view of ph. 鉴于 • Similar Expressions • considering • 只是鉴于我们之间长期的业务关系才给你方特别折扣。 It is only in view of our long-standing business relations that we offer you this special discount. • 鉴于情况特殊,我们同意接受你方的要求。 Considering the unusual circumstances,we agree to accept your requirements.

  19. Language Points • decline vt. 拒绝;谢绝(用于拒绝,该词要比reject和refuse委婉);vi. 下降; We regret to learn that our offer has been declined by your end-users. • As your prices are too high to meet competition, we have to decline your offer with regret. 由于你方价格太高,缺乏竞争力,我们只好拒绝你方报盘,甚歉。 遗憾得知我方报盘遭到你方买主的拒绝。 • The market price of color TV is on the decline. 彩色电视机的市价正在跌落 。 • at your earliest convenience ph. 尽早的;早日的;立即 • Similar Expressions • before long • by (on,at) the earliest opportunity • without (any ) delay • with the least possible delay • at an early date • at an early moment • as soon as possible • by return

  20. Chinese version of the letter 执事先生: 真丝女衬衫 感谢贵公司2月20日来函,按惯常条款向我方报盘3000 打上述货物,每件45.00英镑CIF伦敦价。 现答复如下,我方遗憾地告知贵方我客户认为你方价格太高与现行的市价不一致。有消息表明,你方产品的价格比印度制造的产品高出百分之二十。 我们知道中国产品的质量能略好一点但价格之差不应有如此之大。鉴于这种情况,我们无法劝说我们的客户接受你方的价格,因为类似质量的货物可以用低得多的价格买到。 为了促进贸易,我们现在代表我客户还盘如下,以你方确认于本月底前到达我处为准: 每件36英镑CIF伦敦价含佣金百分之二,其它条款如你方2月20日函所示。 只是鉴于我们之间长期的贸易关系才向你做出如此还盘。由于行市在不断地下跌,希望你方能对我还盘予以认真考虑并早日传真接受我们的还盘。 谨上,

  21. Task 2 • Warming-up Discussion • You are the seller (China National Garments Imp. & Exp. Corporation), and have received a counteroffer from the buyer (Fashion Trading Company in U.K.). You find their counteroffer out of line with the prevailing market level. How will you reply to them?

  22. Writing Steps for reference • 1.acknowledging receipt of the counteroffer • 2.stating the reason for declining the counteroffer • 3.making a counter counter-offer • 4.Endings

  23. Specimen Letters for Analysis (2)

  24. Language Points • the subject material标题项下的货物 • the captioned goods • the subject material • be found (to be ) on the high side (价格)偏高 • be on the high side • be too high • be a little high • be rather stiff • be prohibitive • Make comparisons • We note from your letter of 10 Oct. that the price for the subject article is found to be on the high side • Thank you for your letter of 10 Oct., from which we note that the price for the subject article is found to be on the high side

  25. Language Points • be regretful that 令人感到遗憾的;抱歉的(多用于婉言拒绝) • We are regretful that we are unable to reduce our price to the level you indicated . 我们感到很遗憾不能将价格降到你方所示水平。 • It is regretful to learn that the business has fallen through. 我们遗憾地获悉交易落空。 • while conj. 然而;但是(形成鲜明的对比) • level n. 水平;(商业英语中引申为价格) • at one’s level 按某人的价格 • 我们不能按你方价格达成交易。 We cannot close business at your level. • 如果你方能降价则交易成交有望。 Business is possible if you reduce your level. • Your price is not on a level with the current market. 你方价格与当前市场价格不符。

  26. Language Points • upward tendency 上升趋势 • downward tendency 下降趋势 • firm with an upward tendency (行市)坚挺且有上升趋势 • in one’s interest ph. 为某人利益着想 • take (full) advantage of sth. (趁机)利用(别人的缺点,弱点) • Make comparisons • 与make useful of 的区别:前者具有占人便宜之嫌 • I can’t take advantage of your good nature. 我不能利用你的善良(的好本质)。 • 沾了好天气光,打了场网球。 We took advantage of the fine weather to play tennis.

  27. Language Points • You must ship the goods in time to arrive here before the lapse of the license. 你方必须在许可证期满前及时将货物运到此地。 • 很遗憾,我们的报盘在失效前未被接受。 We regret to say our offer has lapsed unaccepted. 10. lapse n. v. 失效 11.likelihood n. 可能性 • 价格没有下降的可能。 There is no likelihood of the price going down. • 一旦本报盘失效,货物不被卖出的可能性很小。 There is little likelihood of the goods remaining unsold once this particular offer has lapsed.

  28. Chinese version of the letter 执事先生: 从你方2 月23日来函中得知,我方对标题项下货物的报价被认为是偏高的。 尽管我们很感激你方的合作,向我提供了你地市场印度货物的行情,但十分抱歉不能把价格降到你方所示水平。我们不得不指出你方还盘显然与现行市场价格不吻合。因为你邻国买主正在按我们所报价格大量进货。而且,市场坚挺且有上升趋势。一旦此报盘失效,要把货物保留而不予售出是不可能的。 鉴于上述情况,为你方利益着想,建议你方立即接受我方每件45英镑CIF伦敦价格。 谨上,

  29. Task 3 • Warming-up Discussion • Generally speaking, an order should be acknowledged immediately if it cannot be fulfilled straight away. Now, you are the seller (China National Garments Imp. & Exp. Corporation), and have received a repeat order from your old client. Due to the shortage of stocks, you cannot meet the requirements of the buyer. What will you say to them?

  30. Writing Steps for reference • 1.acknowledging receipt of the order • 2.stating the reason for declining the order • 3.offering a substitute • 4.Endings

  31. Specimen Letters for Analysis (3)

  32. Language Points • shortage of stock 库存短缺 • undertake v 承担;答应 • 我们决不承担没有把握的事。 much to one’s regret 遗憾;令人遗憾 We will not undertake to do anything without being sure that we can do it. • 他答应承担贸易代表团的领队。 He undertook the leadership of the trade delegation.

  33. Language Points • As this is an order of substantial one, we cannot undertake to complete the manufacture of the order in three week’s time. 由于这是一个大订单,我们没有把握在三周内完成生产任务。 • on account of 由于;因为 • Similar Expressions • due to • because of • owing to

  34. Language Points • 由于你方未能在规定的时间内装运货物,我们只好撤销订单。 We have to cancel the order on account of your failure to ship the goods within the specified time. • On account of lack of direct steamer, please allow transshipment in your L/C. 因为没有直达船,请在你信用证中注明允许转船。 • 由于品味不同,您的设计款式不适合此地市场。 On account of difference in taste, your designs do not suit this market.

  35. Language Points • uncertainty n 变化;不肯定 • In view of the uncertainty of the price movement, we deem it advisable to withhold offering. 由于价格动向变化不定,我们认为暂停报盘为宜。 • revert v 重提;复原 • 一旦能向你方报实盘,我们将与你重谈此事。 We will revert to this matter as soon as we are in a position to make you a firm offer.

  36. Language Points • We have taken due note of your requirements for plumbing and heating supplies, but regret being unable to supply at present. We will certainly revert to this as soon as our supply becomes available. 我们已注意到你方需要供热管道系统,遗憾的是目前无法供货。一旦可供,我方将续谈此事。

  37. Language Points • hesitate v 犹豫;踌躇 • hesitate to do sth 对做某事犹豫不决 • hesitate about doing sth 对做某事犹豫不决 • hesitate in speaking 说话吞吞吐吐 • do not hesitate to do sth 务请… • feel free to do sth 不犹豫做某事 come into stock 有库存;有货 • 倘若你方有意询购其它货物,请具体告知,切勿犹豫。

  38. Language Points If you want to buy some other goods, please do not hesitate to let us know your specific requirements. • If you should require any other metallic foils, please feel free to send us your detailed requirements. 若你方欲需要其它金属箔,请随时告知详细询价。 rely on ph 依靠;信赖 • rely upon • 请放心我们定会与你方密切合作。 You may rely on it that we will cooperate with you closely.

  39. Language Points 10. substitute n. 替代品,代替物 We will send the substitute for the wrongly delivered goods. 11.substitute v.代替,替换 Substitute A for/with B 用A 代替 B If the goods required is out of stock, please substitute it for a similar one.

  40. Language Points • Your turn 随函附上一份修改的合同以代替以前的那份。 Enclosed is an amended contract in substitution for the previous one. 我们同意用塑料代替木材。 We agree to substitute plastic for wood.

  41. Chinese version of the letter 执事先生: 第315货号纯棉内衣 欣然收到有关上述货物的第01315订单,谢谢。然而,非常遗憾由于库存短缺,我方不能接受此订单,我生产厂家因原材料变化不稳也不能答应接受你方以后交货的订单。但我方非常乐意借此机会推荐类似替代品--货号317供你方参考。 一经新货源到来,我方将以传真与贵方重谈此事。同时,务请将你方对我们任何其它商品的具体询价寄给我们,并请放心我方会随时予以办理。 谨上,

  42. Language Points • turn down ph.拒绝;摒弃 • Difference between these three words: • to decline 婉言拒绝 • to refuse 拒绝;回绝 • to reject (义正词严地)拒绝 • conclude v. 达成;得出结论 • to conclude a transaction 达成交易 • to come to terms 达成交易 • to close a bargain 达成交易 • to close a deal 达成交易 • to put the deal through 达成交易

  43. Language Points • 如果你方愿意减价,比如说5%,我们很可能达成交易。 Should you be prepared to reduce your price by, say 5%, we might come to terms with you. • persuade v. 说服;劝说 遗憾我们未能说服他们接受你方的报盘。 We regret we have not been able to persuade them to accept your offer. • We believe we can persuade our users to divert their purchase to you. 我们相信能说服客户转向你方购货。

  44. Language Points • approach v.与…接洽 请与在你地的我方代理直接联系。 Please approach our agent at your end directly. • 曾有几家买主与我接洽索要花生的供货。 Several buyers have approached us for the supply of peanuts. • They have approached that factory several times for water pollution. 他们已就水污染一事多次与那家工厂联系。

  45. Language Points • finalize v. 把…最后定下来(指交易搞定) • be in receipt of 收到 • upon receipt of 一收到…就… • on receipt of 一收到…就… • after receipt of 收到后… • protracted adj. 拖延的;延长的;持久的 • receipt n 收到;收据

  46. Language Points • sales contract 销售合同 • sales confirmation 销售确认书 • purchase contract 购货合同 • purchase confirmation 购货确认书

  47. Chinese version of the letter 执事先生: 你方6月26日的报盘收悉,十分遗憾你们没有接受我们的还盘。 由于我们急需此货并渴望与你方做成这笔交易,所以我们竭尽全力说服我方客户接受你方每件35美元的报盘。幸运的是我温哥华客户最终改变了主意又与我接洽同意接受你方交易条件订购3000打上述货物。 我们很高兴经过长期函电往来,终于达成了首笔交易。期待收到你的销售合同,一经收到该合同,我们即开立有关信用证。 谨呈,

  48. Specimen Letters for Self-Study Letter 4

  49. Language Points 1. disappoint v.使失望 △be disappointed at hearing that 听到…感到失望 △be disappointed in sb / sth对某人(某事)失望 △be disappointed of one’s purpose / hopes没有达到目的 (希望) 2. much as ph.虽然很… Much as we would like to come to terms with you,we cannot entertain your counteroffer 虽然很想与你方达成这笔交易,但不能考虑接受你方的还盘。

  50. Language Points 3.the best we can do我们至多所能做的;我们能够做得最好的 类似表达法: △the further we can go △all we can do 当买方对卖方说the best we can do往往指把价格稍提高一点;反之,当卖方对买方说the best we can do则指将价格稍降低一点。当然,除了指价格外,the best we can do还可以指其它的交易条款,如支付条件、交货期、装运条件等。