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  1. Poetry By: Garrett Wilson

  2. Poetry Definitions • Meter: A particular arrangement of words in poetry, which is determined by the kind and number of metrical units in a line. • Narrative Poetry: poetry that has a plot. The poems that make up this genre may be short or long, and the story it relates to may be simple or complex. • Octet: eight consecutive and cohesive lines forming a stanza in a poem, or a poem consisting of only eight lines. • Ode: A poem that is constructed to sing or chant • Ballad: A narrative poem, often of folk origin and intended to be sung, consisting of simple stanzas and usually having a refrain. • Free Verse: Verse composed of variable, usually unrhymed lines having no fixed metrical pattern • Blank verse: Unrhymed verse having a regular meter, usually of iambic pentameter. • Analogy: A comparison based on such similarity. • Diction: the choice and use of words in writing or speech • Rhyme Scene: The arrangement of rhymes in a poem or stanza. • Rhythm: The pattern or flow of sound created by the arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables in accentual verse or of long and short syllables in quantitative verse. • Sustet: A group of six lines of poetry, especially the last six lines of a Petrarchan sonnet

  3. Chain Poem You can't keep your self-image Abstaining from self-criticism. The vanity of life – Actions without consequences! What's the reason for it all?

  4. Where I’m from poem I’m from a small farm nestled in the Jacks Creek Community in Burnsville From riding in my car seat in the cab of a beat up 1997 black ford f-250 To riding bareback on my little pony that I use to have, Rock I’m from riding in wagon trains and going to rodeos From going to the SRA Rodeo in Asheville and watching the antics of the rodeo clown To practicing telling jokes and repeating the acts that I witnessed of rodeo clowns I’m from the livestock kind of family From raising chickens with my papaw To raising, training and riding horses with my dad

  5. Acrostic Poem RODEO Roughest sport on dirt Outstanding show put on by the promoter Different show every performance Entertainment for the whole family One of the most dangerous but entertaining sports in America

  6. Diamanté Rodeo Clown Funny, comedian Entertaining, climbing, laughing Barrel, microphone, comedy acts, jokes Running, jumping, protecting

  7. Limerick There once was a working clown Who was always up for fooling around He loves making people smile All the while driving them wild Cowpaty, will always turn your frown upside down

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