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Fav. Five

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Fav. Five

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  1. Fav. Five World History H Margarita Ramirez

  2. Five Fav’s Benito Juarez

  3. Abraham Lincoln Since the beginning Benito and Abe were very close; Benito was known as the “Lincoln of Mexico.” Many respected Benito as much as they did Abraham. Obviously Benito would have Abraham as the first one on his top five. 

  4. Selena Quintanilla Selene was a caring hard working Person. Like Benito, Selena had to work up to the fame and love her fans gave her. Benito did not at first get respect because of his background, the same with Selena. I think both Selena and Benito would become good friends.

  5. Martin Luther King Jr Martin Luther King Jr. used his powerful Voice to tell of his thoughts and led many to victory. Like Luther King Jr., Benito did the same thing by using his powerful persuasive words, Benito accomplished many things throughout his life. Martin Luther King Jr. would defiantly be on Benito’s Fav. Five.

  6. Oprah Winfrey If Benito and Oprah existed in the same time period, I think they would both get married. Benito being a hard working guy and Oprah being a talented un-selfish woman, they would make a good pair. Oprah –like Benito- wants what is good for the rest of the people.

  7. Bill Gates The reason I think that Bill Gates would make it on Benito’s top Five is because Bill’s got the brain and the money to help Benito. Like Benito Bill was not fully educated; Benito didn’t go to school for a while, and Bill didn’t go to college. I think these two guys would be good friends and have deep talks.

  8. Eww!! Block!! Benito Juarez

  9. Paris Hilton Although Ms. Paris Hilton is a rich “smart” person, Benito Juarez would not want to talk or deal with a Hilton who spends most of their time shopping and not caring about anybody else. Paris doesn’t get the importance of politics or anything to do with presidency.

  10. Adolf Hitler Benito-like everyone else- would absolutely want anything at all to do with Hitler. 1st- Hitler would kill Benito 2nd-Hitler is a heartless human being with no thought for anyone else.

  11. Marie Antoinette Benito would think Marie Antoinette is a selfish person who cares about no ones cares but herselves. Benito would not want to associate with “stuck up royalty”.

  12. Joseph Stalin Benito was a tough hard working worker; however, he was on the side of peace. Benito, unlike Stalin, believed that he didn’t need to kill In order to be in charge or win. Benito would not even want to know Stalin.

  13. Ryan Seacrest Benito’s dream was to help others while doing what he loved to do best; therefore, he would not like to hang out with someone who’s job it is to make others feel dumb, worthless, and humiliate them in front of thousands. Ryan Seacrest would be in Benito Juarez’s most hated people.

  14. Fav Five Roberto Clemente

  15. Oprah Winfrey Like Oprah Winfrey, Roberto Clemente believed in helping other people. Both Oprah Winfrey and Roberto Clemente are well known for giving most of their money to charity. Oprah Winfrey would be on Roberto’s top five because he believes in giving as much as she does.

  16. Jackie Robinson Roberto Clemente would have Jackie Robinson on his top five because they are both baseball players. Although their passion is to play baseball, they both are colored people who were not treated or seen the same in front of the other white baseball players.

  17. Michael Jackson Roberto Clemente was known for not judging people, Michael Jackson would not be judged by Roberto and Roberto would like Michael not because of the bad things he did, but for the good charity work Michael did. Michael helped many people with his earnings, and Roberto would not judge Michael.

  18. Jenifer Lopez Not only is J-Lo good looking, but she is also a very very well known Latina who worked very hard for all her fame and fortune. Roberto too is a fairly famous baseball player who represents for the Latinos with his awesome baseball skills.

  19. Oscar de la Hoya Not only did Oscar de la Hoya win many medals, he also gained the name of “The golden Boy.” Like Roberto, Oscar worked extremely hard in order to gain all the medals and recognitions that were given to him. Not one of both of their medals were simply handed to them. Oscar being a Boxer, and Roberto working the Baseball field

  20. Blocked Forever!! Roberto Clemente

  21. Miley Cyrus Roberto would not like Miley Cyrus, and he would block her. The reason being is that Miley Cyrus lives a double life as Hanna Montana and Miley Cyrus. Roberto was a hard working man, who was very loyal and truthful. Roberto felt like everything he was given he had to work for, nothing that he had was free.

  22. Princess Diana Roberto, unlike Princess Diana, was a very unselfish man. Roberto gave most of what he earned in baseball to the poor and the needy. Princess Diana however, kept it all to herself and did not donate it to anyone or contributed it to anything.

  23. Britney Spears NO matter what happened, Clemente would always keep his cool and he always thought there was a chance no matter by how far he was losing. Roberto would not associate with Britney Spears because she collapses under pressure and feels like she needs to shave her head. Clemente would not be seen, or even speak to Miss. Spears.

  24. Osama Bin Laden Osama Bin Laden is known to be the most terrifying and evil terrorist. Roberto Clemente was a good hearted man. As you can see Roberto and Osama would just not get along and agree with anything; therefore Roberto would obviously want to block him.

  25. Pastor Thomas Robb Roberto Clemente-Famous Latino baseball Player, Pastor Thomas Robb-member of the KKK. I think since Roberto is a Latino, he would want to stay far away from members of the KKK and therefore block Mr. Pastor Thomas Robb. I think Roberto would want to stay out of Robb’s way, and hope not never ever confront him.

  26. The End… 