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Whitehead Performance – Where Niche is our Specialty PowerPoint Presentation
Whitehead Performance – Where Niche is our Specialty

Whitehead Performance – Where Niche is our Specialty

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  1. Whitehead Performance – Where Niche Is Our Specialty These days it is hard to find the perfect supplier for niche automotive parts, repairs and overall car maintenance. G35 Performance Parts uses only the best parts and leads the pack when it comes to Nissan Datsun Z cars. For a specialized automotive provider, 350Z Performance parts has an impressive collection and inventory or parts- and provides top notch service on a selection of cars. As one of the most well known in Ontario as well as the GTA, G35 Performance Parts focus on not only the basics such as regular maintenance, but on restoration and performance enhancement. Collectively supporting their clientele for over 40 years, there is nothing they cannot do for their customers. Although they specialize in Datsun Nissan Z cars, they also maintain a large stock of performance parts from other cars that can be somewhat universal within the Nissan and or Infiniti makes.

  2. G35 Performance Parts carry a diverse amount of performance parts for any modification that is desired. They are an authorized Stillen Dealer and Installer, Fast Intensions Dealer, Motordyne Dealer, and Armytrix Dealer to name a few. They do not limit themselves strictly to Nissan Datsun vehicles, instead they also have an abundance of knowledge and skills in working on vehicles such as Infiniti made cars which include but are not limited to models such as the G35 and the Q50. Whether it’s a new or and older made Infiniti or Nissan, the professionals at G37 Performance Parts are well- versed in all aspects of repair, maintenance and of course performance. Visit the website at www.whiteheadperformance.com where you can shop on the electronic e-store for current available inventory, or visit them to get your car improved by the best in the business. With great customer service, you will be back for all your automotive Nissan and Infiniti needs. Our Location Whitehead Performance 134 Rivalda Road North York, ON M9M 2M8 Canada 416-665-2220