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Oral Interpretation Speech PowerPoint Presentation
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Oral Interpretation Speech

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Oral Interpretation Speech
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Oral Interpretation Speech

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  1. Oral Interpretation Speech Share with the class a collection of another author's work that you have united into one topic or theme. Presentation needs to be timed between 4 and 5 minutes. General Information Choose three selections from literature that are united into one topic or theme. Your topic can be united by subject, author, genre, style, etc. Good speeches will have one clear main topic throughout speech, also good eye contact, good introduction and conclusion, vocal variety, evidence of preparation and good use of time. Specific Information Three selections are required (you can have more), with at least one of the selections being poetry (song lyrics = poetry). A copy of your outline is due to Mrs. Young before the speech, and if you give her a copy your selections before you give your speech, it is worth 200 points.

  2. Required Form: Introduction Purpose Attention Step Purpose Step Body Transition to Selection A. . . . . . Selection A Transition to Selection B Selection B Transition to Selection C Selection C ConclusionSummary Step Closure Step Speech Skills Measured Three Selections Important Points to Remember: Selections must be Published Good Introduction and Conclusion Good Eye Contact Good Vocal Variety Evidence of Preparation

  3. One Theme, One Clear Purpose, One Unifying Element for the speech • The most common unifying elements are Authors, Genre (Style or Category), Emotions, Topic, or Form. • Selections can be connected through similarities or contrasts. For example, a speech on love may have a selection showing what love is NOT, thus helping us to define "what is love?" • Time Requirement is for the speech only. • Passing out goodies, moving the class inside or outside, etc. will not count on your time.

  4. Possible Unifying Elements : Topic. . . . . . . . . . . . . Form. . . . . . . . . . . . Author Horror Rhythms and Rhymes Edgar Allen Poe Love Poetry William Wordsworth Hate Sonnet Mark Twain Revenge Narrator Shakespeare School Surprise Ending Emily Dickinson

  5. Successful Topics Unstable Emotions Fear Laughter and Humor Anger Joy and Happiness Romance Murder Shame Being a Nerd Smart Athletes Hypnotism The Holocaust Women Men Nurses Pets Fantasy and Science Fiction Fairy Tales The Military World War I World War II Police Officers Gunfighters Gangs Rap Music Country Music Classical Music Christmas Seasons of the Year Family Car Good Luck!

  6. Last items to remember: • Have your outline ready before you plan to give your speech, and have a copy for the teacher. Don't ask to leave to "make a copy" of outline or selections. The outline is required. • Having a copy of the selections for the teacher before you give your speech will add 200 points to your extra-credit.