web basis vs 3270 basis n.
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web BASIS vs. 3270 BASIS PowerPoint Presentation
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web BASIS vs. 3270 BASIS

web BASIS vs. 3270 BASIS

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web BASIS vs. 3270 BASIS

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  1. webBASIS vs. 3270 BASIS Is there a difference? Which should I use and when should I use it?

  2. Using webBASIS for viewing Accounting Information • View your Accounting data • View Report Codes • View Employee Sets • Download data to an excel spreadsheet

  3. Viewing Accounting Information for a Cost Center or DAC Notice all projects roll to the DAC making it impossible to easily check your balance from the web if you have a cost center within AGRI that rolls to a DAC

  4. Using Employee Sets An employee set may be created when you want to allow your staff who have a need to view cost center information, but do not have an ‘electronic’ desk in BASIS. For Agriculture to use this though, There can only be one project assigned to the DAC. See next screen to view what you can do with an Employee Set.

  5. Employee Set Example You have the option of viewing by Periods or LTD (LTD only works on grants)

  6. Employee Set Continued This is a view of LTD and also has a link to download to an excel spreadsheet

  7. Did you know that you can also do Receiving on the web? Which method is better or does it matter?

  8. Comparison of screen layouts for a PO line. Notice on the web you can easily see that there are invoices that require receiving

  9. Link to image of invoice webBASIS Approval Screen In this example I selected one of the invoice entries from the previous screen. Notice I also have the ability of pulling up the image of the invoice prior to approving the charge.

  10. Looking for Invoices where NO Receiving has been done. 3270 BASIS - LUIB webBASIS

  11. Did you know you can create the Travel Claim on the web? There definitely are some benefits to creating the Travel Claim from the web.

  12. Initial Screen Layout Defaults 2 legs, but I can add up to 20 legs

  13. The only 2 limitations of processing the claim on the web is: • Cannot change the vendor address (would have to do that in 3270 TC) • Cannot delete a claim on the web. (Would have to delete it from 3270 TC) Notice the R beside certain columns. This signifies that a receipt is needed.

  14. Did you know that you can view open POs for a Category on the web? This is a great feature when attempting to locate open POs and categories associated with a Grant, or when you want to change the category on numerous PO lines

  15. 3270 BASIS using LOPC

  16. webBASIS view of open PO lines for a Category and DAC

  17. webBASIS view of open PO lines for a Category and DAC

  18. webBASIS view of open PO lines for a Category and DAC If the Encumbrance is 0% then the category is no longer being used. If ‘blank’ then the category is still active on the line.

  19. Did you know that you can view and change Asset Information on the web? Updating from 3270 (ABRL) Updating from webBASIS Select the Appropriate Action to Perform Then select your Tag #

  20. Did you know that employees have the ability of viewing their Pcard and Tcard purchases on webBASIS? An employee can log in via the Employee Login and access this link.

  21. Viewing the eBusiness Charges Click on the eBusinss Partner Code link in order to get a list of the E-Partner Cds. Select the appropriate code and then enter an on or after Date Received

  22. List of Pcard charges for an Employee You can now select a charge and view the information along with an image of the receipt.