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Gold. Brian Danny Ankle Biter ( K esmir ). “The Story Of Grillzzzzzz !”. use in the U.S. Coins Jewelry ( GrilllZZZZZZZZ ) say dhat ! Bathtubs Electronics- gold is used as a conductor in electronics Medicine- used as a drug to treat medical conditions.

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  1. Gold Brian Danny Ankle Biter (Kesmir) “The Story Of Grillzzzzzz!”

  2. use in the U.S • Coins • Jewelry (GrilllZZZZZZZZ) say dhat! • Bathtubs • Electronics- gold is used as a conductor in electronics • Medicine- used as a drug to treat medical conditions

  3. EnvironmentalProblems • Cyanide is a byproduct of gold mining and runs off into rivers and drinking water. Small amounts of this can be highly toxic.

  4. Cultural Problems • Illegal gold mining is a big cultural problem that can lead to wars and lead poisoning that can kill people. • Plus mad people like “rob the jewelry store, tell em make me a grill.” • The people who are exposed to the toxic waste from the tailings become sick.  They develop skin rashes, headaches, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.  In fact, the symptoms of mercury poisoning are very similar to the symptoms of malaria.  Many people who can not afford to go to a doctor, or who live in a village where a doctor is not accessible, are often not treated for their illnesses.    • If the water is contaminated, the people can not use it for bathing, cooking, or washing their clothes. • If the man of the household is a small scale miner, he often leaves his wife and children in search of work.  This means that the wife and children must work and provide for themselves.  They must also protect themselves from thieves.  • Theft, drugs/alcohol, prostitution, rape, and sexual abuse are unfortunately some of the effects of mining.  • Cultural degradation also occurs in mining villages.  For example, mining often destroys sacred sites and cemetaries.  In Guyana, a special fishing event called HaiariFishing unfortunately can not take place if the river has been dredged for gold.  Remember, the displacement of the gravel and mud obstruct the natural flow of the river.  As a result, fish and other organisms die

  5. Health Problems • Gold has small health problems when exposed to skin on inhaled. These actions may cause irritation.

  6. Actions • There are many regulations that go into gold mining and its effects on culture and the environment. One main regulation is that the mining lands are federal lands. This makes it easier to make sure that there are regulations on hours and amount mined. This will help keep the resource and stop the fighting over gold.

  7. Group Opinion • To address the problems that come along with the use and mining of gold people and gold mining companies can use more precaution when mining the gold. The value of gold can be brought up, to pay the gold miners a higher wage, for their hard work. Better disposal of gold scraps methods can be used in order for the streams to  keep cyanide and other toxic materials of going into the main water supply.

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