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Culture Clash: Embracing Global Perspectives PowerPoint Presentation
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Culture Clash: Embracing Global Perspectives

Culture Clash: Embracing Global Perspectives

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Culture Clash: Embracing Global Perspectives

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  1. WCTE Convention--October 3, 2008 Culture Clash: Embracing Global Perspectives

  2. Introductions • Kate Gay: US English, 9th and 12th grade • Elaine Griffin: US English, AP English and electives • Laurie Barth: MS English, 8th grade

  3. University School of Milwaukee • PK-12th grade • 1055 students • Co-educational • College preparatory • Suburban campus • Global Scholars Certificate

  4. Teetering between old and new. China

  5. China, 2007Temple of Heaven

  6. The Great Wall of China

  7. Terra Cotta Warriors of Xian

  8. Forbidden City, Beijing

  9. Chinese Medicine Museum

  10. Hutong in Beijing

  11. Bird’s Nest Stadium, Beijing

  12. McDonalds, Beijing

  13. Starbucks, Hangzhou

  14. Shanghai

  15. Shanghai

  16. School Visit

  17. Nurturing the right brain. 21st Century Learner

  18. The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman

  19. The World is Flat • “If you are an American, you better be good at the touchy-feely stuff, because anything that can be digitized can be outsourced to either the smartest or the cheapest producer.”

  20. The World is Flat • “[C]ontrary to what we have come to believe in recent years, people skills will become more valuable than computer skills.”

  21. A Whole New Mind by Daniel H. Pink

  22. A Whole New Mind • “High touch involves the capacity to empathize, to understand the subtleties of human interaction, to find joy in oneself and to elicit it in others, and to stretch beyond the quotidian in pursuit of purpose and meaning.” • “High concept involves the ability to create artistic and emotional beauty, to detect patterns and opportunities, to craft a satisfying narrative, and to come up with inventions the world didn’t know it was missing.”

  23. A Whole New Mind • “[O]nly the human mind can think metaphorically and see relationships that computers could never detect.”

  24. A Whole New Mind • “When facts become so widely available and instantly accessible, each one becomes less valuable. What begins to matter more is the ability to place these facts in context and to deliver them with emotional impact.”

  25. NCTE Standards for English Language Arts • Standards 1, 2, and 3. • Students reading from a variety of literature traditions and time periods. • Students encountering a variety of cultural perspectives. • Students learning strategies and skills for interpreting and analyzing such literature.

  26. NCTE Definition of 21st-Century Learning Twenty-first century readers and writers need to: • Build relationships with others to pose and solve problems collaboratively and cross-culturally.

  27. Traditional Chinese Literature Tang Dynasty Poetry

  28. Li Po (or Li Bai)

  29. Tang Dynasty Poetry • Eighth Century • “Age of Great Cultural Glory” • Daoism • Yi jing or “meaningscape”

  30. “In the Quiet Night” by Li Po So bright a gleam on the foot of my bed— Could there have been a frost already? Lifting myself to look, I found that it was moonlight. Sinking back again, I thought suddenly of home.

  31. Poetry Activities • Favorite Poem Project • Blog • Art cards • Other Tang Dynasty Poets: • Wang Wei and Du Fu

  32. Demonstration: Translation Activity

  33. “Favorite Poem Project”

  34. Blogging with Chinese Students

  35. Cross-Cultural Connections • Romanticism • Ezra Pound’s imagist poetry • “River Merchant’s Wife: A Letter” • Carpe Diem tradition • “Bring the Wine!”

  36. East Asian Studies Center at Indiana University

  37. Contemporary Chinese and Chinese-American Literature Ha Jin, Amy Tan, & Wang Ping

  38. The Bridegroom by Ha Jin

  39. The Bridegroom by Ha Jin The Lives of the Chinese in China: The Study of a Different Culture • “In the Kindergarten” • “Saboteur” • “After Cowboy Chicken Came to Town”

  40. “After Cowboy Chicken Came To Town” by Ha Jin COMPARE AND CONTRAST… “OLD” AND “NEW” CHINA NEW Fast Food Ice cream American Owned Individual Worker OLD Street Vendors Traditional Food State Owned Community

  41. “A Pair of Tickets” by Amy Tan

  42. “A Pair of Tickets” by Amy Tan SAN FRANCISCO VS. GUANGZHOU, CHINA “American Born Chinese” vs. “True Chinese”: A Culture of Growing Similarities • Stature of People • Behavior of Crowds • Western Hotels • Skyscrapers

  43. Student Journal on “Pair of Tickets” Show Jandele’s gradual transformation from a rejecting her Chinese roots to connecting with them. Use specific textual references to support your answer.

  44. The Magic Whip by Wang Ping

  45. “Mixed Blood” by Wang Ping • Idea of “home” forges connections. • America, Vietnam, Japan, Beijing, Shanghai, Weihai • Home as roof, a place, a destination, a family, a dream.

  46. “Mixed-Blood” Assignment Students write a creative essay in which they define home for themselves, after considering Ping’s definition.

  47. Contemporary American Graphic Novel American Born Chinese by Gene Yang

  48. American Born Chinese by Gene Yang

  49. Awards and Honors • Winner of 2007 Michael A. Printz Award. • Finalist for 2006 National Book Award—first graphic novel ever to be nominated. • Publishers Weekly's Best Books of 2006, School Library Journal Best Book of the Year, Booklist Editor's Choice Book, and Best Graphic Novel/Comic of the year by

  50. The cast of characters THE MONKEY KING… JIN…