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Top 10 reasons why you should use Node.JS

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Top 10 reasons why you should use Node.JS

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  1. Top 10 Reasons why you should use Node JS Node.js is an exponential choice for real-time applications and node.js is an open- source cross-platform runtime environment that has been written in javascript. The first choice of a developer in web application development is node.js because it contains new features. Node.js also allows developers to create web servers and network tools through the effective use of JavaScript. Now we discuss Top 10 Reasons why you should use Node JS 1.Node.JS Is Very Fast: Node.js uses Google's V8 engines. The Google V8 engines that compile JavaScript into native machine code and run very fast, cause node.js to increase the speed of any framework. Node.js helps organizations create fast, flexible network applications that can handle parallel connections at high throughput. 2. Node.JS Stimulate Sharing: Node.js enables communication near the Node Package Manager or NPM. It integrates the store of 50,000 packages, which allows designers to make successful arrangements. With built-in NPM, developers can refresh, share, or reuse codes without lifting a finger. In the same vein, there is a tendency to say that Node.js' package supervisor is strong and a constant answer for designers. 3. Node.JS Make For Real-Time Web Application:Node.js has incredible features for developing real-time applications such as online chats and gaming applications. Node.js is also suitable for programs that require an event-based server, as well as non-blocking servers. 4.Node.JS Single Code Base For Real-Time Web Application: Node.js Developer writes javascript code for the server and client, making it easier to send data between

  2. the server and the client for synchronization purposes. Meteor is a web application framework designed for servers and clients. Meteor, a Web application framework built on Node.js, runs the same code base on the client and on the server. 5.Node.JS Data Streaming:Web infrastructures treat HTTP requests and responses as complete data objects. Node.js knows how to handle I / O very well, so we can take advantage of it and build incredible things as well. You can transcode an audio and video file during the download. Node.js can read and write streams on WebSockets so that you can read and write streams over HTTP. 6. Every Developer Know Javascript: Every web developer has coded a bit of JavaScript, even if the latter hacked a jQuery plugin. Finding a web developer is difficult nowadays. So when you choose a web platform, why not choose the one whose language is known to all web developers in the world? 7.Node.JS For Hosting: With a fast reception, Node.js, a world-class software, is also growing. Specifically, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) providers, for example, Modulus and Nodejitsu, reduce organizations to an isolated order. Indeed, even PaaS's grandfather, Heroku, is now officially strengthening node organizations. 8.Node.JS Increase Productivity: Productivity should not be seen as a one- dimensional, but multidimensional characteristic. We can think that a developer is more productive in Java because of compilation errors. Businesses can add front and back-end teams in one unit to deliver the application faster and with higher productivity. 9.Node.Js Server As Proxy Hire Node JS Developers Server: Node.js has successful highlights that could be used by various intermediate administrations with contrasts in their reaction time. It can also be used to stream information from various sources. 10.Corporate Caretaker: If you use any open source framework, it is abandoned by its volunteer maintainers. This is not done with Node, Node.js sponsored by Joynet. For more information on Node JS Click Here

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