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Professional Development for Student Teachers PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Development for Student Teachers

Professional Development for Student Teachers

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Professional Development for Student Teachers

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  1. Professional Development for Student Teachers Lamarita N. Vicenti, M.A., GCDF College of Education and Human Development Career Counselor University Career Center

  2. Objectives • Overview of University Career Center services • RowdyJobs • Finding your teaching jobs • Your Tool Kit • Resume writing • Reference page • Portfolio • How to Navigate a Career Fair • Plan B • Polishing your Interview Skills

  3. Overview of University Career Center Individual career advising and career planning Resume and cover letter assistance Interview preparation (mock interviews/perfect interview) Setting effective job search strategies and networking On-line job and event listings through RowdyJobs Career fairs and various career-related workshops Career assessments

  4. Finding Your Teaching Job: Some questions to consider: • What kinds of schools would you consider (public, private, charter, urban, alternative, etc.)? • What are your strengths? • What are the areas for growth? • How far are you willing to travel? Relocate? • What is your philosophy of education and what is a good fit?

  5. Your Toolkit! • Resume • Cover Letter • Applications • References ( b/t 4-5) • Recommendation Letters (at least 3) • Portfolio? • Career Center support • Network: family, friends, friends of friends, associates, instructors, colleagues, teachers, classmates, etc.

  6. The average interview lasts about one hour. How long is the average resumereviewby an employer? A. 2 – 3 minutes B. 20 seconds or less C. 1 – 2 minutes D. As long as it takes B. 20 seconds or less

  7. General Tips for Resumes: Please do not use “I” on a resume Your resume should not exceed 2 pages Keep it professional: Please use a traditional font size and type Use nice resume paper! Incorporate key words & specialized language Check: Formatting, alignment, punctuation, acronyms, verb tenses Proofread! Use PC/manual spelling and grammar check + have someone else proofread!

  8. Resume Development • What unique qualities / experiences can I bring? • What are recruiters looking for in a resume? • How can I stand out? *Resume Sample*

  9. References: Start cultivating your references early on in your college career! You should have 3-5 good references (can also provide recommendation letters for you) Preferred References: Cooperating Teacher University Supervisor Principal of a school Other teachers/faculty that have seen you teach A parent of a student you have worked with Others that have seen you teach/train

  10. Portfolios What are portfolios? Electronic (LiveText) and Hard Copy versions May include links to lesson plans, reflections, personal web site, video, etc. If included, explain all photos How do you use portfolios to market yourself? Do people read portfolios? Principals/ HR reps. may or may not look at them

  11. Career Fair Layout

  12. How to Navigate a Career Fair: • Be prepared! Career fairs are like screening interviews • Research a few preferred districts if possible • Have a game plan! Plan on visiting a # of districts • Wear professional attire! Suits preferred. • Have a 30 second commercial/elevator pitch for yourself • Learn the art of networking! Career fairs are NOT just about getting a job-get contacts! • Have several copies of polished resume • Practice marketing yourself

  13. SAVE THE DATE Fall 2012 Educator Career Fair Thursday, November 15th, 8:30 – 11:30 UC Ballroom 8:30 am – 9:30 am - Browsing for UTSA Student Teachers and alumni ONLY 9:30 am - 11:30 am - Browsing opens to non-UTSA teachers 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm - INTERVIEWS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY

  14. Plan B Have I created a plan “B”? • Substitute Teaching • After-school programs • Tutoring • Volunteering: non-profits, church, child’s school, PTA/PTO • Attend local, regional, national conferences • Professional Development – Region 20, University, TRC • Look into private/charter schools • Consider Teaching English Abroad • Do I have a NETWORK? Am I staying connected in the field?

  15. SAVE THE DATE Register with theRowdyJobs Friday, October 19th, 5:00pm Upload Resume to RowdyJobs Friday, October 26th , 5:00pm Complete School District Applications Friday, November 9th, 5:00pm

  16. Polishing your Interview Skills • Research, Research, Research! • Invest in a Power Suit! • Practice, Practice, Practice!

  17. Good Luck with Student Teaching!Thank you! Lamarita N. Vicenti, M.A., GCDF Career Counselor III UTSA – University Career Center