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THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. Sales and Medical Affairs. Jo Drummond PhD GlaxoSmithKline. SUMMARY OF MY CAREER: ACADEMIC RESEARCH. B.Sc. Melbourne University Honours Zoology PhD Zoology (Neurobiology) Postdoctoral research 1 yr Melbourne University 2 yrs Georgia State University, USA

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  1. THE PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY Sales and Medical Affairs Jo Drummond PhD GlaxoSmithKline

  2. SUMMARY OF MY CAREER:ACADEMIC RESEARCH • B.Sc. Melbourne University • Honours Zoology • PhD Zoology (Neurobiology) • Postdoctoral research • 1 yr Melbourne University • 2 yrs Georgia State University, USA • 6 months Melbourne University

  3. SUMMARY OF MY CAREER:PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY • GP Medical Representative • AstraZeneca 8mths • Cardiovascular • Respiratory • Hospital Representative • AstraZeneca 4.5yrs • Anti-infectives • Medical Affairs Associate • GlaxoSmithKline 6mths • Vaccines • Current position

  4. MEDICAL SALES REPRESENTATIVES • Employed by pharmaceutical company to maximise prescribing of products in specific geographic area • ‘Indirect’ selling to healthcare professionals • Paperwork • Personal budget for expenditure • Sales data • Recording information from all calls made with customers • Business operational plans and SWOT analyses • Significant travel requirement • Country trips (eg. 5 days every 6 weeks) • National conferences (Australia and overseas)

  5. TRAINING • Therapeutic area • Basic anatomy and physiology • Product • How your particular drug works • Sales • How to become an effective sales person • Medical representatives receive one of the best training programs found in any industry • Well sought after by most large companies • Future directions not limited to pharmaceutical industry

  6. Main customers: 500-1000 per territory • GPs, practice nurses, community pharmacists • Critical customers are high prescribers & key opinion leaders who influence others • Appointments • Aim for 3-4 a year per customer • Some customers allow only 1 appointment / yr • Highly competitive between companies so expectation is to stand out at all costs • Companies require certain # of calls / day • High level of sales skills imperative GP MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVES

  7. GP REPRESENTATIVE: TYPICAL DAY • 9am: appointment at medical clinic with GP • 9:30am: drop in to 2 pharmacies in local area • 11am: appointment with GP • 12:30pm: lunch at clinic (2-5 doctors, 1 nurse) • 2-5pm: in the same area • Drop off literature and check sample cupboards • Drop in to see doctors or catch them at the counter • Paper work (fill in details of all calls) • Team meetings with members on the same territory

  8. HOSPITALMEDICAL REPRESENTATIVES • Main focus is education and customer service • Appointments easier to obtain • Lots of emphasis on clinical papers • Work very closely with specialists in your area • YOU are the product expert • Travelling (conferences & 6/yr country trips) • Contract negotiations for formulary listings • Involved in development of clinical trials • Paper work

  9. HOSPITAL REPRESENTATIVE: TYPICAL DAY • 8-10am Breakfast meeting at St Vincent’s ICU • 10am Appointment with Director of Microbiology • 11am Appointment with Austin Health Director of ID • 12-2pm Lunch inservice with ID/Micro journal club • 2.30pm Page Austin Health ICU registrars • 3pm Drop in to see ID physicians at Dorevitch • 3:30pm Appointment with Austin haematologist • 4pm Drop off literature for intensivists • 4.15-5pm Enter calls and other paperwork

  10. MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE: POSITIVES • Excellent pay and promotional opportunities • Flexibility and versatility • Job security • Independent working environment • Excellent training for opportunities in other areas • Sales in other areas, clinical research, management • Involved in an industry that creates new medicines to help improve people’s lives • Challenging (?)

  11. MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE: NEGATIVES • The business world is very different to science! • Big Brother! • Every month, full day must be spent with field manager to assesses your abilities in all calls • Lots of out-of-hours work • Often not family orientated • Excellent for single people! • Many doctors have condescending attitudes & lack of respect for representatives

  12. MEDICAL AFFAIRS ASSOCIATE • Part of the Medical Directorate • Medical knowledge for products within company • Work with Marketing to develop brand strategies and produce promotional material • Work with Training to provide Therapeutic area and Product knowledge to representatives • Work with Sales (especially Specialist Representatives) to handle customer enquiries • Work with Medical Information and Pharmacovigilance to handle difficult customer enquiries

  13. MEDICAL AFFAIRS: TYPICAL DAY • Scan Alerts from medical journals and OVID • Work in Progress meeting with Marketing and external advertising and public relations agencies • Review two promotional pieces currently under approval process • Today’s presentation! • Meeting with Manager to discuss Personal Development Plan & discuss promotional pieces • Read clinical papers for meeting on Friday re. new brand strategy for 2006

  14. MEDICAL AFFAIRS:POSITIVES • Extremely rewarding and enjoyable • Strong use of science background • Encourages proactive research of disease, products and clinical papers • Involvement in brand strategy and development of promotional material • Strong teaching component • Product expert

  15. MEDICAL AFFAIRS:NEGATIVES • None! • Act as Police for the company, approving promotional material based on internal guidelines and Code of Conduct

  16. FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS • Science/Research • Honours (nil) • PhD ($15-20K tax free) • Research Assistant ($44K - NHMRC scale) • Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Officer ($50K – NHMRC) • Research Fellow ($63K plus) • Pharmaceutical industry • GP representative ($42-48K, car, phone, computer, bonus payments $5-20K) • Hospital representative ($50-70K, car, phone, computer, bonus payments $5-20K) • Management ($80K plus)

  17. WHERE CAN YOU GO? • Management • Field manager • State/National sales manager • Sales director • Marketing including business development • Associate product manager • Product manager • Regulatory affairs • Clinical research associate • Training

  18. HOW TO GET A JOB IN THE INDUSTRY • Research the companies and products • Pharmaceutical (indirect sales) vs devices (direct sales) • Company philosophies • Different ways of working: regimented versus relaxed • Incentive schemes • Promotion opportunities • Marketing and medical information support • Talk to people in the industry • Go out on the road for a day? • Difficult to organise, but extremely worthwhile

  19. HOW TO GET A JOB IN THE INDUSTRY • Learn to sell yourself • Turn all negatives into positives • Introduce yourself to companies & recruiting agencies • Learn how to handle interview style common to the industry • ‘Situation’ or ‘behavioural’ questions • Industry courses ($200-400) • Tanner Menzies, Darryl Alexander, Innovex •,, The Age etc

  20. WILL THIS JOB SUIT YOU? • Must have passion, drive and enthusiasm • Outgoing personality is vital for Sales • Adaptability, resilience, persistence, creativity • Strong communication skills • Excellent organisation skills • Team player – yet able to work autonomously • Strong knowledge of the industry and customers

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