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Wholefood Planet

Wholefood Planet. Karen Anderson 28 th June 2005 Social Firms UK Annual Conference 2005. Social Firms UK license opportunity Based on Daily Bread Co-operative Ltd. Agenda. Introduction to Wholefood Planet Inspiration – why Daily Bread Facts & Figures Market Research

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Wholefood Planet

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  1. Wholefood Planet Karen Anderson 28th June 2005 Social Firms UK Annual Conference 2005 Social Firms UK license opportunity Based on Daily Bread Co-operative Ltd

  2. Agenda • Introduction to Wholefood Planet • Inspiration – why Daily Bread • Facts & Figures • Market Research • Wholefood Planet License

  3. Introduction • Social Firms • wholefood retail warehouse businesses • selling to individuals and trade • pre-packed merchandise and packed-down food products • all business activities – warehousing, selling, packing and office functions – occur on a single site Wholefood The strict definition of wholefood is a product that has nothing added or taken away, and that has undergone the minimum of processing, being as close to its natural state as possible. However, the term is also commonly used to indicate a particular type of lifestyle in which wholefoods would be incorporated, along with a variety of other products.

  4. Inspiration – why Daily Bread? • Social Firm • Supportive environment • Wholefood • Flat structure • Recycling • Support local and organic producers • Ethical trading practices • Community education

  5. Hard Facts • 50% workers require support • Profitable trading business for thirteen years • 2003/2004 Turnover £850,000 • Donations to other organisations since 2000 >£15,000

  6. Turnover to Cost of Sales

  7. Average Worker Contribution to Turnover

  8. Annual Average Workers Employed

  9. Wholefood Planet A Wholefood Planet: • is a Social Firm; • pays a fair wage to all staff; • provides quality healthy wholefood at reasonable prices; • maintains fair-trade and environmentally friendly principles; • sells local and organic produce; • sells a broad range of restricted diet products.

  10. Market Opportunity The Wholefood Planet license offers the opportunity to start a wholefood retailing Social Firm based on tried and tested systems, exploiting a number of positive trends in the UK including: • an increasing awareness of healthy eating; • the rising popularity of specialist wholefood stores; • an emergent market for organic food; • a growing awareness and influence on consumer choice of fair-trade and ethical supply issues. In conclusion, the various trends in the market today suggest that Wholefood Planets are well positioned to fill the gap left by larger retailers in their approach to healthy food, and to sell organic and ethically sourced wholefoods to the growing number of people wanting to buy these products.

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  12. Location & Premises • space and access, not city centre retail outlets, warehouse locations • sufficient space to keep all functions in one place. • encourages staff to move outside their comfort zones and learn new skills, ensuring multi-skilling and successful co-operative working. • good number of staff on hand so that customers can ask for information and products easily. • coffee shop/café • storage space is maximised with high racking • high ceilings in the warehouse allows for imaginative, colourful murals that enhance the tranquil, spacious environment. • start-up store 3,000 - 4,000 square feet • large warehouse excess of 8,000 square feet • Ratios retail (30%), warehouse (30%), packing (25%), office, rest room, toilets etc (15%) • customer parking space, delivery vehicles to both park and turn. • Access to main routes

  13. Customers • wide variety of high quality products, including those for restricted diets, while supporting their ethical and moral choices. • Wholefood Planet policy is to price products fairly. • Customers shop at Wholefood Planets because they can buy good quality wholefoods and ethically sourced products at a fair price not because they are the cheapest goods. • Selling products in bulk and in the warehouse environment does allow Wholefood Planets to keep prices down. • Costs are minimised by trading from warehouse premises with low-cost displays and shelving, sourcing products carefully and managing staff costs effectively. • Shoppers are more likely to shop fortnightly, monthly or bimonthly, and to use a motor vehicle when visiting the store.

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