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Diana Bird

+. Diana Bird. Links to Better Start Outcomes. social and emotional development language and communication a ttachment for families and communities. Evidence of need.

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Diana Bird

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  1. + Diana Bird

  2. Links to Better Start Outcomes • social and emotional development • language and communication • attachment for families and communities

  3. Evidence of need • ‘there is substantial evidence that language barriers adversely affect access to healthcare, quality of care, patient satisfaction and health outcomes’ (Almeida et al. 2013) • Evidence suggests links between perinatal death and poor levels of English (Cross-Sudworth et al. 2015) • Bradford study reports concerns that language barriers of EU women limits access to services along with lack of knowledge and empowerment regarding maternal and infant health (Richards et al. 2014) • high numbers of women from BS area have “slow” or “no” English (450+ women in 2015) • Taken from Service Design document

  4. Course objectives • improve women’s English language skills within context of pregnancy, birth and parenting • increase women’s knowledge around pregnancy, birth and parenting and engage with key health messages • increase women’s knowledge around maternity services, care and practices in Bradford • empower women to make choices and take more active part in their care

  5. Target group • Pregnant women in BS area with low levels of English • at any point in their pregnancy – from as early as possible • first time mothers or women who already have children Recruitment: Midwives, HVs, self, community workers, ESOL tutors, interpreters, GTT staff, BS staff and projects etc

  6. The ESOL for Pregnancy course • Booking in (personal information) • Antenatal care – routine appointments • Healthy pregnancy • Preparing for birth – birth plans • Birth and the post natal period • Stork walk

  7. Key features of app • Supports routine communication • Accessible at range of levels – word / image and sentence level • Can be used by woman and midwife together • Helps women prepare for appointments • Supports independent learning particularly for women who lack literacy skills in L1 or L2

  8. Strengths • Midwife and ESOL tutor collaboration • Community based - creche and travel expenses • Small groups and differentiation • Reducing isolation • Links to other projects and opportunities for cross referral – ESOL + for parents and toddlers, Welcome to the World, Talk English

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