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Battlefield Primary School PowerPoint Presentation
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Battlefield Primary School

Battlefield Primary School

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Battlefield Primary School

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  1. Battlefield Primary School Media Center Facility Plan Cynthia Wagner ITEC 7132 Administration of the Instructional Media Program Fall 2008 Instructors: Mrs. Lynn Sears Dr. Judi Repman

  2. School Mission Statement We CARE at Battlefield Primary School Challenging environments where All children and staff Reach their full potential because of high Expectations

  3. Just the Basics • Battlefield Primary School (BPS) opened in August 2001 to meet the needs of a growing community. • There are 492 students in pre-k through 2nd grade currently enrolled. • BPS employs 50 teachers (including 2 administrators) and 33 support personnel. • BPS has one media specialist and a half-time media center parapro (3.5 hours per day).

  4. Just the Basics • Two lottery pre-k classrooms • One special education pre-k classroom • Eight kindergarten classes • Eight first grade classrooms • Eight second grade classrooms • Total of 27 homerooms

  5. Media Center Mission Statement The mission of the BPS Media Center is to foster a love of reading and learning in an environment that is rich in literature and information resources.

  6. Media Center Policies • Students with overdue materials may not check out additional items. • Students may renew their books by bringing them to the media center. • Parents may check out books on their child's school library card.

  7. Pre-k and kindergarten students may check out one book for one week. First and second graders may check out two books for one week. All students may check out book and audio sets which will count as one book choice. Media Center Policies

  8. Media Center Policies • Student magazines are to remain in the media center. • Teachers are allowed unlimited check-outs with no specified due dates, although they are encouraged to return in a timely manner. Teachers will be asked to return materials if they are requested by other classes.

  9. Materials Available • Books--Easy, Fiction, and Nonfiction • Books and audio tapes or CD sets • Encyclopedias and other reference materials • Educational software • Educational videos and DVDs

  10. Facility Usage • Flexible scheduling – however all classes are scheduled for orientation sessions • Opens 30 minutes before school and closes 30 minutes after school • Sign-up calendar available for class instruction and/or usage • Faculty meetings and celebratory showers • Parent workshops held at night • Outside group usage require the administrator’s approval

  11. Media Center Systems The BPS Media Center uses Surpass Self Check, a Windows based system that allows students to scan their books as they come to visit the library. Accounts are cleared immediately and the student may then check out another book. To check out, they first scan their library card and and then scan their book(s). The system will beep if a problem is encountered, alerting the media specialist or parapro that the student requires assistance. Safari is the Windows based patron catalog used. It may currently be accessed only in the media center. Reading Counts is a software program that helps students find books on their Lexile reading level, tests comprehension levels with quizzes for specific books, and tracks the students’ progress. Students’ reading grades may include this assessment. Students may access this program in their classroom or the school media center.

  12. Circulation & Space • The BPS library has almost 6000 cataloged items. • Over 32,000 books and other items were checked out by students, teachers, staff, and parents in the 2007-2008 school year. • The total area of the media center is almost 4000 square feet.

  13. Current Media Center Floor Plan

  14. View from the School Entrance The Media Center is located in the middle of the school near the main entrance. There are windows on the two hall walls. The cafeteria can be seen at the far end of the hall.

  15. Hallway This view looks down the main hallway from near the Media Center entrance to the front door of the school. Framed student Earth Day shirt designs from past years line the wall at student height right under the media center windows.

  16. Welcome to our Media Center

  17. The Circulation Desk Students check in their own books by scanning them at this station when they enter the media center. Then, they deposit the books in the book return at the far left. Students check their books out on this end of the circulation desk. Insert shows Surpass check out system.

  18. Circulation Desk A view from the media specialist’s office doorway. The media para uses the computer facing the chair.

  19. The Circulation Desk Students drop their books into the bin at the far end of the desk as they check their books in by scanning the bar code.

  20. Behind the Circulation Desk Books on carts waiting to be re-shelved and a work table and supply cubby are just outside of the media specialist’s office.

  21. The Media Specialist’s Office

  22. View from the MS Office Windows are nice, but are too high to monitor students when seated at the desk. There is however, a clear view of the circulation desk through the doorway.

  23. Inside the Media Center Pictures were taken looking at the circulation desk straight ahead. The media specialist’s office is located on the far right.

  24. Student Work Area Seven round and four square tables, all sized for primary school students, with four student size chairs at each table. There are also three stools near the bookshelves that are just like the stools used for the mini-lab.

  25. Mini Computer Lab Two views – total of ten computers. The story pond can be seen in the left corner of the media center.

  26. The Story “Pond” The chains were added to prevent accidentally falling into the pond after a visitor was injured the very first week the school was opened. The projection screen in the corner is often used for faculty meetings or classes. The shelves on the left side of the pond hold reading “kits” that are color coded by reading level and contain several copies of the same book. These are checked out by teachers only for classroom use. The shelves on the right side are ready to hold more kits as they are acquired.

  27. Around the Media Center Stuffed animals and books on top of book shelves Soft cloth wall hangings on two walls Books are displayed near the book return bin and stuffed animals line the circulation desk display shelves, There are two display stands such as this one

  28. Display Shelf This shelf just inside the main doorway is used for seasonal displays.

  29. Easy / Fiction Easy books are arranged underneath the long rows of windows. There are two double sided shelves for fiction books.

  30. Audio Book Sets / Magazines Books with audio tapes are kept together in hanging bags on the left. Student magazines are displayed on the right.

  31. Professional Resources Professional magazines, daily newspapers, and other items for adults are stored on the shelf under the media specialist’s office window.

  32. Teacher Resource Center Professional books for teacher check out are shelved in this area.

  33. Parent Resource Center This shelf contains helpful pamphlets that parents may keep and a few books that they may check out. The storage area is behind the closed door.

  34. Production Room The morning announcements are broadcast live from this room. The phone system, the closed circuit TV system, and the alarm system are also housed here.

  35. Workroom A laminating machine, bulletin board paper, paper cutter, & a kitchen area are all in this room which also has a shelf for movies.

  36. Conference Room There is a meeting room located in the media center with comfortable chairs for adults.

  37. Storage Area There is a large “catch-all” storage room approximately 12 x 30 feet.

  38. Storage Area Many of the items in the storage room belong to others such as the occupational therapist and the curriculum coach.

  39. Storage Area The storage area holds extra carts and media center equipment It also houses games that teachers can check out by signing the clipboard. These games are not part of the media center collection.

  40. Relaxation Room • One end of the large storage room has been set up as a relaxation room with a massage chair, water bar, fan, and small lamp. • When the school opened, this was located in an unused hall office for teachers to use to ward off headaches, etc. in an effort to cut down on teacher absences. • It was relegated to the media center storage area when the original space was converted to a “second chance” room for students who misbehave.

  41. The Survey • Teachers were sent an electronic survey link: • Since the survey can be taken only once, teachers were asked to print the survey out before taking it. Some teachers made copies to distribute to students, while others read the survey to students and asked for a show of hands.

  42. Student Survey Results • 84% of students visit the Media Center once a week or more. • On their last visit to the media center – 65% of students checked out a book 3% returned an item only 20% conducted research 10% participated in a class activity 1% took a Reading Counts quiz 1% needed a quiet place to read or study • 72% of students browse for their books • 90% of students wished the Media Center had more books • 75% of students listed the Story Pond as their favorite thing about the Media Center

  43. Student Survey Results • The following areas were rated “good” or “great” by the majority: • Ease of check in / check out - 100% • Check out policies - 70% • Audio-visual materials - 60% • Assortment of print materials - 60% • Lighting conditions - 85% • Comfortable temperature - 90% • Items of “extremely important” or “important” to a majority: • Comfortable reading area(s) - 90% • Quiet study area - 60% • Areas for large group lessons - 85% • Separate story time area - 80% • Enough computer stations for a class - 85%

  44. Faculty Survey Results • 57% visit the Media Center once a week or more. • On their last visit to the media center – 65% checked out a book or other item 15% returned an item only 5% participated in (or conducted) a class activity 15% went to plan a class visit or speak to the media specialist • 45% usually ask the media specialist or para for help finding books • 35% usually look up books on the computer catalog • 80% wish the Media Center had more books • 60% would like more computers in the media center • 45% would like more teacher resources • 50% would like a Smartboard in the Media Center

  45. Faculty Survey Results • A majority rated these items “good” or “great”: Ease of check in / check out - 100% Check out policies - 100% Assortment of print materials - 75% Teacher resources - 55% Lighting conditions - 90% Comfortable temperature - 75% • A majority rated these items “extremely important” or “important” : Comfortable reading area(s) - 95% Quiet study area - 95% Areas for large group lessons - 100% Separate story time area - 85% Colorful wall murals or decorations - 85% Comfortable adult seating -100% Enough computer stations for a class - 85% Separate adult computer stations - 75%

  46. New Media Center Floor Plan 24 computer stations 22 computers 2 printer/scanner combos

  47. New Layout Notes • Media Specialist’s office will be moved to the conference room. Walls for original office (non-load bearing) will be removed to make room for new computer area large enough for an entire class. • New computers and a Smartboard will be added along with a small corner table for a teacher’s laptop and a comfortable stool for the teacher.

  48. New Layout Notes • Existing book shelves will be re-arranged throughout the media center except for those located under the windows. The existing circulation desk will be relocated. • The Easy Book section will be relocated near the circulation desk and will provide a low wall for one side of the Story Pond.

  49. New Layout Notes • Non-fiction books will now line the shelves under the hall windows. • Fiction books will remain in their current location. • Audio books and magazines will be near their current location, but will be rearranged with magazines on one side of the shelf near the new reading area.

  50. New Layout Notes • The conference room will become the media specialist’s office as there are several other conference rooms or offices that may be used for meetings. • All items not belonging to the media center will be moved from the storage area to other locations throughout the school. The media center will offer space to items, such as curriculum kits and will catalog these for inventory and for teacher check out.