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Healing Through Awareness and Recall PowerPoint Presentation
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Healing Through Awareness and Recall

Healing Through Awareness and Recall

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Healing Through Awareness and Recall

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  1. Recall Healing Identifying and resolving the emotional trauma behind conditions, an important step within the healing processAcademy CIM in Dallas, TX June 2014 Healing Through Awareness and Recall Gilbert Renaud, N.D., Ph.D.

  2. Recall Healing In Recall Healing a person is asked the right question(s) to cause a buried emotion and an associated belief or decision to come into awareness enough to be resolved, which often results in the resolution of an associated physical or psychological illness. The creation of Recall Healing was inspired by the work of Karl G. Jung, Ryke Geerd Hamer, Claude Sabbah, Bertrand Lemieux and many others, including myself Gilbert Renaud. As we continue to learn and discover, this body of knowledge will continue to grow. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  3. Disclaimer In Recall Healing, the facilitator works on the emotional and/or psychological trauma behind conditions and behaviors. The Recall Healing facilitator does not make any diagnosis and never interferes with any medical protocol. The client remains at all time under the care of his Professional Health Care Practitioner. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  4. Objectives • To bring to the attendees an understanding of the magnitude of hidden emotions and associated decisions upon the disease process. • To share a quick synthesis of the process of how to identify the “psychological/emotional trauma” using the Life Time Line, the Project//Purpose and the Family Tree. • To demonstrate how helping a challenged client become aware of their hidden emotions and decisions can optimize & support healing not otherwise expected; in combination with a “Letting Go Process”! - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  5. Overview • What is Recall Healing? • A process of awareness: understanding “why” I am ill. • Ways We Get Sick • Pyramid of Health • Disease Development • Sudden Emotional Shock • Healing Process • Discovering the Conflict • Resolving the Conflict • Facilitating Healing - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  6. Recall Healing • Emotional conflict – if overwhelming and unresolved: can trigger disease • Recall healing: identifies the emotional conflict and initiates a healing response • Disease is not the enemy • Brain’s perceived best solution at that moment to keep the person alive as long as possible. • RykeGeerdHamer – German New Medicine • 1979 to Present • Thousand of cases • Claude Sabbah – Total Biology • 1968 to Present • Thousand of cases (practitioners) - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  7. Awareness • Contributes to Healing • Putting Awareness into Action = Wisdom • It’s not what we are aware of that counts; it’s what we do with our awareness. • And then: “Letting go!” Name it, Claim it and Dump it! Awareness is the “camera” in “Dr Quantum, The double slit experiment”. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  8. Karl G. Jung: In order to heal,Three (3) recommendations • 1st: Identifying and resolving the emotional trauma that has initiated the condition (or behavior). • 2nd: Taking the appropriate action. • 3rd: Perseverance & determination. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  9. 1st: Identification & resolution of the trauma behind condition • This is where Recall Healing works. • We use a system to help the client to become aware of the conflicting situation that has brought the condition as a survival response from the brain. • This is the goal of this presentation. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  10. 2nd: The appropriate action • For the Recall Healing facilitator: the client remains at all time under the supervision of his “Health Care Professional” who makes the diagnosis, who monitors the evolution of the situation, who recommends the right medical protocol, treatments, etc. • Here we include: Diet (appropriate food), exercises (tonifying exercises, yoga, tai chi, breathing, etc), complementary therapies, meditation, etc… - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  11. 3rd: Perseverance • To Keep going with the right action & protocol: • Most people have an illness as the result of years of life patterns. Quite often they expect to be healed by their therapist. They wish to heal after one session, one week of therapy, etc… • It is with the transformation of our perception and the way we live & experience life that we can improve our physical condition → with perseverance & determination. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  12. Karl Jung “What does not come back to our awareness, comes back as a destiny.” - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  13. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  14. :Mind & Consciousness Explanation: Each level Dr Hamer’s The Bus The Child - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  15. 3 Levels of the Rocket (Pyramid) • top Level: The Psyche/The mind/consciousness • Mind, Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs, Religion, Education, Conditioning, etc. • The Mind: resolves the daily life problems with the resources that have been recorded (Life Story, P//P, Family Clan). • Middle Level: The automatic brain • Our brain is the control tower of the body. Each part of the body is run by a corresponding part of the brain including the brain itself, which runs itself. Its function is to keep us alive for the following instant. It is like a very powerful computer and it is programmed exclusively in terms of biological survival. • Lower Level: The physical body • We are an agglomeration of about 70 to 80 thousand billion specialized cells, each working for the benefit of the whole. For instance, the cells of the digestive system digest food and feed themselves with the resulting nutrients but also feed all the other cells of the body. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  16. When the nerve is involved… • This means: • It precedes the action • The action did not happen yet • Pathologies which involve the nerves are based on: • Anticipation • Apprehension • Fear • ………………of what is going to happen……………………. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  17. When the organ/muscle is involved… • This means: • The action is happening now • The action has happened • Pathologies which involve organs/muscles are based on: • Remorse • Regrets • Shame • …..for what I am doing or for what I have done….. • …..for what is/was done to me and/or to someone I care for… - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  18. Examples Example 1: the mother who worries for her child EXAMPLE 2: A MAN WHO CARES FOR HIS DYING FRIEND. example 3: The Victim Of An Insult Example 4: woman almost blind because of a stenosis of the optical nerve (m & p) • Conclusion: • For the brain, disease is a way to cope with the reality of life, it is an adaptation. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  19. Quote from Dr Sabbah • In the world of creatures - human, animal, plant, mineral, etc. - everything is programmed in a survival mode. • So every biological modification (disease, health, etc.) has a great meaning. Claude Sabbah • We may be embarrassed because of a disease, but: • for nature, this is (at the first moment of the disease) a winning program (a gain for survival). • Disease is not a fault but an adaptation (it belongs to the therapist to demonstrate and prove it to the client). - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  20. WAYS WE GET SICK • When the daily life conflicts arise, we are “machines” to elaborate solutions. Sometimes we fail to apply a solution. • A conflict becomes biological (disease in the body) in two possible situations: • 1. Through sudden, enormous shock, trauma or stress • 2. A continuous, ongoing high psychological stress - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  21. For the autonomic brain: As If = It Is • Death by inadvertence • Death by exhaustion - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  22. Hamer’s Major Discoveries • Two phases of diseases • Dirk Hamer Syndrome (DHS) – Emotional Conflict • DHS Causes Specific Predictable Hamer Brain Focus • Hamer Brain Focus Immediately Manifests as a Specific Predictable Disease • Examples • Dr. Hamer – Testicular Cancer • Bronchial Lung Cancer: • Superman’s wife • Yoga teacher - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  23. DHSDirk Hamer Syndrome (Deep High Stress) • DHS is a highly, acute-dramatic psychobiological condition of intensive stress [sympathicotonia], where releasing action and verbalization (deep negative feeling) are inhibited. • The Shock is: • Dramatic (devastated & overwhelmed: we can’t take any action). It can be an intensive shock or a repetitive stress that occurs over a long period of time. • Unexpected (mostly), we are surprised and defenceless. • Isolating experience: we wish to talk about it but we are in fear, nobody is reliable, e.g. we can’t talk about it at the moment of the shock. • In an obsessive state of mind: day and night, 24/7, non-stop, the conflict spins in our mind, we look for an issue and there is any. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  24. Hamer Focus (Herd) • See the following examples - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  25. Brain Focus For Larynx Cancer - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  26. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  27. 60 y/o woman – Larynx Cancer • Heavy smoker since 15 y/o. • She was promised cancer one day… • So when the diagnosis came she concluded about smoking & everybody around her agreed. • Recommended treatment: radiation. • Conflict behind “larynx cancer”: feminine fear. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  28. Her quick story for Larynx • Daughter’s baby: August 2007 • Girl’s friend’s baby: August 2007 • Both Grandmothers took care of their grand-daughters since both mothers went back to work in November 2007 (Nurses in Montreal, Qc, Canada). • February 2008: the other baby died from “crib’s death baby” while the Grandmother took care of her. • My client is told: “Yes, this can happen until your grandchild is 1 y/o”. So for the next 6 months, she is scared to death. • August 2008: “Happy 1st Anniversary”. The stress level goes down. Larynx cancer appears as a recovery phase from these 6 months of intensive stress. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  29. 48 y/o man: Glioblastoma,area of the larynx • Therapy work with his psychologist. • Uncovered trauma with father when young. • Day after: diagnosed with brain tumor. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  30. Felt Experience: the deep feeling • Each person experiences an event depending upon their previous programming • Example: Man walks in on wife in bed with another man • Here are some possibilities: • Macho, Loss of Territory • Heart Attack • Guilty & Devaluation • Depression • “I can’t mark my territory” • Bladder • “What will people say about me in my family?”, such being a fool… • Bronchial • “I should never have returned/Feeling like crap & I thought I was #1” • Multiple Sclerosis • “I will never forgive her”/ “It was like walking in a shitty situation” • Colon • “Feeling hurt and soiled in my Integrity” • Melanoma • Solution: “You too darling?” - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  31. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  32. Diagnosis/Prognosis Conflict • Often when a person receives a bad diagnosis or prognosis a new emotional conflict can develop. • It is said that the conflict of the diagnosis it the worse conflict at the surface of the planet; it is responsible for 90% of the diseases and 99% of aggravation. • Example: • Chinese woman with double breast cancer. • Multiple Sclerosis. • Colon Cancer metastasizes to lung. • Breast Cancer : the fear to get it, to be a statistic. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  33. Recall Healing Tools The primary objective of Recall Healing is to expose hidden emotions that negatively affect a person, often leading to disease, and then to resolve these emotions. We have discovered a number of tools which help us to know where to look. These include: • Specific Emotion/Disease Relationship • Project//Purpose or Programmed Purpose • Repetitive Life Cycles • Generational Syndrome Fundamental to each listed tool is finding the emotional event(s) that predisposes to a disease - much like digging for gold in a large uncharted territory. The above listed tools help predict where to dig first for causative emotional event(s). - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  34. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  35. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  36. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  37. :Mind & Consciousness Explanation: Each level Dr Hamer’s The Bus The Child - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  38. Dr. Mark Frechet’s 1st Biological Principle “The psychological and emotional overwhelming conflicts of the parents become the biological conflicts of the child.” Dear Parents: No guilt, no blame, no victim - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  39. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  40. TimeOctober2010 - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  41. Child with “incurable” eczema • For a year the parents have gone through the Canadian medical system which is mostly free and then they have spent $20,000 in various alternative medical modalities: nothing worked. • They met Carolyn Dean MD who just attended a Recall Healing workshop. Dr Dean made the parents talk about what happened during the Project//Purpose. • A disagreement between Dad and Mom about finance which created a sense of “feeling separated” for the mother. • Five days after the session with Dr Dean... - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  42. With permission of the mother - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  43. Repetitive Life Cycles Definition The inherent tendency of an individual to repetitively experience similar events that cause similar emotions and decisions throughout their life at predictable intervals. Here is the story of Marc Frechet Cycle of Autonomy Cycle divided by 2 - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  44. The 60 y/o Japanese woman • Chronic lower back pain since 58 ½ y/o • The lower back is mainly “connected to”: financial worries, worries for children, feeling the pillar, sexual performance. All the conflicts have a connection with “feeling not supported by the mother (when young)”. • 4 y/o 8 y/o 18 y/o 58 ½ y/o 60 y/o • ______|_______|____________|_________________|____|_ • Question? • What did happen on the golf court? • She played with 3 other women who were jealous of her which had awaken the memory of her childhood. • The lower back pain went away within minutes upon “verbalization and awareness”. Apparently hurt her lower back while playing golf at 58 Leaving the father. Back to Japan, living with Grandmother The mother died. She is raised by Grandmother until 18 y/o While living with Grandma: gossips and jealousy from relatives. Lacking the support of the mother. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  45. Cycle of autonomy Marc Frechet Questions and Answers - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  46. Cycle of AutonomySome other examples • 1. The woman psycho-analyst with depression • 2. The dancer with breast cancer • 3. The air pilot with lung (pleura) mesothelioma - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  47. Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia • “I fail to protect the people I love...within my clan” Story 18y6m 21y1m 42y2m ⇧ 84y4m 86y11m _______|___|____________|___________|___|________|____ his brother Forced Chinese Culture Shock Wife is missing * Final got married to leave home Revolution with Family for 3 hours ⇓ ⇓ “He is sent to be reformed” SAME ⇒ Can’t protect my family - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  48. The study of the Family Tree: research for the Invisible Family Loyalties According to research, the Family Tree Syndrome is the predictable emotional/illness pattern in the conception order matrix (magic square) in each preceding generation for at least three generations. Conception Order Matrix - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  49. - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.

  50. Boy: Raped & beaten by teacher at 14 y/o Boy: Born healthy, develops Osteosarcoma above right ankle at 14 y/o - Gilbert Renaud, Ph.D.