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Walter Elias Disney PowerPoint Presentation
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Walter Elias Disney

Walter Elias Disney

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Walter Elias Disney

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  1. Walter Elias Disney By: Connor Duncan

  2. Walt Disney's Childhood Background • Walt Disney was born December 5th 1901 in Chicago. • Walt had short dark hair. • Walt's mother Flora trained to be a teacher, she was calm and nice and her husband was rough and mean. • Walt moved 3 to 4 times. • His hobbies are being class clown, selling newspapers, and drawing. • His schools are unnamed?

  3. Marriage/Children/Physical Appearance • Walt married Lillian Bounds. • Lillian had one baby and could not have any more. • Walt and Lillian adopted a baby. • The names of the children are Diane and Sharon Mae. • Walt got Lillian a dog [named Sunnee]for Christmas. • Walt’s physical appearance was short dark hair with a mustache.

  4. Profession/Occupation/Priorities • Walt’s profession/occupation was being a cartoonist. • His priorities are being the best in every cartoon. • Fun Fact [just from Snow they had so much money Walt and his brother Roy bought 51 acres of land].

  5. Special Accomplishments • Making Mickey mouse. • Was the first cartoonist to have sound in his cartoon. • Made Disney world. • Made Disney land. • Fun Fact[Mickey was originally named Mortimer but Lillian suggested Mickey]. • Walt helped solders with his Donald Duck cartoons.

  6. Who Or What Influenced His Life • Walt was inspired by Charley Chaplin for his first Mickey Mouse. • Walt was influenced by the slideshow company for his cartoons. • The first Mickey Mouse cartoon[Plane Crazy] was influenced by Charles Lindbergh, the first person to fly across the Atlantic ocean.

  7. Sadly Walt died December 15,1966 dddd

  8. More life for Disney. • After Walt died of lung cancer Roy kept the business going by making more movies, cartoons, and shows, more characters that everybody loves to this day. To tell you the truth Disney world and land are still in business today.

  9. My thoughts/opinion about Disney. • I am thankful for Walt Disney because of all the happiness he made • I think Walt Disney wanted to be the best he could be. • My opinion about Walt he made the right choice to make Disney world and land. • I thought that Walt would be a little more silly as a grown-up because he was a class clown but he was serious.

  10. And In This We Should Respect Walt Disney.

  11. Just For Fun [Disney Character Names]. Mickey Mouse Little Mermaid Bambie Christopher Robin The Robinsons Tinker Bell Sphin Hercules Robin hood Donald Duck Jack Skellington Dumbo Minnie Mouse The Hunchback of Norte dame Olaf The Muppets Chicken Little Goofy Winnie The Pooh Mary Poppins Piglet Tarzan Tiger Nemo Fish Aladdin Eeyore Cinderella Dusty Crop hopper Mater Lightning McQueen Sally Pinocchio Carpet Wreck it Ralph Fix it Felix Stitch Lelo Peter Pan