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Developing Research Skills for DEBATE PowerPoint Presentation
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Developing Research Skills for DEBATE

Developing Research Skills for DEBATE

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Developing Research Skills for DEBATE

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  1. Developing Research Skills for DEBATE Preparing for a debate is like preparing for an examination. The debate itself takes only an hour or two, depending on the nature. And yet, studying for it can take several days or even weeks or months. Why is it that so much time is needed to prepare to debate? The answer is RESEARCH. Debaters need to gather evidence to support the arguments they use in a debate. A seasoned (experienced) debater might spend days searching for a specific piece of evidence to support a single argument that might take only 30 seconds to deliver! This may sound like a lot of work, but the good thing about debate research is that the results can be used in many debate rounds. A key piece of evidence can result in many successful debates. RESEARCH is essential to a successful debate. (P. 35 -4647, GSD, with annotation by C.C. Li). Searching for Evidence (Pp. 48 - 51) Brainstorming Library survey (Harvard, SHU, …) Card catalog (Ref. Yale University) Reference books and the Internet

  2. Language art (Public speaking & Debate) Safire, William. Ed. 1992. Lend Me Your Ears; Great Speeches in History. New York: Norton. Language art (English teaching and learning) Wu, Siew Mei, Tupas T. Ruanni, Sadorra, and Maria Luisa C. Eds. 2008. The English Language Teaching and Learning Landscape: Continuity, Innovation and Diversity Singapore: National University of Singapore.

  3. Types of PROPOSITIONS (p. 39 - 46) PROPOSITIONS of fact A proposition of fact is an objective statement. It asserts that a condition exists that can be verified by someone other than the person making the statement. (p. 39) PROPOSITIONS of value Propositions of value express judgment about the qualities of a person, issue, event, place, thing, or idea. A statement of value concerns opinions and attitudes. . (p. 41) Examples and Discussion – by ALL.

  4. Recording Evidence (for reference) Preparing Evidence Cards (57) One way is to put the isolated or marked materials on an evidence card. Many debaters use three-by-five-inch (3x5) index cards. (p. 57) Filing Evidence As you continue to do research, you will retrieve (gather) more and more evidence cards. As the number of evidence cards grows, it will become very important for you to be able to find a card easily. A proper filing system is essential. Alphabetical filing system is an option. (Pp. 59 - 60) Notebook Index System is also an option. (P. 61) Maintaining Evidence Files (Pp. 63-64)

  5. Propositions for “Public Speaking and Debate” May 20 - 27, 2008 Shih Hsin University 1. The elderly senior citizens have to be taken care of. Tommy Pan 2. Critical thinking of the citizens in Taiwan Isaac Tseng 3. Helping the people and victims from the devastated earthquake in Sichuan Jennifer Lin *Video: Searching for the Missing: Earthquake survivors in Sichuan Province, China, are continuing to look for relatives even as they assume the worst. NYT Online May 24, 2008 * China’s Rush to Dispose of Dead Compounds AgonyBy Edward WongFamily members have not been able to identify relatives and traditional reverence for the deceased has been upset. NYT Online May 24, 2008 4. Cherishing our life – reflections from the devastating earthquake in Sichuan Erick Huang 5. How to help the victims to rebuild their homes in Sichuan after the earthquake? Annie Lin 6. A new education system after May 20 in Taiwan Kathy Lin 7. Recession and inflection: How to manage to survive high consumption Charlie Wang

  6. 8. Offering more job opportunities for the disabled • Angela Wu • 9. How to cope with the backfire of M-shape society (Ref. Kenichi Ohmae (大前研一) • Grace Chu • 10. Real peace should not rely on armed forces alone. • Eva Hsieh • 11. Is Bilingual Education Totally Available in Taiwan? • Jim Yeh • Ethic Education in Taiwan. • Vicky Li • 13. The Negotiations for Peace between Israel and Palestine • Yaya Chiu • 14. The impact caused by biofuel, focusing in the starvation issue. • Lana Chang • 15. How to improve the quality of our college students • Cathy Shih • 16. Cutting our president's salary to help reduce the state taxes • Carol Liu • 17. Re-educating the Public Servants.Antares Deng • 18. A Prominent Candidate for the US presidency – Obama • Helen Huang

  7. Carter - Regan Debate 1980 • What are the problem areas? • What are the PROPOSITIONS? • World issues • Economic issues • Others • (Check Pages 35 – 46, GSD)

  8. Economic issue: Labor and income Social issue: Family and gay marriage policy Presidential Debate in Taiwan: Frank Hsieh vs. Ma Ying-jeou Feb. 24, 2008 Environmental issue: Kyoto Protocol/Earth Warming Issues for Debate: Economic policy Education Culture Mainland affairs Treasury Environment Agriculture Social welfare Agricultural issue: Farming land reform

  9. Yale University New Heaven CT

  10. Great learning from President Richard Levin of Yale University on: • Research for academic advancement in the resourceful library • “Freshman mentoring” and “Faculty development and support” • Research for developing skills of public speaking and debate

  11. Card Catalog Room Yale Library Yale University (By C.C. Li, 1993)

  12. Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscripts Library Yale University

  13. Card catalog at Yale University

  14. Searching for references at the SH Library for “Public Speaking & Debate” and “EFL Writing.” .

  15. Phonetics, Syntax, Semantics, Discourse, Culture/Global 語音學 語法學 語意學 言談分析 全球文化/國際化 Successful foreign language learning can change your life. 成功的英(外)語學習可以在全球化的大趨勢中改變你的一生。 How do they learn to speak English with excellent diction.

  16. “Debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama” Jan. 31, 2008 (at University of Texas, Austin)