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Career Success, Rated PG PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Success, Rated PG

Career Success, Rated PG

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Career Success, Rated PG

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  1. Career Success, Rated PG Family Orientation 2004

  2. Introduction “To be happy for life, love your work” -Chinese Proverb Whether the goal is to get a job, go to graduate school, or spend a year on the beach in Tahiti – the Career Center is here for your student’s success.

  3. Agenda • Myth busters • Skills employers value • Career Planning Process • Family, Career Center,and Student Roles • Career Center Services

  4. MythYou must choose the “right” major to get a good job or get into grad school. • There is no magic formula • The correlation between careers and majors varies • This is their chance to try things out

  5. MythYou just need a good major and good grades for career success • Career success depends on major, grades and much, much more • Career experience allows assessment of fit between their values, interests, and skills with potential careers • summer and part-time jobs • co-ops and internships • service learning and volunteering • study abroad • student clubs and organizations

  6. Skills Employers Look for Regardless of Major • Problem-Solving and Analytical Thinking • Oral and Written Communication • Teamwork and Leadership • Computer Knowledge • Proficiency in Major • Career Experience NACE Survey 2003

  7. Career Experiencemakes youCOMPETITIVE “The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital” -Joe Paterno

  8. Career Planning Process Discovery values, personality Exploration skills, interests Experimentation gain career experience Implementation find a job OR go to graduate school

  9. DISCOVERYand EXPLORATIONFirst/Second Year Students • Familiarization with the university and academic world • Develop study skills • Explore majors • Learn about careers • Login with HAWK’S HUNT

  10. DISCOVERYand EXPLORATIONFirst/Second Year Students • Explore values, interests, and skills • Talk with a Career Center staff member • Meet professionals in career fields • GET INVOLVED!!! -There are over 70 clubs and organizations at RWU -There are 18 varsity sports and many more club and intramural sports

  11. EXPERIMENTATION and EXPLORATIONThird/Fourth Year students and beyond • Develop a Resume • Learn to Interview • Research Employers/Graduate Programs • Build a Network • Gain Career Experience • Login with HAWK’S HUNT

  12. Quotes to Live By… “I always wanted to be somebody, but I should have been more specific” -Lily Tomlin

  13. Choosing a Career • Career Counseling • Career Library • Career Experience • Assessments • Career Fairs • Programs and workshops • Networking/Mentoring • Academic Advising

  14. Student, Family, and Career Center Roles Defined Students are getting this information, too. But, We know you are their primary resource; Please send them to us.

  15. Family Member Roles Encourage your student to: • Explore majors • Learn about careers • Follow their dreams • Study and make grades a priority • Gain career experience • Take classes that match interests and skills

  16. Quotes to Live By… “When I told my father I was going to an actor, he said, ‘Fine, but study welding just in case.” -Robin Williams

  17. This generation listens to their parents! The Millennial Generation values their relationship with their parents and takes their guidance.

  18. Conversation Starters • Did you register with that HAWK’S HUNT? • What campus activities interest you? • What previous classes have you liked? • What do you want to do next summer? • Are you happy in college? • Have you gone to the Career Center and met with someone there?

  19. Career Center Roles • Offer career development assistance • Provide career counseling • Assist in the procurement of an internship/co-op • Help students assess values, interests, and skills • Provide information on majors/careers • Provide employer/graduate school information

  20. Career Center Roles • Post job and co-op/internship listings • Sponsor career fairs and other events • Host campus recruiting • Develop job search skills • Assist with graduate school applications • Provide networking opportunities • Maintain Career Center resource library • Maintain HAWK’S HUNT

  21. HAWK’S HUNT – helping you to solve the mystery of your future Brand new web-based career hub • Summer and Part-time Job Listings • Professional Jobs Database with access to recruiters participating in RWU’s on-campus interviewing program • Co-op/Internship Database • Mentors (job-shadowing, networking) • Access to Career Fairs and other events

  22. Student Roles • Actively participate at the University • Get involved in campus activities to expand your experiences • Do an internship or co-op to gain career experience • Work in a job related to your intended career • Volunteer to do community service • Study abroad • Attend all career-related events

  23. RWU Career Center • First Floor, Center for Student Development Bldg. • • (401) 254-3224 Special thanks to University of Arizona Career Services for inspiration and information in this presentation.

  24. Quotes to Live By… “Eighty percent of success is showing up” -Woody Allen