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Facebook Databases

Facebook Databases

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Facebook Databases

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  1. Facebook Databases What makes Facebook do what it does? By Gavin Mais

  2. Facebook is a social networking website that operates and owned by Facebook, Inc. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg

  3. Types of Databases Facebook Uses: • Memcached • HipHop for PHP • Haystack • BigPipe • Cassandra • Scribe • Hadoop and Hive • Thrift • Varnish

  4. Memcached • Memcached is a distributed memory caching system which Facebook uses as a caching layer between the web servers and MySQL servers. • Facebook runs thousands of Memcached servers with tens of terabytes of cached data at any one point in time.

  5. HipHop for PHP • PHP which is another term for Hypertext Preprocessor, a scripting language is slow when it comes to codes that runs on a basic server. • HipHop converts PHP into C++ code which then helps for better performance. This allows Facebook to get much more out of its web servers.

  6. Haystack • Haystack is Facebook’s high-performance photo storage/retrieval system. Haystack is an object store, Facebook serves around 1.2 million photos per second.

  7. BigPipe • BigPipe is a dynamic web page serving system Facebook has developed. They use it to serve each web page in sections for the best performance.

  8. Cassandra • Cassandra is a distributed storage system with no single point of failure. Facebook uses it for its inbox search, it is one of the younger ones for the NoSQL movement.

  9. Scribe • Scribe is a flexible logging system that Facebook uses for a large amount of purposes internally. It is made for handling logging at a large scale for Facebook.

  10. Hadoop and Hive • Hadoop is an open source map- reduce execution that makes it possible to do calculations on a massive amount of data. Facebook uses this for data analysis. • Hive came from within Facebook which makes it possible to use SQL queries against Hadoop.

  11. Thrift • Thrift is an internally developed cross-language framework that ties all different languages together making them able to talk to each other. For example PHP, Erlang, Java and C++.

  12. Varnish • Varnish is an HTTP accelerator which acts as a load balancer and also a cache content which can then be served fast. Facebook uses it to serve photos and profile pictures, handling billions of requests everyday.

  13. Data Center Database

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