the comparison of american and british english n.
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The Comparison of American and British English PowerPoint Presentation
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The Comparison of American and British English

The Comparison of American and British English

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The Comparison of American and British English

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  2. Historical background • British colonization • The form of the language have diverged in many ways • Misunderstandings still exist even through the increased world-wide communication

  3. Phonology • The pronunciation of British English differs in systematic ways from pronunciation in many dialects of American. • The most consistent difference occurred in the placement of primary stress, with the most Americans putting stress on the first syllable and most British on the second or third in multisyllabic words like “cigarette,” “applicable,” “formidable,” “kilometer,” and “laboratory.”

  4. In the prestigious British dialect, /h/ is pronounced ate the beginning of both “head” and “herb,” whereas in American English dialects it is not pronounced in the second word. • In brief, generally, the beginning /h/ of a word is voiced in the British English; on the contrary, voiceless in the American English, such as “house,” and “hero.”

  5. Phonology • East Coast is more distinctive than the interior country. • this is largely because these areas were in contact with England, and imitated prestigious varieties of British English at a time when those varieties were undergoing changes. The interior of the country was settled by people who were no longer closely connected to England, as they had no access to the ocean during a time when journeys to Britain were always by sea.

  6. Sounds corresponding to North American English is retroflex, alveolar approximan,not a thrill r tap The loss of syllable-final r in North America is confined mostly to the accents of eastern New England, New York City and surrounding areas, South Philadelphia, and the coastal portions of the South

  7. Idioms • Arseholed /Drunk! • Pass /I don't know • Chessed off/ Pissed off • All right? /"Hello, how are you?" • Brill/ Cool • Waz /Wee or pee.

  8. Vocabulary • Bathroom Loo • Trash/Garbage Rubbish • Crazy/Very Bloody

  9. Spelling

  10. Differences between British English and American English • Lexical differences: burglarize VS burgle, transportation VS transport • Speech: dialects, accents and vocabulary • Commonwealth English