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“Little Homie” Presentation

“Little Homie” Presentation. Jesse Martin 12/04/02 Intelligent Machine Design Lab. Overview. Application Sensors SOFTWARE Pitfalls Conclusion. Application. What I said it would do…. Autonomously take pictures of things that is “interesting”

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“Little Homie” Presentation

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  1. “Little Homie” Presentation Jesse Martin 12/04/02 Intelligent Machine Design Lab

  2. Overview • Application • Sensors • SOFTWARE • Pitfalls • Conclusion

  3. Application • What I said it would do…. • Autonomously take pictures of things that is “interesting” • Robot will have a rich UI from an onboard Pocket PC • Pictures taken will be stored on the pocket PC where they can be viewed, emailed, or sent to a PC

  4. Application • What Little Homie actually does… • Take high resolution images of people (not necessarily interesting people) • Up to 1248 x 960 pixels • Images are stored on 32 mb Flash where they can be transferred to a PC via USB • Provide the user with a rich UI via Pocket PC • On board diagnostics tool

  5. Sensors • 2 Sharp GPD212 IR • 2 Whisker Bump switches • Aiptek Pencam • HVW Technologies PIR Sensor

  6. PIR Sensor • Advantages • Cheap!! Cost only $10.95 • Neat Fresnel Lens • Only Three Lines • Disadvantages • Digital • If platform moves, you get unreliable readings

  7. CMUcam • Originally had plans on using the CMUcam to take pictures but… • Takes about 4.8 sec to transmit small image over serial port at 115k baud • My microprocessor doesn’t even support that speed • Therefore, on my uP, it would take about 15 sec • Images aren’t buffered!

  8. CMUcam Steady Picture @ 313 x 285 What is this????

  9. CMUcam • Too low quality; unreliable results • Solution….. Aiptek Pencam!

  10. Aiptek Pencam • 32 mb Flash can store 140 pictures • Small • Low Power • 1248 X 960 resolution • Can take video

  11. Interfacing Pencam • Just need to connect wires from the Pencam’s buttons to a microprocessor controlled relay

  12. Aiptek Pencam CMUcam

  13. Pocket PC Software • Main Menu • Control Panel • Actuation Calibration • Test Camera • Take Pictures • (View Pictures is disabled)

  14. Pocket PC Software • Control Panel Allows you… • Test sensors • Test motors • Test Servos • Obstacle Avoid

  15. Pocket PC Software • Actuation Calibration • Allows you to change each motor’s values to make the robot go straight or turn in the manor you want it too

  16. Pocket PC Software • Test Camera • Allows you to… • Turn on Camera • Take a Picture • Clear Contents on camera

  17. Pocket PC Software • Take Pictures • Main Program

  18. Pitfalls • Caster Wheel • Would always get stuck so platform couldn’t go straight • Solution: Replaced it with a stub • Interfacing CMUcam • Couldn’t get clear images from CMUcam • Max baud rate on uP too slow • Solution: Replaced CMU cam with Aiptek Pencam

  19. Conclusion • Orginal vision for Little Homie was “Pie in the Sky” • Total Cost over $694.63 (not including PPC) • $73.30 in shipping • $109.00 wasted toward CMUcam • Burned out many IRs • Bought wrong items and vendor wouldn’t take back

  20. Conclusion • As of right now, 1,462 lines of code has been written • Many more lines are hidden

  21. Conclusion Any Questions???

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