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Shawnee Mission West Fall Sports Meeting 2014

Shawnee Mission West Fall Sports Meeting 2014. Welcome Parents and Athletes. Principal Steven Loe 913-993-7811, steveloe@smsd.org. Athletic Director Don Perkins 913-993-7843, donperkins@smsd.org AD Secretary Patti McCluskie 913-993-7806, wemcclus@smsd.org Trainer Ryan Sloop

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Shawnee Mission West Fall Sports Meeting 2014

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  1. Shawnee Mission WestFall Sports Meeting 2014 Welcome Parents and Athletes

  2. Principal Steven Loe913-993-7811, steveloe@smsd.org Athletic Director Don Perkins 913-993-7843, donperkins@smsd.org AD Secretary Patti McCluskie 913-993-7806, wemcclus@smsd.org Trainer Ryan Sloop 785-249-6447, Rsloop2@kumc.edu

  3. Fall Sports Head Coaches Cross Country-Jeff Onnen Football-Tim Callaghan Golf-Eric Gorenc Gymnastics-Ann Heinlein Soccer-Gordon Wetmore Tennis-Paige Salveter Volleyball-Mary King Cheer – Kayley Otto

  4. Important Information and web sites S. M. West website: http://smwest.smsd.org orsunflowerleague.org. West website gives you access to district, school and athletics calendars. Athletic Calendar gives up-to-date game times, sites, opponents, cancellations, postponements, and much more. Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA) website: kshsaa@kshsaa.org

  5. REQUIRED FORMS • Athletic Physical Form – dated after May 1, 2014, before you can practice • Concussion form-need new one each year, before you can practice • Athletic Participation Packet 2014-15, before first game

  6. Eligibility and Weekly Grade Cards Eligibility • Students must pass 5 classes the previous semester. • Students must have a physical after May 1, 2014 and concussion form on file in the office. • Students must be in good standing with the school. • Students must be currently enrolled and passing 5 classes: • If earning a D or F at progress report, the athlete will carry a grade card until end of quarter. • It will be taken to classes every Friday to determine eligibility for the next week and week end. It will be turned into the AD’s office after school on Friday. • If the student is absent, it is their responsibility to complete the card the first day he/she is back in school. • Failure to turn the card, will result in the student not being in good standing and ineligible.

  7. DISTRICT RULES Substance Abuse Policy Includes All Forms of Tobacco, Illegal Drugs and Alcohol In-season Violation 1st Violation – Miss remainder of Season Subsequent Violations – Out for 365 Days Out-of-Season Violation 1st Violation - 20 Hours of Community Service Subsequent Violations – Out for 365 Days

  8. Activity Fees-Season Pass • All students must pay a $75.00 fee this year for activities. • $40.00 goes to the school to help finance student activities • Benefit: student will be able to attend all home games and performances at a reduced rate. Student tickets are regularly $5.00. This does not include regional or state tournaments.

  9. Attendance Policy All students who participate in school activities (activities supervised by a coach or director) must be in regular full day attendance the day the activity is scheduled. Regular full day attendance is defined as being in school from the beginning of his/her first hour of the day and remaining until the close of his/her last hour of the day. On in season appointments or absences during the school day, the athlete must check out/in with the AD’s office and the Principal must OK the absence for the student to be eligible. This applies to practice as well as games andperformances.

  10. Please Be Aware • The dangers and risks of playing or practicing a sport at SMW may result not only in a serious injury, but in serious impairment of your future ability to earn a living, engage in business, participate in social and recreational activities, and generally to enjoy life.

  11. Supplemental Insurance • You can purchase supplemental insurance for your athletes. • Enrollment forms that outline the insurance plans are available in the office or here tonight. • Can help bridge the gap between the catastrophic insurance provided by the KSHSAA. The deductible is $25,000

  12. Please Be Aware • All athletes need to listen to and follow all of the coaches instructions and warnings regarding playing techniques, training methods, rules of the sport and other team rules. • Baseline Impact Test- helps in diagnosis only • Video – Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes Athletic Testing Solutions outside the auditorium after meeting. https://www.facebook.com/AthleticTestingSolutions

  13. Please Be Aware • Anti Hazing Policy – prohibits groups or teams from activities designed to humiliate, offend or expose a person to danger as a condition for membership or participation in an activity. • Social Media – printed material will be treated in the same manner as a direct statement to the individual. Suggestion- keep it positive. • West Way – Digital Citizenship

  14. Spectator Guidelines KSHAAA Rule 52 (the Golden Rule):“All actions are to be for, not against; positive not negative or disrespectful” • Respect the Officials • Respect the Coaches • Respect Each Other

  15. All Sports Pass The All Sports All Year Pass will get you into all West Home Regular Season Games – Will Not Work for KSHSAA Tournament Games – Sold by S. M. West Booster Club • $80 for 2 adult passes and membership • $55 for 1 adult pass and membership • $25 for 1 child K-8 pass • $20 for booster club membership, no pass

  16. Booster Club • Co-President: Bob and Susan Holcomb Bill Henderson • Co-Vice President: Darren and Michelle Coker • Treasurer: Pam Tracy • Co-Secretary: Amy Karlin and Maria McMahon

  17. Individual Sports Meetings • Girls golf in Café 1 • Gymnastics in Café 4 • Volleyball in Main Gym • Football in Aux. Gym • Soccer in section of Auditorium • Other sports met before this meeting.

  18. Thanks for Coming – Enjoy the Year

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