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Role of Complexities In the Novel, The Guide PowerPoint Presentation
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Role of Complexities In the Novel, The Guide

Role of Complexities In the Novel, The Guide

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Role of Complexities In the Novel, The Guide

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  1. IOP Role of Complexities In the Novel, The Guide Basu, Debleena IBD Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  2. Introduction • The Guide was written by R.K. Narayan in 1958 and was one of his most critically acclaimed novels. • The story revolves around a man, Raju, and his journey as a travel guide having a beguiling relationship with an already married, Rosie, which eventually lands him in jail. Ashamed, he goes to a village disguised as a priest but ends up sacrificing his personal desires for the villagers. Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  3. “Don’t Laugh at my Railway ASSOCIATIONS..”- rAJU • Raju was never satisfied with his job as a shop keeper. His father’s monotonous activities of selling books and chatting with his friends till late night never appealed to him. He thought low of them. This brought about the 1st complexity: superiority. Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  4. “Your interests are morbid.”-Marco • Rosie belonged to a lower caste than Marco, her husband, and was devoted in the art of Bharatnatyam. This background caused Marco to look down on Rosie and her opinions. He grew to have an ignorant/indifferent behaviour towards Rosie. Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  5. “Anything that Interested her seemed to Irritate Him.” • Rosie’s passion for dancing was always looked down upon by her husband. He thought of her act as an acrobat on a trapeze. • Rosie found solitude in the arms of Raju since Raju appreciated her love for the art. He sacrificed his time and money to give Rosie an opportunity to dance again. “The word ‘dance’ always stung Him” Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  6. “I have to respect him. I can’t leave him there.”-Rosie • Due to Marco’s apathetic attitude towards Rosie, she burnt her identity during the course of her marriage. She charred her fantasized husband. As a result she committed sati of her soul. Even during the affair she couldn’t set back her homely duties causing her to breakdown. • After leaving Marco, she lived with Raju and fulfilled her desires. She was born again as Nalini into the world she had dreamt of. Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  7. “You can’t have a dancing girl in your house!” • Raju’s mother disliked Rosie from the moment she entered the house. Since Rosie was a married woman from a lower caste his mother could not stand her staying and dancing in her house. This shows a social complexity which was very common in Indian household during those times. • However, she was secretly fond of Rosie for her pleasant and helpful nature and always treated her kindly. Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  8. “After All, you are a dancing girl. We don’t admit them in our families.” • After many unheard taunts by Raju’s mother, she finally called Raju’s uncle to drive Rosie away. This illustrates a perfect example of male dominance. • The taunts and insults of Raju’s uncle went to such an extent that it became unbearable for Raju to condone it. As a result, the main perpetrator of the act, Raju’s mother herself was forced to leave the house. Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  9. The process of Prosperity Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  10. “I’m but an instrument accepting guidance.” • After coming out of the jail Raju couldn’t face his society anymore which resulted from an inferiority complex. Hence, he went to a nearby village where his small piece of advise was mistaken by the villagers. • They anticipated him for a “sadhu” due to his vast philosophical knowledge. He began to be revered as a saintly figure with magnanimous qualities which endeared him to all walks of life in the village. Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  11. Swami’s Reincarnation Hair covering his back Beard caressing his chest Necklace of prayer beads Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  12. “You are not another human being. You are Mahatma.” • Raju went along with the impersonation for the moment as he was greedy of the free food he received. But their gratitude never stopped. They treated him as a God and took his help for every problem. They trusted his judgement blindly. Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  13. “For the first time he was learning the thrill of full application..” • Raju was guilty about his facade as he witnessed the villagers’ unwavering faith in him. • Due to external circumstances, Raju fasted for 15 days to end the draught in the village. • He hesitated at first but soon began enjoying his sacrifice. Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  14. “Lack of food gave him a particular floating feeling which he rather enjoyed.” • Forgoing his personal interests, Raju fasted for the welfare of the village. His failing health didn’t stop him from going ahead with what he felt was his duty and responsibility. • On the last day, he said,” Velan, its raining in the hills. I can feel it coming up under my feet, up my legs..” and he sagged down. Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  15. Personal RESPONSE • The various intricacies of the novel resulted in the virtuous individual Raju became. • In my opinion, R.K. Narayan wanted to depict through the novel how the Indian society worked in that era. Social status Male dominance Discrimination of the lower caste Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  16. bibliography • // • :// • Novel reference of The Guide by RK Narayan Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number:

  17. The END Basu,Debleena Session:May2010 Candidate Number: