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You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat. Presented by:. Sara Campbell. Lauren Ireland. Karen Turgeon. Critical Health Issues with Will Stern Spring 2001 PE313. M&M Analogy. For every M&M that you eat, you would have to walk the bases on a baseball field one time to burn off the calories.

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You Are What You Eat

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  1. You Are What You Eat Presented by: Sara Campbell Lauren Ireland Karen Turgeon Critical Health Issues with Will Stern Spring 2001 PE313

  2. M&M Analogy • For every M&M that you eat, you would have to walk the bases on a baseball field one time to burn off the calories. • That means, if you eat a small bag of M&M’s, then you would have to walk the bases 54 times!

  3. So What About this M&M Stuff? • Are you what you eat? • The food you eat gives you energy, if you don’t use the food you eat…it is stored…too much storage is bad • You should pay attention to the food you put in your body.

  4. Making Sure You Don’t Eat One Too Many M&Ms • Definition of Calories: a unit that expresses the energy-producing value of food • If you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight!

  5. How We’re Gonna Help You? • You will be able to count your calories! • You will know how to eat right at Covenant! • You will know what kind of snacks to hide in your drawers!

  6. You Will be Able to Count Your Calories!

  7. What to Know about Calories • You should know how many calories your body needs daily • From this you can also figure out how much you should intake to lose weight • In counting your calories, you should know how to split up calories at each meal

  8. The Average Calories You Should Eat • An average amount of calories needed per day: • Nonactive girls need 2200 or less • Active girls need about 2800 • Nonactive guys need about 2600 • Active guys need 3800 or more

  9. Want to Know What You Need? • Get out a piece of paper and a pencil…and calculator • We’re gonna tally up your daily caloric intake • Do you know how much carbohydrates, protein, and fat you need? • You can figure that out too, follow along!

  10. First Calculate Your Daily Activity Level • Your Daily Life Apart From Exercise • 0 = very little daily activity (couch potato) • 1 = light activity (office work) • 2 = active, but not strenuous (teacher) • 3 = moderate manual labor (construction) • 4 = strenuous labor (digging ditches) • REMEMBER THIS NUMBER...

  11. Next, Your Exercise Life Activity Level • You will add this number to the number you were to remember: • 0 = no regular exercise • 1 = irregular to light exercise • 2 = occasional moderate exercise • 3 = regular moderate to vigorous exercise • 4 = participation in serious athletic training AND YOUR GRAND TOTAL IS...

  12. Find Your Total Activity Level Number and find the calories per pound your body burns Calories Your Body Burns Per Pound

  13. How Many Calories Should You Intake to Maintain? • Multiply the number of calories per pound your body burns by your weight: • Example: A male with an activity level of 4 burns 17 calories per pound. • If he weighs 170 pounds. Then: 17 x 170 = 2890 calories to maintain current weight

  14. How Many Calories Should You Eat to Loose Weight? • A weekly deficit of 3,500 calories can result in the loss of 1 lb.. • That means cutting back 500 calories a day burns off a pound a week • Pretty, tough, huh? • Try exercising…that will increase the amount of calories you burn!

  15. Counting Carbs • High protein diets, say carbs are bad…they’re NOT • You should eat 23 grams of carbs for every 10 pounds of body weight • The 170 pound guy should eat 390 carbs daily • For those losing weight, don’t eat below • 18 grams of carbs for every 10 pounds

  16. Stack up on Protein • Exercising? Protein is used up more quickly in active bodies • One should average between 4.5 and 9 grams of protein for every 10 pounds of weight • The 170 pound guy should intake around 102 grams of protein

  17. Pile on the Fat • Okay, so don’t really pile it on, but here is what you need… • Add the number of carbs and protein grams already calculated • Multiply this by 4 and Subtract from your total amount of calories • Divide by 9. This is your total fat grams!

  18. So I Need that Much FAT? • The fat grams calculated is the upper end of your daily allowance • One shouldn’t eat less than half the total amount • Beware, if you are consuming not enough fat, your body will learn to store fat, which isn’t good!

  19. Split up Calories at Meals • 35% of Daily Calories before 10 a.m. • Eat another 35% between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. • Eat the remaining 30% before 8 p.m. • Stay away from late-night snacking

  20. You Will Know How to Eat Right at Covenant!

  21. Click on a Weekly Food Menu to View • Week 1 menu • Week 2 menu • Week 3 menu • Week 4 menu

  22. Balanced Food Plan for Eating in the Great Hall • The next few slides are examples of healthy meals from the Great Hall • 1800-2000 Calorie Diet plan • You should eat from 26-45 fat grams a day.

  23. Breakfast • Scrambled eggs • English muffin • Skim milk • Orange juice • Banana • Total = 681 calories, 3 grams fat, no saturated fat

  24. Lunch • Carved ham • Cauliflower • Green bean casserole • Grape juice • Apple • Total = 604 calories, 17 fat grams, 5 saturated fats

  25. Dinner • Yankee pot roast • Scandinavian blend • Black-eye peas • Whole potatoes • Skim milk • Total = 523 calories, 12 fat grams, 4 saturated fats

  26. Total for the Day • Total calories for this day = 1808 • Total fat grams = 32 • Total saturated fats = 9 • Add a little extra calories/fat for snacks or condiments (except what is listed)

  27. Breakfast • Oatmeal with raisins • Bagel with peanut butter • Apple • Orange juice • Total = 619 calories, 11 fat grams

  28. Lunch • Chicken Ala King with white rice • Corn on the cob • Broccoli cuts • Banana • Grape Juice • Cottage cheese • Total = 681 calories, 10 fat grams

  29. Dinner • Turkey sandwich on whole wheat • Extra vegetables- sprouts, olives, green peppers • Sliced carrots • Orange juice • Total = 555 calories, 15 fat grams

  30. Total for the Day • Total calories for this day = 1855 • Total fat grams = 36 grams • Add a little extra calories/fat for snacks or condiments (except what is listed)

  31. Will’s Choice • Stern has the know all of all the Great Hall’s Good stuff • Listed in the next few slides are different suggestions of meals that he eats himself!

  32. Will’s Breakfast Choices • Waffles with syrup- no butter or sprinkles • Oatmeal with skim milk • Skim milk/orange juice to drink • Piece of fruit i.e. orange, banana, or apple

  33. Will’s Lunch Choices • 2 slices whole wheat bread • Soup: vegetable, chicken & rice, or tomato • Roasted red potatoes • Stewed tomatoes • Cauliflower

  34. Will’s Lunch Choices Continued • Black eye peas • Cabbage • Baked potato with olive and vinegar • Grape juice, orange juice, or iced tea

  35. Will’s Dinner Choices • Yankee pot roast • BBQ chicken • Turkey with dressing • Spinach

  36. Will’s Dinner Choices Continued • Lima beans • Yellow corn • Northern beans • Soup and/or baked potato

  37. Smoothie Bar Potato Bar Deli Works Itza Pizza Recent Changes in ARA • Soup Bar

  38. Smoothie Bar • Mangoes, raspberries, peaches, blueberries • 100% fruit juice used as well as low-fat vanilla yogurt

  39. Potato Bar • Now available at lunch and dinner • Very healthy - don’t pile on the butter, cheese, and sour cream • Try salsa as a topping - it’s healthy and tasty!

  40. Soup Bar • The soup bar is now right next to the Deli Works • Stay away from the creamy soups, and enjoy the vegetable soup instead!

  41. Deli Works • Deli works is more like a Subway • Large variety of breads - choose 100% whole wheat • Use mustard instead of mayonnaise

  42. Itza Pizza • Itza Pizza has thicker, better tasting crusts! • Pizza’s OK to eat - but in moderation • Each slice has about 358 calories

  43. Foods to Stay Away from in the Great Hall • Hot chicken salad • Has a whopping 764 calories and 57 grams of fat! • Italian sausage sandwich • Has 997 calories and 53 grams of fat! • Hot ham and cheese sandwich • Has 914 calories and 43 grams of fat! • Lasagna • Has 867 calories and 39 grams of fat!

  44. These are Definitely Things You Want to Stay Away From • Italian sausage, French fries, and burgers

  45. Tips on Eating Right in the Great Hall • Drink skim milk instead of 2% • Drink more juices and water, and stay away from soft drinks • Eat chicken or fish instead of fatty red meats

  46. More Tips • Avoid creamy sauces, like alfredo, and go for marinara sauce instead • On salads, avoid salad dressing; instead use oil and vinegar • Don’t eat a dessert at every meal!

  47. You Will Know What Kind of Snacks to Hide in Your Drawers!

  48. You Should Eat Foods Rich in Antioxidants • Deliberately include vitamin A, C, E and selenium in your diet • Vitamin A- carrots, dark green veggies • Vitamin C- citrus fruits • Vitamin E- dark leafy veggies • Selenium- Brazil nuts, garlic, whole grain

  49. Good Snacks to Eat • Frozen fruit juice bars • Light popcorn • Baked Potato chips • Fig Newtons • Dried fruits, fresh fruits and veggies

  50. More Good Snacks to Eat • Wassa bread • Peanuts and other nuts • Licorice with natural sweetener • Pretzels • Chocolate - a small amount

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