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Out Of The Box Ideas for Your Next Corporate Party PowerPoint Presentation
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Out Of The Box Ideas for Your Next Corporate Party

Out Of The Box Ideas for Your Next Corporate Party

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Out Of The Box Ideas for Your Next Corporate Party

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  1. Out Of The Box Ideas for Your Next Corporate Party India’s most trusted venue booking company. Book venues globally with Venue First

  2. An employee or a boss, we all yearn for a small break from work, every now and then! In today’s fast-paced world, Office Parties are the need of the hour. They are the much needed breath of fresh air for your employees. There are times when things get a little too mundane, this is your window of opportunity to give work a fun flavour! Be the boss they need you to be; boost their morale by arranging a fun evening. An Office Party is a great way to acknowledge and appreciate their efforts. It is first, a means to unwind but can pave the way for so much more. It’s the perfect excuse to get your employees to mingle. When they get back to work, they are more comfortable while working on tasks that need a joint effort. Your employees keep the company running like a well-oiled machine. When it comes to rewarding them, fixed salaries come first, of course. But, great food and a good time come a close second. Express your gratitude in a unique way with these out-of-the-box venues for corporate events. Here’s a list of unique corporate party venue ideas; take your pick and let’s get the party started

  3. Rent A Rerort • Get your employees excited- arrange an office outing at a splendid resort. It’s the ideal office holiday party idea. Spend some time lazing around the resort and ask your employees to team up for fun selfies and crazy boomerangs. Arrange for some good food and drinks, and you are all set for a great time! Remember to plan it during the weekends for a good attendance.

  4. Pepperoni Night House Party Who in the world wouldn’t want pizza? Treat your employees to a night full of slices of heaven; host a pepperoni pizza night for your entire team. As it is a sin to say ‘NO’ to pizza, they’ll be knocking at your door, right on time! Put print-outs of ‘Free Pizzas’ on walls to make the party merrier. Transform your house as a venue for corporate party and use the saved amount to order more pizzas.

  5. Theme Party Is formal wear making the work environment bland? Make room for the informal! Theme parties are perfect to help them discover their hidden fashion talent. Make a poll and get the highest votes for one out of the various office party theme ideas, say- Friends, Halloween, Retro, Jungle World, Mix and Match, Disney, and so on. Keep the food, fun and the cutlery, funky. Decorate the office according to the theme and let the fun begin!

  6. Treasure Hunt It’s time to unravel the secrets of your office! Treasure Hunt is one of those office party ideas that makes sure every employee participates and brings their own charm to the party! Convert the office space into a treasure land. Hide the things (chosen to be the treasure) in unpredictable corners. Divide the team in 5-6 different groups. Make little chits with clues written in them. Set the time limit for decoding each of these clues. Keep some rewards ready for the winning teams. It’ll encourage them to take part in the next event as well.

  7. A Red Carpet Event Let employees feel like Kings and Queens as they walk into the party! Roll out the mails and ask your employees to dress up like royalties, for it’s the night where they get to be one. Make all the necessary arrangements; starting with arranging for a red carpet, of course! Hire fake paparazzi, keep the champagne bottle ready to pop, and get the funky props out of the closet! While looking for a venue for office party, consider a hall, studio or a lounge.

  8. Party, The Old School Style Stick to the fun old way and bring the party to work! At the end of a weekday, gather your employees and throw them a small surprise party. This is the perfect remedy for mid-week blues. Dim the lights, let the DJ in, move those chairs aside and turn the office space into a dance floor! An evening full of fun could do wonders to enhance their productivity.

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