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Virtual Meeting October 8-9, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Virtual Meeting October 8-9, 2013

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Virtual Meeting October 8-9, 2013
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Virtual Meeting October 8-9, 2013

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  1. IT ADVISORY COUNCIL Virtual Meeting October 8-9, 2013

  2. ITAC Welcome Meeting Participation Guidelines 1:45 pm dial in and log in to web meeting Go to: Meeting/Dial-in Number: 877-336-1274 Access code: 5348346 Security code: 1013 2:00 pm ITAC starts

  3. ITAC Welcome Meeting Participation Guidelines During all breaks mute your phone Do not the place the call on hold at any time Ask questions via chat by sending them to “Questions(Host)”

  4. ITAC Welcome How to Interact Keep microphones muted Use chat to ask questions

  5. ITAC Welcome How to Log In to Chat with an iPad

  6. IT Budget Update

  7. IT Budget Update JITF Operating Budgets: FY 2011-FY 2013 (Appropriated Funds) $408.1 million FY 2011 Budget Request $396.3 million FY 2012 Budget Request $321.4 million FY 2013 Budget Request $301.4 million FY 2013 Financial Plan $275.2 million FY 2013 Financial Plan after Sequestration FY 2013 $275.2 million

  8. IT Budget Update FY 2013 IT Budget Categories Development New applications and non-mandatory functional enhancements to existing applications Strategic Investments Investments in IT that have direct out-year cost savings to other programs within the JITF Operations and Maintenance Keeping IT systems and associated programs running as usual. Paying for contractor salaries, travel, training, supplies, testing, hosting, software and hardware maintenance, and cyclical replacement of hardware

  9. IT Budget Update FY 2014: Refining Operations and Maintenance Category “Mandatory” Keeping IT systems minimally running. Paying for contractor salaries, hosting, software and hardware maintenance only “Discretionary” Travel, supplies, testing, and cyclical replacement of hardware

  10. IT Budget Update Fiscal Year Budget Requirements 2015 2014 $328.3 million total $330.9 million total Budget Request Budget Request Development $295.5 million Strategic Investments $289.9 million Baseline Discretionary O&M Target fromBudget Committee Mandatory O&M

  11. IT Budget Update FY 2014 Priority List Current Projects and Operations Without Funding Due to 35.4 Million in 2014 Budget Cuts Probation and Pretrial Development

  12. IT Infrastructure Formula Update

  13. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome Themes by Court Unit Grouping 1) District (includes special courts) 2) Bankruptcy (includes Bankruptcy Administrators) 3) Probation and Pretrial 4) Appellate

  14. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome Exposure Draft Comments by Group and Theme

  15. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome OUR CHALLENGE

  16. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome Spending by 1-2 Units

  17. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome Spending by 3 Units

  18. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome Spending by 4-5 Units

  19. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome Average Obligations by Circuit (All)

  20. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome Disposition of Comments Removed change factors Eliminated negative multipliers Eliminated 2012 from analysis for Group 3 only (13 remaining factors reduced to 8)

  21. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome Key Points Distribution of funding has been refined Relative weight of factors equalized Multipliers locked in at FY 2011 and 2012

  22. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome 2012 Formulas vs. Obligations *Probation and Pretrial average spending based on 2010 - 2011

  23. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome 2012 New Formula vs. Obligations (Formula calculated at 100%) *Probation and Pretrial average spending based on 2010 - 2011

  24. IT Infrastructure Formula Update/Outcome Next Steps Circulate new exposure draft after council meetings Disposition of comments Explanation of methodology New calculator Present to IT Committee at December 2013 meeting for approval Stage for FY 2015 implementation

  25. National IP Telephone Service Update

  26. National IPT Service Update NIPT Service Reduces Local Expenditures

  27. National IPT Service Update Cost for Average Site • 30 court employees • Device deployment is 1.5 devices per staff member • $32,000 average deployment cost • Allowance $16,650 (at $555 per staff member) • Onsite day two support $1038 (at $519 for 2 people for 1 day) • Device placement $3510 ($78 per device) • Networking components $10,802 • Deployment on hold due to: • Sequestration • Government shutdown

  28. National IPT Service Update Approach with Available FY14 Funding The National IT Infrastructure Working Group and the NIPT collaboration team reached the following consensus: • Determine existing telecommunications costs by surveying each court signed up for NIPT • Prioritize courts based on: • Maximum return on investment to the Judiciary • System age • Ability to use existing infrastructure • Cost to deploy

  29. National IPT Service Update National IPT Service: Additional Cost Containment • June: Committee endorsed replacement of high-capacity circuits • Courts responded with concerns about changing numbers • Office of Infrastructure Management engineered a new solution using a simple but powerful protocol, known as Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP

  30. National IPT Service Update Current Court Configuration Today

  31. National IPT Service Update Added Redundancy with SIP

  32. National IPT Service Update Advantage of SIP

  33. National IPT Service Update In the Event of Catastrophic Failure

  34. National IPT Service Update New Solution: Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Advantages • 100% phone number porting • Fax servers not needed • Adds high availability to all IPT sites • Additional bandwidth Progress • New contract is in negotiation • Statement of work with PMD • Contract to be awarded by the end of CY 13

  35. Centralization of Email Servers Update

  36. Centralization of Email Servers Update Goals of Centralizing Email Servers $2.5 million cost avoidance in 2014 Permanently relieve courts of hardware and software operations and maintenance locally Centralization to complete by the end of CY2013

  37. Centralization of Email Servers Update Status of Centralizing Email Servers Approximately 65% finished Completed build-out of new west coast centralized servers All courts integrated with west coast servers by October 1, 2013 Build-out of east coast servers began on October 1, 2013 All courts should be integrated with east coast servers by December 31, 2013 Expect to complete project by December 31, 2013

  38. National Video Teleconferencing Update

  39. National VTC Service National VTC Service 138 courts connected 808 endpoints 2011 mobile clients 15,125 video conferences $1,362,238 million in returnon investment

  40. National VTC Service NVTC Service: 9,000 Total Hours Used-to-Date

  41. National VTC Service How Can We Improve? Are they helpful for the transition process? What are the issues your court faces? What else can we do? Our training materials are available online:

  42. Administrative Services Update

  43. Next Gen CM/ECF Update

  44. Next Gen CM/ECF Update Implementation Status of Next Gen CM/ECF Features to be available in Release 1 Workspace Calendar Judge’s Review Packet Central Sign On Reporting Bankruptcy Case Opening Appellate Attorney Filing Schedule of Release 1 availability TBD based on input from the Project Steering Group in October

  45. Next Gen CM/ECF Update Centralization Progress of Current Gen Servers Currently Centralized Appellate: 2 District: 1 Bankruptcy: 10 In Progress of Centralization Appellate: 3 District: 3 Bankruptcy: 5 In the Queue for Centralization Appellate: 8 District: 14 Bankruptcy: 19

  46. WAN Diversity Update

  47. WAN Diversity Update Implementation Status of WAN Diversity On track to complete 6 pilot locations by early October

  48. Active Directory Update

  49. Active Directory Update Status of Active Directory – Enterprise Systems Integration with JENIE Successfully completed National Video Teleconferencing System Successfully completed National IP Telephone Service To begin in October 2013 Complete in FY2014

  50. Active Directory Update Testing Active Directory Specific Features Being Tested Integration of Single Sign On with JENIE New rules of behavior Access to local resources Beta Testing Completed: Louisiana Western District Court, South Carolina Bankruptcy Court, West Virginia Southern District Court, and Testing Services Branch (Phoenix) In progress: Office of Systems Deployment & Support (San Antonio)