component one section b investigating media industries and audiences n.
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Component One: Section B Investigating Media Industries and Audiences PowerPoint Presentation
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Component One: Section B Investigating Media Industries and Audiences

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Component One: Section B Investigating Media Industries and Audiences

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Component One: Section B Investigating Media Industries and Audiences

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  1. Component One: Section B Investigating Media Industries and Audiences Assassins Creed 3: Liberation Summary of Textbook p.115-119

  2. Key Terms and Definitions: PEGI: pan-European game information is an age rating system to help parents make informed decisions when purchasing computer games for their children MMORPG: massively multi-playing online role play game Persistent Worlds: a feature of mmorpg meaning the games world carries on even when the gamer is not apart of it CRPG: computer role playing game Augmented Reality: computer generated content that is overlaid in the real world Avatar: a players character in the game PlayStation Vita: a hand held system created by Sony Ubisoft: third largest independent game publisher in Europe, based in France Transgressive Behavior: behavior that goes beyond the norms of society

  3. Historical Context of Video Games Industry Popular Consoles: PlayStation 4 Xbox 1 Wii Overview: Relatively new compared to other forms of media, recently seen massive growth with profits rivalling large films, games can be played on a variety of different consoles. Games are now taken seriously in the media industry with some demanding much more of the user than other forms of media

  4. Regulation of the Video Games Industry Overview: Regulation of games is a sensitive issue, children much younger than the recommended age have access to these games alongside the wider media blaming violent video games for violence outside these games lead to controversy. Until 2012 the BBFC and PEGI were responsible for rating games, now the VSC control this. The PEGI system of age rating is used as a guideline for parents to access the suitability of these games for their children.

  5. Regulation of the Video Games Industry Why is regulation necessary? Regulation is necessary as some content In video games can be violent, have Sexual content, drugs etc. Some of this content May not be suitable for younger children What is PEGI? The Pan-European game information age rating system is a system used in Europe to help parents make informed decisions when buying games for their children

  6. What’s the Audience Appeal of Video Games? • They give the user an experience not available in both the real world or other forms of media • Have persistent worlds which helps with immersion • Role playing games also encourage team work to reach a common goal • Often games use some kind of level system in which tasks will get progressively harder throughout the game with an increasingly more rewarding experience. • MMORPG’s allow gamers to represent themselves through avatars.

  7. Set Product: Assassins Creed 3: Liberation Production, Distribution and Circulation: Part of the popular assassins creed franchise developed by Ubisoft, the game follows Aveline; a women from New Orleans before and during the American revolution. The marketing campaign used trailers and gameplay demos and YouTube videos. The game also included content such as a tomahawk belonging to Connor and other special content/gameplay experiences

  8. Set Product: Assassins Creed 3: Liberation Economic Context Summary: The PS vita was released to compete with the Nintendo 3DS, the game was originally released on the PS vita exclusively though was eventually ported to Xbox 360 and PS3 to expand audience reach and therefore profit.

  9. Set Product: Assassins Creed 3: Liberation Watch the trailer How important is the trailer in the marketing of the game? The trailer is an essential part of a games marketing plan, players use the trailer to decide whether they like the look of the game, the trailer shows gameplay and uses enigmatic techniques to give hints to the storyline. Trailers can help to increase pre-order sales.

  10. Set Product: Assassins Creed 3: Liberation What is the Unique Selling Point of the PS Vita?: the PS vita is portable Who is the Target Audience?: people who are “on the go” Why do you think the creators of the game included the (female/mixed race) character of Aveline de Grandpre? The developers were criticized for adhering to outdated stereotypes

  11. Set Product: Assassins Creed 3: Liberation Social and Cultural Context: What issues are subject to debate in the gaming industry and why? The fact that most lead characters in games tend to be male, as more females began to play games the underrepresentation of females came into question.

  12. Set Product: Assassins Creed 3: Liberation Study the following gameplay: Key Question: Do you think that Aveline is a positive role model for female game players? Yes I think Aveline is a positive role model, in this gameplay she is capable, strong and is shown to be fighting for a good cause.

  13. Key Theory: Bandura – Media Effects What does Bandura suggest in his idea? (3 key points) Banduras social learning theory suggests that behavior is learnt through observation, meaning through observation of media the audience acquires attitudes and beliefs. This means behavior such as violence can be imitated by more impressionable people such as children.

  14. Key Theory: Bandura – Media Effects Key Question: Do you agree with his theory? Can playing violent video games lead audiences to imitating them in real life? I agree with Banduras theory but I don’t agree with the statement, bandura devised this theory based on an experiment carried out on children between 3-6 years old, this involved an adult acting aggressively or non aggressively on a bobo doll, the children were then given the same doll to see how they acted toward the doll. video games are primarily played by teenagers, most teenagers are less impressionable than 3-6 year old's and have an understanding of right or wrong meaning the actions of toddlers cant be generalised to the entire population.