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Types of Raw Hair Used for Extensions PowerPoint Presentation
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Types of Raw Hair Used for Extensions

Types of Raw Hair Used for Extensions

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Types of Raw Hair Used for Extensions

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  1. Lifestyle is now an integral part of every Human’s life. Being an important feature it defines about the person what they are and what position do they hold in the society. So with this one always take the activity of dressing up themselves better than before however above all your hair plays one of the most important role of all. With difficulties faced by women globally for attaining longer and more voluminous locks they look out to purchase hair extensions that would help they solve their hair problems. However before a step is taken to purchase it one needs to know what are the kind/types of hair used for extension making. There are basically two important types of hair used for extension making. One is Human Hair and the other one is Synthetic Hair. These two hair are different from each other in terms of looks, feel as well as characteristics. About Human Hair Naturally grown human hair are those that have come directly from the donor’s hair. These hair have the following characteristics. 1.Natural Feel – Human Hair are obtained from natural hair from the donor. Hence you get the natural feel if it once your hold it as well as when you wear it on your head. 2.Greater Texture – Human hair has more styling versatility. You can customize it by changing it’s colour, straightening it as well as heating (to be done cautiously) it. They have a better variety of texture that can be matched to give a natural look. 3.Product period – Natural Human Hair have a greater product period meaning if maintained properly they can last for 12 months or a little longer.

  2. About Synthetic Hair Synthetic hair as from the name comes derives that the hair is made from plastic materials especially Nylon. These hair extensions may look alike the human hair but have a different characteristics over all. 1.Plastic Feel– As from the name they are made artificially. Synthetically through nylon that has a low quality fiber that tends to be less realistic in texture even though it may be more shinier. 2.Uncustomizable– Customizing synthetic hair extensions is almost not possible as it may tend to damage the product and cause the texture or the quality of it to grade away. One also would find it difficult to colour the product if they need to do it in due course of time. 3.Affordable– Synthetic Hair are cheap. One can purchase this product easily without the need to spending too much. As per the texture and the grade the price of such products are quite less.

  3. So what are the pros and cons of these two products? There are several pros and cons of Human Hair as given below. Advantage Human Hair is Customizable. You can colour the hair of any which you want with the help of a professional hair stylist. The grade of human hair is much better than that of synthetic hair and that it comes a variety of it from Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian, Chinese, etc. With the grade the product have a better longevity and with proper care as well as maintenance it can last for upto 12 months or a little more. Disadvantage Products are not budget friendly. It is expensive as they are harvested directly from human hair. With the cost high, the maintenance cost is also high. Despite being natural it needs to be washed and re-styled frequently. With exposed to the sunlight for a longer period of time, the product can face colour being faded away which is not good. Pros and Cons of Synthetic Hair are as follows:- Advantage These products are consistent. Meaning they hold their style irrespective of the weather The maintenance cost for synthetic hair is low thus one does not need to wash it and be re-styled frequently. They are budget friendly. Cheap and can be bought under your cost. Disadvantage They are not of high texture, their grade quality is low and thus you can avail a low variety of it. Though the maintenance cost is low, you cannot customize it the way you want. Restyling, dying is not possible. Though it cost less than natural hair it doesn’t sustain more than 4-5 months. Western Traders has been acknowledged as one of the leading hair extension in Eastern India. We have been catering our products and services to deliver the needs of our clients as well as customer in the field of hair style and hair fashion. Hair Extensions has been one of the most important part in personal fashion and thus we ensure that the best quality of hair products as well as hair extensions are made so that prices are reasonable for you to purchase. We deal in both types of hair i.e natural hair as well as synthetic hair and we make sure that the quality of both these products are of standard to high grade. So that they may be of use to you for a longer period of time. We know that consumers are price sensitive when it comes in terms of purchasing hair extensions, thus together with the quality of the hair prices of the products are of reasonable and affordable at your budget. If you have more queries and want to know more about our products and services then reaching us is simple by sending us an E-Mail at and we would revert back to you as soon as possible.