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All About Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint Presentation
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All About Microsoft PowerPoint

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All About Microsoft PowerPoint
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All About Microsoft PowerPoint

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  1. All About Microsoft PowerPoint

  2. Why do we need to know how to use Microsoft PowerPoint?

  3. Font Just like Microsoft Word you can change the font, size of the font, and font color. Click in the text box where you want to insert text. In the first textbox type: All About Me! In the second textbox type: By: Your Name Change the font to Garamond in both textboxes, change the size of the first textbox to 80 and the second textbox to 40. Change the color of both textboxes to blue.

  4. Text Alignment Just like with Microsoft Word you can align the text to the left, center, right, or you can justify the text. Align you title to the left and your name to the right.

  5. Bold, Italicize, & Underline Make your title bold. Italicize your name. Underline the title.

  6. Saving Your Work Remember you must go to File, Save As… the first time you save your work. Click on the Common Drive. Click on COMPUTER LAB. Find your teacher’s name. Save your presentation as: All About (Your Name) For example, All About Miss Boone. Remember to click the save button multiple times while you work incase something happens, so that you will not lose all of your hard work!

  7. Bullet Points/Numbering, Copy/Paste, Undo/Redo Just like Microsoft Word you can add bullet points or numbers to separate your ideas. This will help to organize your work and keep it from looking jumbled together. You can also copy or paste text and you have access to the undo/redo buttons.

  8. Creating New Slides/Layouts Click Insert Click New Slides You can change the layout of the slide based on the information that you will be putting on the slide

  9. Adding Background Colors Click Format Click Background Click on the drop down menu You can select more colors or fill effects if you do not see the color that you want to use

  10. Consistency Be sure to keep the background and text consistent throughout your entire presentation. If you try to have too many colors and differences on each slide then it becomes too distracting.

  11. WordArt You can use WordArt to make your titles stand out. Click on the “A” at the bottom of the screen and select a font style.

  12. Inserting a Picture/Clip Art Just like with Microsoft Word you can insert pictures and clip art into your presentation.

  13. Transitions/ Animations Transitions allow you to be creative and have your slides show up in different ways. You can add sound to your transitions. Animations allow you to make your text and pictures show up in different ways. Click Slide Show and then Transitions. Click Slide Show and then Animations. Save the transitions and animations for the last thing that you do!

  14. View Slide Show Click Slide Show. Click View Show. Always view your presentation before presenting it to check over your work and see what you need to change!

  15. Your Assignment You will create a PowerPoint Presentation about yourself. Slide 1: Title Slide- All About Me Slide 2: Age & Birthday Slide 3: Family (Who do you live with? How many brothers and sisters do you have? What kind of pets do you have?) Slide 4: Interesting facts about you (What do you like to do?) Slide 5: What do you hope to learn this year in your classroom and in the computer lab?