ibm traffic prediction n.
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IBM Traffic Prediction PowerPoint Presentation
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IBM Traffic Prediction

IBM Traffic Prediction

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IBM Traffic Prediction

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  1. IBM Traffic Prediction Breland Miley

  2. IBM Traffic Prediction Problem Summary IBM has developed software for smartphones to help drivers avoid traffic jams while en route.  Phones use location tracking technology (A-GPS, GPS, Wifi Location Database, etc) to report back to a central server about current location and establish driving patterns. When the system detects conditions favorable for a traffic jam, it alerts the driver to use a different, less congested route. Traffic patterns are stored for future analysis and better prediction models. Real time tracking is used for all participants, as well as access to other road survey equipment.

  3. Ethical Issues We are collecting user location in real time, this can be dangerous; and we are storing it. We analyze this data in real time, and present it to the user while they are driving. This is also dangerous.

  4. 8 Step Process 1. The issue I am analyzing is the storage of real time collected user data, and the implications of if it got out. 2. The biggest stakeholders in this case are IBM, and the users who provide the data. 3. Some possible cases:     a. IBM keeps user data safe, never shares with anyone. This is the ideal situation. No one ever knows, and no data is lost.     b. IBM could have a privacy breach, and some user location data cold escape. IBM would not like this; nor would the users.     c. Users could stop providing IBM data because management of it is limited. IBM and the users would both be upset.

  5. Continued 4. I would be willing for everyone to be permitted ot use the solution I chose. 5. Naturally, the best solution is for IBM to keep the data safe, and let users manage their data in a secure and reliable means. 6. I believe most people would say that these methods are a simple and efficient means to and end. 7. In my own conscience, I would feel committed to these solutions. 8. Realism, because this is what I'd do in real life.