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Top Reasons Why You Should Keep Smiling

Smiling has innumerable benefits. It helps to reduce stress, boost immune system, lower heart rate, increase attention and focus etc. If you want to restore your smile, contact our professional dentist at Smiles Dental.

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Top Reasons Why You Should Keep Smiling

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  1. 7 Reasons Why You Must Keep Smiling A simple smile on the face can be one of the cheapest yet invaluable things that make one happy. Smiling has a profound impact on the health of a human body. Smiling is the simplest exercise to keep one’s body fit and healthy. Here are a few key benefits of smiling: 1. Reduces Stress When you smile, neurotransmitters called endorphins are released. These chemicals help in making you smile by lowering the stress levels. Even a fake smile can reduce stress considerable since the brain cannot differentiate between a real and a fake one. 2. Boosts Immune System When you smile, your body becomes relaxed and stress-free. This helps in easing of blood pressure and strengthening of the immune system. An improved immune system is prepared to fight against bacteria and viruses that cause various ailments.

  2. 3. Lowers Heart Rate Smiling helps in the relaxation of the body thereby slowing down the heart rate. Smiling helps in maintaining the normal heart rate. Various studies have shown that a person who smiles often does not suffer from heart diseases. 4. Acts as a Painkiller Smiling has been proved to decrease pain. When endorphins are released as a result of a simple smile, many of these chemicals act as natural painkillers. 5. Increases Productivity and Encourages Trust Answering questions with a smiling face during job interviews not only showcases your self- confidence but also your ability in handling pressure. Studies have shown that people tend to trust others easily when they are smiling. 6. Increases Attention and Attraction Stress limits our awareness and narrows our attention. Regular smiling will help you in countering these negativities and make you more attentive and focused. Smiling will make you look more approachable and attractive by nature. Interacting with someone with a smiling face make him/her happy too since a smile is contagious. 7. Look Younger and Longevity Studies have shown that people appear to be younger when they are smiling regularly as smiling tends to naturally lift the face. Scientists claim that life expectancy of a man who smiles often can be as much as 7 years more than one who does not smile at all.

  3. Smile is the ultimate universal language that breaks all barriers and connects people from any strata of life. The simplest thing you can do as a human being is to smile and make people around you happy and make this world a great place to live in. Want to restore your smile? Contact our professional dentist at Smiles Dental for comfortable dental treatment!

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