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  1. BASIS Data Requests - Huron Consulting

  2. BASIS, short for Business and Administrative Strategic Information Systems, is an integrated suite of software, designed and implemented by University of Arkansas staff, including resources from IT Services, Business Affairs, Financial Affairs, and Human Resources, along with valuable input from many of our campus users, in order to provide the campus with a fully integrated Business, Financial, and Human Resource system. BASIS Overview

  3. BASIS Dataflow HRLY-TS Hourly Employee Payroll Data Appointed Employee Pay Data Appointed Employee Data Labor Distribution Extra Time Leave Balances Budget & Salary Encumbrance Salary Expense/ Adjustments Req Commitments PO Encumbrance Invoice Expensing Travel Authorizations Travel Claim/payment AP Liability Check Accounting Journal Entries Expense Transfers Funds Transfers

  4. UPS

  5. The UPS (University Procurement System) is the application that allows campus departments to process a variety of purchasing, travel, and accounts payable functions. Departmental users create and submit their requisitions on-line. Then, the cost center mangers approve those transactions. Once approved, if the requisition meets certain criteria, a job is run that automatically creates the PO; otherwise, it resides in a buyer’s inbox for processing to create a PO. Departmental users also perform their receiving through UPS. Once a department receives its goods or services, there are on-line functions that allow the user to give approval for invoices to be paid by matching the departmental receiving entry and the accounts payable invoice entries. Procurement System

  6. The NSM-MS (Natural Secured Menus Maintenance System) is an application that allows owner departments to set and maintain various security attributes for an application. The roles and responsibilities are assigned to a desk, instead of a user. Desks are assigned to a position (as defined in our position management system, for appointed employees). This allows for a seamless transition, especially when an employee changes positions or terminates employment. Desk assignments are managed centrally by Financial Affairs. Desks are also associated with a Budgetary Unit for an additional level of control. User Roles and Responsibilities

  7. TARGET is used to manage our electronic approval process. A Requisition is routed for approval using the cost center distribution. Desks are associated with a review group – containing one or more desks - which is associated with a cost center (or range of cost centers). The system also allows a pre-defined user to approve transactions on behalf of the primary reviewer - proxy. Proxy is only available for immaterial transactions (requisitions under $10,000.00). Up to three users may be pre-defined to approve for a primary user. The system also allows for an alternate reviewer on material transactions (greater than $10,000.00). The alternate reviewer is assigned to the review group so only the primary or alternate may approve the material transaction. BASIS workflow – TARGET (Transaction Approval-Review Gateway via Electronic Transmission)

  8. Desk • Represents your job duties within BASIS • Application access privileges • TARGET routing • Review Groups • A desk is assigned to a review group • Multiple desks may be assigned to the same review group • Review Levels • Lower levels usually denote an administrative assistant review • Sequence of when pending transactions are displayed on the reviewer’s list Transactionrepresents a request for a specific and independent activity to be performed within BASIS. To add, update, or delete information. • Material vs. Immaterial • Material transactions must be approved by the primary reviewer or his/her alternate • Immaterial transactions may be reviewed by the reviewer’s designated proxy TARGET Overview

  9. The TARGET Administrator, in the Office of Financial Affairs, has the responsibility of establishing review chains, managing desk assignments, creating emergency proxy and alternate authorizations, and providing user training. A minimum of two persons must be involved in the initiation and review of all TARGET financial transactions. Regardless of who initiates a transaction, no single person may perform all review steps unless there is only one required review step. A Primary Reviewer or an Alternate Reviewer must approve all transactions that equal or exceed the materiality threshold (requisitions exceeding $10,000). Proxies are not permitted for transactions at this level. Proxy approvals will be permitted for immaterial transactions below the established thresholds. An appropriate TARGET chain must be established to review material transactions. TARGET Policy

  10. Transmit PO Create PO Create Req. Approvals Login Shop Hosted Catalogs Departmental Review Send Via: cXML EDI Email Fax Portal Punchout Catalogs RazorBuy Log In Create PR BASIS PO Create Custom Forms Additional Approvals: IT, Trademark & Licensing etc. Non-Catalog Items Approved Create PO Target Chain Approvals BASIS RazorBuy/BASIS Integration Scenario Encumber Funds

  11. Create Req. Create PO Changes to PO Invoice/ Pay Receiving Payment Transmit PO Purchase Requisition Create PO (if approved via TARGET) E-Invoice RazorBuy Approve/ Reject Create Requisition Target Chain Approvals Create PO PO Supplements – POHT, POIT, PODT PO Changes – POLA PO Cancelations ILOG PAYD, PAYQ DRPO / QRPO Payment – Check, ACH, Wire transfers, Payment Plus UPS Use tax/Excess sales tax calc Prorated across AP line Encumber Funds Encumber Funds RazorBuy/BASIS Expensing/ AP Liability/Use Tax Liability/Excess Sales Tax AR/ Relieve Encumbrance Check Accounting /Relieve AP Liability DART

  12. Flow Chart of Receiving, Invoicing, Payment All payments are made to vendor using vendor terms. If the vendor offers discounts, the system determines if criteria has been met to take it. No payment is issued to a vendor if it exceeds the PO Maximum (PO amount plus tolerance), without dept. supplementing the PO to increase . All invoices scanned for retrieval from BASIS application. If taxable item and no tax on invoice, system calculates appropriate use tax and distributes accordingly.