10 most dangerous tourist destinations n.
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10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

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10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

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  1. 10 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

  2. 10. Peru We start our list off with the South American country known for one of the most beautiful attractions in the world; Machu Picchu. Peru’s most popular tourist attraction is also one of the only parts of the country that is actually safe.

  3. 9. Bangkok, Thailand Thailand itself is somewhat of a volatile place these days, given the ongoing political situation that has been rocking the country for the past year. With that said however, political and social strife aside, Bangkok can either be an amazing party or a complete nightmare.

  4. 8. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Don't misread this as "Rio is a death trap", because it is not. The city used to be a complete hazard across the board, but police presence and police competence have both increased vastly since the 1990's and early 2000's.

  5. 7. Israel Israel is one of those travel destinations that can actually change a person's life. The culture along with the history, both recent and ancient, are known to be among the most popular in the world.

  6. 6. Bogota, Colombia Admittedly, Colombia's capital has become much safer in recent years, as have most of the places on this list. Political leaders, as well as police leadership have taken steps to foster tourist friendly environments given the amounts of money available to local economies.

  7. 5. Mumbai, India Most tourists who visit India, and Mumbai in particular, face obvious threats of a developing country; pick pockets are a threat, and possessions should not be left unattended. Don't get us wrong, there is plenty to do and see in Mumbai and millions do so every year, with few incidents, but practice caution.

  8. 4. Haiti and the Dominican Republic This is actually a great way to ensure a safe trip to an exotic locale, but everybody knows the best travel experiences can come from exploring a new area.

  9. 3. Kingston, Jamaica If you're looking for Bob Marley music, some "herbal medicine" and a relaxing time, Jamaica is a decent choice, but outside of resorts, it can be a dangerous place.

  10. 2. Cape Town, South Africa With over 60 murders per 100,000 inhabitants, Cape Town is one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Because of South Africa's beautiful landscape, it is also a popular tourist destination.

  11. 1. Acapulco, Mexico It is hard to say whether Acapulco (along with a few cities in Mexico) can still be considered a tourist attraction given the high rates of everything bad that exist in the country today. While it was once one of the most prosperous parts of Mexico, Acapulco has earned itself a nasty reputation as a place in which locals and visitors alike are under constant threat.