chinese kung fu qigong n.
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chinese kungfu

chinese kungfu

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chinese kungfu

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  1. Chinese Kung Fu-Qigong

  2. Chinese Kung Fu-Qigong • Chinese is not just well-known for the cultural heritage and its contribution to the world civilization but also in some small things but has a big impact in influencing people’s life. Simply, by this, we are now cherishing the value and importance of it. Similarly, we still adopt and practice it as part of our lifestyle and living. Like Martial arts, as form of sports for some, or a defence for others had has made the Chinese people know of. And, Kung Fu as one of the forms was diversified from region to region reaching countries around the world. • Kung Fu goes in different ways. It may be by using different parts of the body, using feet coordinated with palm, and the others. In addition, they incorporate various techniques and use equipments and gears to add challenge and distinctions. Thus, it requires discipline and passion to master it because it is not that just simply. By reason of these variations from region to region, there are also names associated with it such as Qigong as one of the forms of Chinese Kung Fu. • Qigong is not just important as a Chinese heritage but also important as a part of their medicine. Because Qigong is a type of breathing exercise, it has been practiced by Chinese for a long period of time. In fact, Qigong means breath or air, more importantly, body physiology. The experts of Qing gong call Qing gong the practice of life. Qi refers to man’s universal life force and gong is to Kung Fu. In short term, Qigong is a symbol of a healthy lifestyle, a training of body meditation. • About 3000 years ago in Zhou Dynasty, Qi gong is inscribed in bronze slates in Jinwen text and the oldest record book of Qigong which was written by Master Lu 250 B.C. In medicine, Qigong treats diseases by strengthening the person’s body constitution and resistance. For which it is proven to treat chronic diseases or reduce its severity. And for healthy people who practice Qoging, they are benefited with healthy and athletic body type. Also, before the time, Qigong was believed to prolong one’s life or a key to immortality. • There are four main postures in Qigong exercises, namely: lying, sitting, standing and walking. The main goal of Qigong is to obtain tranquillity and peace of mind of the body. Then you will attain body respiratory regulation and smoothens the flow of blood. In modern time, Qigong was experimented upon and believed to help the brain achieve relaxation. It also improves the functioning of the heart. Therefore, it is a method that helps the brain rest and makes it perform better. Which in a way, strengthens body metabolism and helps fight chronic diseases which prolongs life. • Those are just some of the representations serve as the benefits of practicing Qigong. It also helps achieve a strong cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. But otherwise, one can’t attain anything without hard work and diligence. Generally, Qigong is a form of Kung Fu promoting wellness and healthy way of Martial arts(