welcome to wifichai the fastest and easiest n.
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Buy Online Tea

Buy Online Tea

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Buy Online Tea

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  1. Welcome to WifiChai The fastest and Easiest option, To Book Chai Online

  2. About Wifichai  The WifiChai is a new concept operated out of state-of –the-art technology and based on a mobile app platform. We broadened our focus to include online services of providing you the best Cuppa of Chai in a full line of traditional, specialty blend, and herbal offerings directly from fine Tea outlets and assist you in going through an online order catalogue. At WifiChai we lead with a sentient and sensible assurance to deliver Education institutes, Corporate, Organizations and various industries an innovative experience in the field of hot beverages namely the Chai. We strive to deliver authenticity, provide India’s best flavour and aromatic cuppa of tea and living it consistently through our unique approach of maximizing customer satisfaction.

  3. OU OUR R OB OBJE JEC CTIVES TIVES  The key objective of WIFICHAI is to set exceptional Tea experience across the country using the latest technologies & high-end app based program, supported by highly qualified and richly experienced personnel of the trade and our local tea associates. We aim to primarily focus on the modern virtual service mechanism ensuring our client attains the optimum service without risking them to long waiting hours and undependable services and compromised beverage quality. We aim to prepare each of the local tea vendors for the challenge of timely service and represent the organization as our ultimate brand ambassador.

  4. Contact Us  Email:  Website:  Address: Gujurat, India Click Here