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Rewarding Employees: Creating a Positive Work Environment PowerPoint Presentation
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Rewarding Employees: Creating a Positive Work Environment

Rewarding Employees: Creating a Positive Work Environment

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Rewarding Employees: Creating a Positive Work Environment

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  1. Rewarding Employees:Creating a Positive Work Environment Christine Pantoja-Young, MA, CMCP Mesa police communications

  2. In the next 50 minutes, attendees will be able to state: reasons we fail to recognize employees reasons to recognize employees How to recognize employees effectively

  3. Exercise • Write down as many words you can think of which would be used to recognize an employee such as “Good Job” • Go down the list and see how many times you have used those terms to recognize someone in the last 2 weeks. • Score: • 0-3 Poor • 3-7 Good • 7 + Great

  4. Reasons We Fail • Too busy • Not paying attention • The belief that pay is enough • Don’t know how • They didn’t get praise and don’t think its necessary • Don’t want to seem phony • Personality

  5. Reasons Why We Fail

  6. Why take the time?

  7. I have no budget? How can I do this? The number one choice for recognition is sincere praise given in a timely manner with specific examples.

  8. Recognition Steps

  9. Daily Recognition

  10. Pitfalls • •Popularity Contest • •Forgetting Average Employees • •Acknowledging a group but not the individual • •Over-praising • False enthusiasm

  11. Ideas • Training class or a conference like APCO/NENA • Post a thank you note on an employee’s console. • Wash the employee’s car in the parking lot during the lunch hour. • Create and post an “Employee Honor Roll” in the break room for the highest stats. • Acknowledge individual achievements by using employee’s name when preparing a status report • Make a photo collage about a successful project that shows the people that worked on it, its stage of development and its completion and presentation. • Make a thank-you card by hand.

  12. Ideas • Cover the person’s console with balloons. • Inscribe a favorite book as a gift. • Establish a place to display memos, posters, photos and so on, recognizing progress towards goals and thanking individual employees for their help. • Establish a “Behind the Scenes” award specifically for those whose actions are not usually in the limelight. • Nominate the employee for an APCO or NENA formal award • Give special assignments to people who show initiative.

  13. Ideas • At a monthly staff meeting, award an Employee of the Month and have everyone at the meeting stand up and say why that person is deserving of the award. • If your team is under pressure, bring a bag of marbles to work and take a break to have a contest – a sure stress reliever. • Serve ice cream sundaes to all of your employees—for instance if they meet ringtimes. • Give employees an extra long lunch break. • Have staff vote for top manager, supervisor, employee and rookie of the year.

  14. Questions? Christine Pantoja-Young 480.644.2238