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OW2 Board of Directors

OW2 Board of Directors

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OW2 Board of Directors

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  1. OW2 Board of Directors Friday September 14, 2007, Neufchatel, Switzerland CEO Report* (v2**) Cedric Thomas * more details in slides prepared for the respective Councils meetings. ** v2 changes essentially in the order of the chapters due to time constraints

  2. Management Office Current organization Strategic Members contribution Legal-related decisisons Founding Members status Benefactor Members status Technology Infrastructure Technology platform migration Councils activity status Ecosystems Council Technology Council: Reference Implementation Operations Council Membership Development Members recruitment status Activities Status of new projects Reference Platform Initiatives progress report Local Chapters progress report Community MO meetings in China MO meetings in Brazil Mailing lists Marketing and Communications Paris Capitale du Libre Web site Software Public Naming Communication plan Finance and Administration Account statement Local Chapter budget issues 2008 Budget outlook Agenda


  4. We are here Managing the Migration:"Crossing the Chasm", our way. Development 2007 Time

  5. 1- Management Office

  6. New (compared to initial plan) SysAdmin AND Webmaster China Coordination Changes in sight Catherine Nuel status Jean-Pierre Laisne to withdraw from MO Constraints Office Manager / Admin Assistant needed Integration of Chinese Managers Availability of current Managers (100% or Not?) Limited FTE* contribution by Strategic Members OPAL Team Provisional team set up to manage technology transition and urgencies Management Office Issues CEO Cedric Thomas Activities Coordinator Julie Marguerite CTO Jacques Cayuela Events Org. Catherine Nuel SysAdmin Armel Lannois Webmaster Giampaolo Fiorentino China Coord. Cherry Bian OPAL TEAM VP Ecosyst. Dev. Jean-Pierre Laisné Office Manager / Admin Assistant *FTE = Full Time Equivalent

  7. Contribution by Strategic Members is not up to what was committed Motivation issue Insufficient Consortium visibility Lack of information Opportunism Maturity issue Learning curve Consortium needs only ramping up Execution issue Appointed personnel not 100% available Noise generation Expected personnel In-kind contributions Meeting venues Telephone Office Travel Computer Resources Marketing Legal Admin 13 (1 FTE each except 2 for INRIA) Strategic Members Contribution

  8. Simple evaluation of personnel availability Simple evaluation of in-kind contribution Measuring Strategic Members Contribution

  9. How de we complement MO? SysAdmin MarCom specialist Should we increase number of full-time employees? Office Manager needed Catherine Nuel Status System Administrator MarCom Specialist How do we manage FTE personnel contributions? FTE or near-FTE availability 8 new FTE expected* Should we measure Strategic Members Contribution? Set up a Board Work group? Self evaluation / Contribution Committee? Open Questions Open Discussion Management Office *BUAA, DOCSC, France Telecom, ISCAS, NUDT, PKU, Red Hat, SERPRO

  10. 2- Legal

  11. Book of Procedures Project Life Cycle Membership Agreement Initiative Charter Template Local Chapter Charter Template Antitrust Policy Participant Agreement No need. Redundant with Membership Agreement Logo and Trade Mark Policy IPR Policy Bylaws Legal Documents Progress 50% 75% 100% 25%

  12. Context Contract signed by INRIA on behalf of ObjectWeb Contracting conditions may have changed now ObjectWeb became OW2 INRIA wants it transferred to OW2 ("Protocole de Transition") OW2 has no access to content of existing contract Java TCK is strategic to OW2 Projects such as JO²nAS and Joram depend on it Current situation Established contact with Sun New JCP Executive Director (Patrick Curran) Question is: "Does OW2 qualify for the Scholarship Program?" Risk High cost of TCK for commercial organizations $200K-$500K Java TCK Issue

  13. Debatable Founding Members Status Thales 20-Jan Oxymel 23-Jan Bull 24-Jan Funambol 25-Jan INRIA 30-Jan Charles U. 31-Jan CVIC-SE 2-Feb Eteration 5-Feb Peking U. 15-Feb EBM Web. 15-Feb Sogeti 7-Mar Obeo 8-Mar GMRC 12-Mar DOCSC 13-Mar Red Hat 13-Mar NUDT 15-Mar Exo Platf. 16-Mar Placenet. 17-Mar 19-Mar BUAA 19-Mar Xpernet 20-Mar Orbeon 23-Mar Fraunhofer 3-Apr Ubikis 11-Apr Open Wide 25-Apr Arimaan 19-Mar BUAA 19-Mar Xpernet 20-Mar Orbeon 23-Mar Fraunhofer 3-Apr Ubikis 11-Apr Open Wide 25-Apr Arimaan 26-Apr Skiftex 31-May FT 31-May Requea 29-May Arctic.Park 2-Jun Algorismi 6-Jun Intervision 8-Jun TongTech 26-Apr Skiftex 31-May FT 31-May Requea 29-May Arctic.Park 2-Jun Algorismi 6-Jun Intervision 8-Jun TongTech Iona 16-Feb Talend 21-Feb Neociclo 23-Feb Linagora 25-Feb Serli 27-Feb Edifixio 28-Feb Engineer. 5-Mar Scalagent 5-Mar ISCAS 7-Mar GET 7-Mar Commitment by March 18 & Participation Founding Member Status Doc. 1 Founding Members and Registration Dates Selection criteria: a) Former ObjectWeb or OrientWare Member having committed by the March 18 deadline to become an OW2 Member. b) Having participated in OW2 preparatory or early meetings before the deadline. New Founding Members 19-Mar BUAA 19-Mar Xpernet 20-Mar Orbeon 31-May FT Board may decide whether to grant Founding Member status to other members.

  14. +1: 3 0: 2 -1: 1 Voters are generally in favor or neutral regarding having a “Benefactor Member Status” Benefactor Member Status Doc. 2 Question Votes "Benefactor Member" status to reward outstanding contribution to the Consortium • Benefactor Status to be established providing we adopt the following provisions: • Member must ask for Benefactor Status and provide reasons for such requests • Status is evaluated and granted by Board of Directors upon presentation by the CEO or by any other Board Member, • CEO must clearly identify the reasons for such proposal, • Board must not accept donations which could jeopardize the Consortium’s independence, • Board retains the right to restrain usage of Benefactor status by beneficiary should such use be evaluated abusive by Board Members

  15. Java TCK Board recommendations? Help, Intermediation? Arguments? Book of procedures An aggregation of existing operational documents? Important: is referred to in the Bylaws Board decision on Founding Member Status Benefactor Member Status Open Questions Open Discussion Legal

  16. 3- Technology Management

  17. Mailing lists MO Board Councils Activities Web pages Projects Initiatives Local Chapters Forge Code management Downloads Statistics Web site linkage Identities Rights Profiles Expected Uptime 24/7/365

  18. The OPAL Team Systems Administration Armel Lannois (Bull) Florent Benoit (Bull) Guillaume Sauthier (Bull) François Petit-Jean (Bull) Samuel Quairau (INRIA) Xavier Moghrabi Emmanuel Decaen (XSalto) Web Admin. and Dev. Giampaolo Fiorentino (Engineering) Management Cedric Thomas (OW2) Jacques Cayuela (Bull) Required organization Systems administrator (needed until end of migration to Xsalto) Applications administrator project creation, mailing list, forge, wikis, data bases, CVS, LDAP, JOnAS, GForge, Sympa, Postgre, XWiki, Subversion, Bamboo, OpenLDAP, etc. Webmaster / Developer Web pages, scripts Technology Support Organization

  19. Secondary servers Main servers Mirror servers Legacy Platform Architecture • Main problems • Mars • File Syst. corruption • File Syst. saturation • Defective memory • Defective power supply • Overall • Servers are no longer supported • Old software stack • Tricky to maintain • Multiple user referential(data base, LDAP)

  20. Objectives for the New Infrastructure • Outsource server hosting and administration • Install more up-to-date software stack • Upgrade certain critical software (GForge) • Simplify maintenance • Automate alarms • Document maintenance procedures • Keep resources for future growth • Enhance flexibility through virtualization

  21. Powerful servers (Dell) OW2-1: GForge OW2-2: Web site OW2-3: Future evolution Professional hosting XSalto Automated supervision Nagios Back-ups OW2 Platform Architecture

  22. April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. Feb. Project Leaders agreement to migrate migration instructions sent to Project Leaders Technology Transition in 2007 New OW2 platform integration and tests Platform migration XSalto Tests New OW2 environment ObjectWeb platform freezing procedure Rescheduling

  23. How do we secure a System Administrator? What timeline for plateform evolution? GForge, NovaForge, LibreSource? China, Brazil, Europe? Other questions to be raised by next TC Meeting. Open Questions Open Discussion Technology Infrastructure

  24. 4- Councils

  25. Ecosystem Council Management Office JP. Laisné (Bull) - VP Ecosystem Development J. Marguerite (Thales) - Activities Coordinator C. Nuel (INRIA) – Event Mgt Active Members Thales : G. Lopez EBM WebSourcing : JP Lorre Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A. : G. Ruffati BULL SAS : JC Spilmont CVIC Software Engineering Co. Ltd. : E. Shu, C. Bian eXo Platform SAS : B. Mestrallet INRIA : TBD Technology Council Management Office J.Cayuela (Bull) - OW2 CTO Chairman Gael Blondelle – EBM WebSourcing Active members P.Y. Gibello (Experlog) Petr Tuma (Charles University) Christophe Ney (Wanager) Gaelle Blondelle (EBM) Laurent Laudinet (Thales) Riccardo Jimenez (UPM) François Exertier (Bull) Florent Benoit (Bull) Guillaume Sauthier (Bull) Sebastien Chassande-Barrioz (ind) Operations Council Management Office Cedric Thomas – OW2 CEO Active members Emmanuel Paret (FT) Thierry Lapresle (Bull) Serge Druais (Thales) Roland Pesty (INRIA) Valère Robin (FT) Emma SHU (CVIC-SE) Olivier Thirard (FT) Councils Participants

  26. Outputs Communication guidelines Software Public Naming Web site structure Corporate Presentation Discussions Nessi Ecosystems Council Doc. 3 Doc. 4

  27. Projects endorsements Dysoweb XPlus ECOM Tatami Project Life Cycle Reference platform discussion Technology Council Doc. 5

  28. Operations Council needed Still no well-structured Operations Council Ad hoc consultations Quick feed-back on Legal Competencies to provide third-party guidance on: Administration Book-keeping Legal EU US Finance/Cash management HR Operations Council

  29. Operations Council Strategic Members to appoint required competencies? Ecosystem Council JPL stepping out of the MO Julie Marguerite to run the Ecosystem Council Technology Council Open Questions Open Discussion Councils

  30. 5- Membership Development

  31. Strategic Members Beihang U. Bull SAS CVIC SE DOCSC Engineering France Telecom INRIA ISCAS NUDT Peking U. Red Hat Thales Corporate Members Academia GET NJUPT Research Labs Charles U. CNRS-IMAG Fraunhofer FOKUS GMRC MICROs Arctic.Park Experlog Neociclo Obeo Orbeon Oxymel Requea Scalagent Ubikis Skiftex XPerNet Membership Status12 Strategic Members, 34 Corporate Members 600 Individual Members as of July 2007 • LORGs • • Sogeti • SMORGs • Arimaan • Avane • EBM WebSourc. • Edifixio • eteration • European Dynamics • eXo Platform • Funambol • Iona • Intervision • Linagora • Open Wide • Serli • Talend • TongTech

  32. Strategic members France Telecom SERPRO Corporate Members Arctic Park (Norway) Avane (France) CNRS-IMAG (France) Intervision (China) NJUPT* (China) Requea (France) Skiftex (Russia) TongTech (China) Cap Gemini (France)** Ministry of Interior (F)** New Members *Nankin University of Posts and Telecommunications ** Announced intention to become Member

  33. Development Strategy Europe (CT) LatAm (JPL) China (CT) NorthAm RoW Required resources Web site InfoPack Blog CEO, CTO Speaking engagements 1 to 1 presentations MarCom specialist Pipe France Telecom Intervision CapGemini Serpro U. Rio de Janeiro Banco do Brazil Xcalia Mandriva Together Amadeus Min Interior Etat de Genève Dassault Aviation Min. Foreign Affairs Min. Defense Ingres SAP BT Proderj New contacts DGA / DGSIC (Fr) JETRO (Jp embassy) Telefonica / Morfeo (Sp) Direction Chantiers Naval (Fr) Membership Development

  34. What should be our priorities? Who takes care of Academia? Which players should we contact? Who participates in growing the pipe? CT and JPL "selling" OW2 to prospective members is not enough Every member an evangelist Open Questions Open Discussion Membership Development

  35. 6- Activities

  36. Accepted projects Dysoweb Modular Web Applications (OSGi based) Xplus Persitency layer for EJB3 (JPA implementation) Ecom Multi-language pedagogical project to teach/learn enterprise technologies and related ones. Analysis in progress Tatami Web 2.0 development framework with GWT and DOJO integration. Smile Simple Middleware Independent LayEr" for  fast prototyping of distributed application and application portability across different middleware platforms. Atlas Peer-to-peer Architecture (APPA) data management system for large-scale P2P Jibiki provides a web application dedicated to the collaborative development of multilingual dictionaries of many kinds. OpenBluelab Full web ERP, according to the MDSD (Model Driven Software Development) paradigm, derived from MDA (Model Driven Architecture). iMashup End user programming toolset for creating web-based service-oriented systems New Projects Submitted to OW2

  37. Stalled growth? A direct impact of reduced visibility? Reduced code base attractiveness? Competition? Lomboz still about 50% of downloads Projects Download Statistics (H1)

  38. Rationale Create a middleware open source platform With OW2 projects, we can create the largest and best open source middleware platform Similar initiatives already exist in the open source landscape JBoss JEMS, based on Jboss projects LogicBlaze Fuse, based on Apache projects Some ObjectWeb members work separately to create such a platform The opportunity Join strengths to create a reference platform Promote interoperability, consistency and synergies between OW2 projects Members remain free to extend the platform to fit their own business needs Timeline Step One: issue a white paper by September 2007 Step Two: release a first milestone (beta) by January 2008 The OW2 Reference Platform 1/2

  39. BAM Process Management BPEL XPDL User Interaction JSR 168 JSR 170 Service Implementation JEE 5 OSGi Service Registry UDDI eBXML Security Services SSL LDAP WS-Security SAML XACML Mana-gement Enterprise Monitoring (BAM) Software Develo-pmentFactory Security Services Process Management User Interaction Service implementation Communication andintegration services Serviceregistry The OW2 Reference Platform 2/2 • Management • SNMP • JMX • WSDM • Communication and integration services • JBI • JMS • CORBA ? • Software Development Factory • SCA • EMF

  40. Easybeans ProActive Enhydra SpagoBI Funambol Jo²nAS JORAM Open CCM Production Beta Alpha GASP PEtALS Enhydra DODS Perseus Bonita Jalisto RmiJdbc JaWE Dream BarracudaMVC Acceleo XMLC JOTM ASM JORM Speedo OncePI JAC eXo Platform EclipseJDO XQuare RUBIS CAROL Monolog MEDOR XAPOOL Orchestra Pajé OFC CHarts Lomboz XWiki RUBBOS Massiv EnhydraDirector EnhydraOctopus XPlus Shark PolyORB OrbeonPresentation Sr Enhydra Kelp ActiveXML CLIF MobiliTools Fractal SOFA Spago JOPE Telosys LeWYS JavaService ModFact Current Code Base* Application Platforms Persistency / Databases Workflow/ BPM IDE Plug-ins Software Engineering XML / Presentation Bench-marking *Selection based on: downloads, most recent update, number of developers, Java

  41. No progress in EU and Brazil China BUAA, ISCAS, NUDT, PKU, CVICSE, DOCSC, GMRC Proposal ready – sept 07 Kickoff in oct 07 Europe No lead to start the proposal Discussions between INRIA and Fraunhofer Latin America Interested participants: ITI, Serpro, Unifor Latin America Serpro to lead. Structure a LC team and draft a proposal JPL coordinates Europe Find a lead and structure a team to draft a proposal. China Organize visit in oct 07 Localized website OSS contest in may 08 Planned meetings China End of Oct 07 (kickoff) May 08 (OSS contest) Local Chapters Status Status Roadmap

  42. All Communication and dissemination CVIC SE Website LC Coordination ISCAS Liaison with Academia PKU Liaison with industry and incubators NUDT Liaison with international community Info about 863 Localization DOCSC and David Li Liaison with OSS communities Website and download mirror Information about FP7 and 863 Communication channel between chinese and international community Local events OSS contest China Local Chapter Doc. 6 Participants and roles • BUAA • OW2 conference 08 • GMRC • Localization • Liaison with Industry Activities Requested Budget • Total: 304,000 RMB • Events, Promotional materials, Domain registration, Business trips expenses, legal support

  43. Synergy with Scilab contest Take advantage of Liama experience and contacts Mutualize efforts Targeted to academia and students OSS week (may 08) Workshop presentations Programming contest with several tracks OW2: project specific contests Community evaluation TC and Project leads propose topics Members sponsor prizes Development phase: Feb to April Award ceremony in may 08 China LC Team and LIAMA Know-how Logistics Promotion Local support Huihoo community’s campus tour Local members’ contacts with universities OSS programming contest Concept Organization Benefit for OW2 • Promotes the projects • Attracts contributions to the code base • Develops the community • Introduces OW2 technologies in Academia

  44. How can we grow Projects downloads? Do we manage Projects properly? IS our code base attractive enough? How can we better support Initiatives? What should be the Local Chapter priorities? China, Brazil, Europe? Other questions to be raised by next TC and EC Meeting. Open Questions Open Discussion Activities

  45. 7- Community

  46. Objectives Build Consortium's identity Increase code contribution Maintain a flow of new projects proposals Optimize code base Grow Initiatives participation Build OW2 networking Grow membership Develop case studies Foster local dissemination Maintain MO-Members face-to-face Resources Governance participation MO Councils Board of Directors MO visits twice a year Face-to-face meetings Local workshops Mailing lists Projects Initiatives Local Chapters Localized web site Local trade shows Case studies templates Project data sheet templates Energize the Community

  47. Last visit Week May 27 Meetings MOST CVIC-SE BUAA PKU ISCAS Intervision TongTech Core Tek LIAMA E-Gov Initiative Embedded Initiative China Local Chapter SSC Shanghai Incubator Objective: 2 visits per year Next visits Week October 21 OW2 promotion CVIC-SE DOCSC NUDT Incubators LC work session Projects meetings JO²nAS Others TBD Initiatives meetings May 2008 Programming contest OW2 Meetings in China Doc. 7

  48. 7th-10th March 2006 Brasilia ITI SERPRO Banco Do Brazil Dataprev Sao Paulo BULL LAM customers Annual IDG Public Sector Event USP Brazilian IT Press Conference Rio de Janeiro Embratel URJ Misc contacts 27-30 March 2007 Brasilia OW2 Presentation in Mostra de Soluções em Tecnologia da Informação e Comunicações Aplicadas ao Setor Público 2007 SERPRO & ITI join OW2 1ST Local Chapter Workshop 21-22 August 2007 Buenos Aires : USUARIA OW2 & Interoperability 27-30 August 2007 Curitiba: SERPRO Brasilia: LSTI, ITI, Caixa, SERPRO Fortaleza: UNIFOR Local Chapter Workshop Rio de Janeiro: LNCC, PRODERJ, Livre Software Forum Sao Paulo: Linux Magazine Brazil Next visit: October (TBC) ABEP annual Conf SENAPAD Workshop OW2 Meetings in Brazil / Latin America

  49. Mailing Lists

  50. International development opportunities • Leverage cooperations at Ministry level • Take advantage of embassies’ network • French Ministry of Industry IT cooperations • Similar initiatives in other countries? • Objectives • Inform high level officials of OW2 activities • Get relevant new contacts: participants of the delegation • Benefits • Develop new cooperations, grow the community • Local dissemination through official channels • Facilitate cooperation exchange for members • Facilitate access to support for cooperations: scholarships, grants for prospective visits, projects • Reinforce local members position by gaining official support