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Timesheets and Financial Reporting Updates PowerPoint Presentation
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Timesheets and Financial Reporting Updates

Timesheets and Financial Reporting Updates

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Timesheets and Financial Reporting Updates

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  1. Timesheets and Financial Reporting Updates

  2. Timesheets and Financial Reporting Updates • Approval Timeline • Program Coordinator Responsibilities • NACHC Responsibilities • Timesheet Unlocking • ancial Reporting Updates Financial Reporting Updates • Deadlines • 2012-13 Reporting and Reimbursement Schedule • 2013-14 Reporting and Reimbursement Schedule

  3. Timesheet Approval Process Approval Timeline 5th of the Month - Navigators submit completed timesheets to Supervisors for approval 10th of the Month - Supervisors approve timesheets and submit to Program Coordinators for approval 15th of the Month – Program Coordinator approves all navigators timesheets Program Coordinator Responsibilities To check accuracy and timeliness of timesheets to include: Checking to make sure a) Navigators are taking and recording lunch breaks, b) Navigators are selecting appropriate categories for service hours, and c) Navigators are submitting and Supervisors are approving timesheets on time

  4. Timesheet Approval Process NACHCs Responsibilities: • Initial Timesheet Monitoring will happen within the first month of a navigator’s start date. The monitoring will include checking the following information for all navigators: • First Hours Coincide with OnCorps start date • Site Supervisor and Program Coordinator • Appropriate Categories Selected • Lunch Breaks properly taken • Quarterly Timesheet Monitoring will check timesheets for a random selection of navigators and include the above plus: • The hours served percentage range • Timeliness of Approval

  5. Timesheet Approval Process Timesheet Unlocking • Request for Unlocking Timesheets will only be approved for inaccurate time reported (understated or overstated service hours). Examples include: • lunch breaks or other breaks not recorded • Navigator recorded service hours they should not have or • Navigator forgot to record service hours Process for Requesting Unlocking Timesheets: All unlocking requests must go through the Community HealthCorps Help Desk. The request must include name of navigator, reason for request and date of timesheet to unlock. All requests should be made to Manager of Grants Administration.

  6. Financial Reporting Reporting Deadlines • Reimbursements are done on a quarterly basis • All hours for all navigators must be approved by the 15th of the month following the reporting period end. If there are pending hours, sites RRFs will be delayed. • RRFs are generated within 30 days from the time all navigators hours are approved for the quarterly reimbursement period. • RRFs should be certified by the Program Coordinator to include signature, date, printed name and title. Certification should be done within a 7-day period from receipt and sent to the Manager of Grants Administration for processing (payroll registers for navigators who served during that period should also be attached).

  7. Reimbursement Schedule for Remaining 2012-13 Program Year 2012-2013 Remaining Reimbursement Periods

  8. Reimbursement Schedule for 2013-14 Program Year 2013-2014 Reimbursement Periods