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  1. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY IATA CASS CASS and CASSLink presentation – Tel Aviv July 20, 2011 Rod Best Yaniv Sorany

  2. Agenda • CASS Introduction • CASS Rules • CASS Operational Procedures • CASSLink • CASS Products & Solutions • IATA Customer Portal • Q&A

  3. CASS Introduction

  4. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY What is the Cargo Accounts Settlement System - CASS? • Industry settlement system • IATA neutral service • Serving the industry for over 30 years • Built on global standards

  5. Pre-CASS: Complex…..duplicated…..costly…..difficult to manage Airline B Airline C Airline A F/Fwder F/Fwder F/Fwder F/Fwder F/Fwder

  6. Airline A Airline C IATA CASS OFFICE F/Fwder F/Fwder F/Fwder F/Fwder F/Fwder CASS Airline B

  7. Frt Fwder 2.Invoices IATA CASS OFFICE 3.Remittances 4.Settlement CASS Manager Local (Mediator) 5.Discrepancies 1.AWB Data Airlines

  8. Benefits to Forwarders • Simplification • 1 invoice • 1 payment • Standard Output Documentation • Economies of scale • Improved industry discipline • Improved dialog with airlines • On-line dispute resolution • e-output • Easier reconciliations

  9. CASS Export Countries Austria Belgium & Luxembourg Bulgaria Central Europe (CZ, PL, HU, SK) Cyprus France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Malta Mauritius Morocco Netherlands Nordics (DK, FI, NO, SW) Baltics (EE, LT, LV) Portugal Romania Spain Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom Australia Bangladesh Cambodia Chinese Taipei Fiji Hong Kong Indonesia Japan Malaysia New Caledonia New Zealand Pakistan Papua New Guinea China People’s Republic Philippines Singapore South Korea Thailand Vietnam Argentina Brazil Bolivia Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Dominican Rep. Ecuador Mexico El Salvador Guatemala Panama Peru Uruguay USA (CNS) Venezuela Egypt Gulf (AE, BH, KW, OM, QA) Israel Jordan Kenya Mauritius Morocco Saudi Arabia South Africa Tanzania Tunisia Uganda Yemen Possible expansion in the future to:Ethiopia, India, Russia, Ukraine, Lebanon

  10. CASSLink in 2010, The Export facts CASSLink EXPORT today: • 83 CASS Export Countries • 3.823 Airline Representations (+ 10%) • 330 General Sales Agents (+ 14%) • 18.319 Agent IATA codes (HQ) + 12.139 branches • 19.335 Enabled Userid's (+ 16%) • 50.330 Loaded billing files (+ 2%) • 3.434 Billing period processes (+ 19%) • 1.890.850 Fiscal Invoices (+ 6%) • Created 423.760 PDF, 89.839 HOT, 106.116 XLS • 285.844 e-signatures

  11. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY Total Export UTP’s 2007-2010

  12. Questions

  13. CASS Rules

  14. If you follow the rules it removes all doubt that things might go wrong….

  15. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY Key CASS Rules Applicable Cargo Agency Conference Resolutions – • Resolution 851 – Cargo Accounts Settlement System • Resolution 853 – CASS Import & Terminal Charges • Resolution 801r – Reporting and Remittance Procedure • Antitrust Exemption for CASS Israel

  16. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY Key CASS Manuals • CASS Technical Specifications Handbook • ISSSP Manual • CASSLink User Manual

  17. Questions

  18. CASS Operational Procedures

  19. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY CASS Participants • IATA Member Airlines • Non-IATA Airlines • General Sales & Services Agents • IATA Cargo Agents • CASS Participation Details Form. • Joining Fee – free of charge • CASS Associate (non-IATA Cargo Agents) • Sponsor CASS Airline • CASS Associate Agreement • CASS Participation Details Form • An Annual fee of CHF 465.00 (joining fee will be waived in 2011)

  20. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY CASS Billing Period • Billing Period means a period for which processing take place and billing report make available. • There are twenty-four (24) Billing Periods each calendar year. i.e. two (2) per month. • The Billing Periods are: 1st to 15th and 16th to last day of month • In principle billing reports will be available within five (5) working days after closing of the billing period.

  21. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY CASS Remittance • Payment by Agent to CASS for billing of AWB’s, CCA’s and DCM’s. • The Remittance day is 30 days after closing of billing period. e.g. for billing period 1-15 Aug, the remittance day is 15-Sep with good value as published in the CASS Reporting Calendar. • Payment in Electronic Fund Transfer only. • Payment in US Dollar only.

  22. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY CASS Correction Period • A Correction Period is an additional processing used to correct billing error in the initial billing production. • 1 Correction Period per Billing Period


  24. Billing Error Procedures(Pre Billing Query Deadline) One Agent One Airline Agrees wrong billing charge The correction will automatically be processed in the current period OR it will be handled by airline’s DCM/CCA.

  25. Billing Dispute ProceduresPre Remittance One Agent One Airline disagrees on amount Billing Dispute Procedure

  26. Billing Dispute ProceduresPre Remittance Dispute Agent to notify the relevant airline up to three (3) days prior the published remittance date. Agent to notify IATA up to three (3) days prior the published remittance date by E-Mail to: The airline will be entitled to act, exercise its right under the law in relation to the disputed cargo agent

  27. Sample of CASS Billing Dispute • Agent to notify IATA up to three (3) days prior the published remittance date. • Send e-mail to: • E-Mail Subject: CASS Dispute 15SEP11 (the remittance date) • Attach the billing dispute notification sent to each airline.

  28. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY CASS Bank Instructions Funds transfer to IATA CASS Hinge Account with Citibank Tel Aviv should be in the form of MT103 (“Single customer Credit Transfer”). In order to receive full value transfer, the remitting bank must specify the details of charges as “OUR” in order to remit the Net amount. The payment should be received to Citibank Tel Aviv via our USD correspondent Citibank New-York as follows: Field 56 (Intermediary Institution): CITIUS33 Field 57 (Account with Institution): CITIILIT Field 59 (Beneficiary customer): 620035173 IATA CASS Hinge Account Field 71 (Details of charges): OUR Field 72 (Sender to receiver information): unique identification IATA Code (374XXXX)

  29. Questions

  30. CASSLink

  31. What is CASSLink? CASSLink is IATA’s web-enabled solution for global cargo processing of Airlines documents – Air Waybills and correction documents (CCA’s & DCM’s) for billing to IATA Cargo Agents and CASS Associates participation in Cargo Account settlement System – CASS.

  32. CASSLink -Set-up for Agent

  33. CASS Operation Master File

  34. Agent Master File • Agent Code • Name • Address • Web-site • Contact • Email, etc • VAT

  35. Report Options • Hot File • PDF • XLS • Email recipients

  36. CASSLink AgentUser Set-up • Unique Username that identifies the Agent and the User • Email address • CASS Operations • Individual functions/services assigned • Agent locations linked

  37. Questions

  38. CASSLink: Getting started The CASS Management will allocate a Username and Password to all IATA Agents and CASS Associates. Secured web-based platform 24/7

  39. CASSLink Home Page

  40. CASSLinkOutput Services

  41. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY CASSLink Output ServicesOutput Agent • The Output option allow agents to view the project amount to be Invoiced and to download his Cargo Sales Invoice and Billing Statement after the report produced in CASSLink. • Agent Output reports may be in three (3) formats: • PDF • Excel Spreadsheet • HOT File (text file)

  42. Agent Invoice

  43. AWB Data Capture

  44. AWB Data Capture - Options

  45. What do the 2-letter codes on the CASSLink Invoice mean? AD - Add Record (used of CCR/DCR record line) DL - Deletion Record (used for CCO/CCO record line) NC - No Commission paid on Weight/Valuation Charge LT - Late Submission (AWB Execution Date in previous Billing Period) SR - Service AWB (system will process the shipment even if no weight charge is shown) VD - Voided AWB CASSLink – Invoice Report Codes

  46. NO TYPE OR IMAGES CAN TOUCH THE SKY CASSLink Output ServicesAWB History • The AWB History option allow agents to search of any Air Waybill processed in CASSLink. • Simply enter the AWB number, select the airline and then click search to find the record.

  47. Sample AWB History screen

  48. Questions

  49. CASSLinkCorrection Services