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Start the Vocabulary Sheet

Start the Vocabulary Sheet

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Start the Vocabulary Sheet

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  1. Start the Vocabulary Sheet

  2. Ask yourself if you can say the word. • Do you know what it means? • Can you put it in a sentence? • After you have done this, you should either put a + or a ? next to each word in box 1. • This should be done by 8:25 everyday!

  3. 2 minute Edit

  4. Stretching OUrselves By: Alden Carter

  5. Team Cooperation Goal Help and Encourage Others

  6. Reading Goal: Identifying cause and effect Remember: Cause makes things happen Effects are the things that happen as a result of something else

  7. Relax-loosen up Steve could finally relax after he was finished with her project, he loosened up after a long day.

  8. Cure-fix Taking a walk is a great cure for when you’re feeling down, it usually fixes any ailments.

  9. Stiff-unbending The pony’s legs were stiff after it was first born, but they loosened up after a while.

  10. Impatient-anxious The audience was impatient and began chanting for the performers to start the show.

  11. frustrating=-annoying, discouraging It was frustrating for Sean to try to build the model airplane without directions.

  12. Nimble-flexible The nimble gymnast easily flipped through the air.

  13. Vocabulary voucher

  14. Newfangled Fairy Tales

  15. Newfangled Fairy Tales Let’s review what happened yesterday… “The Obsolete Dragon”

  16. Newfangled Fairy Tales Why does Gwendolyn come to see Sir Dragon? Why did many maids hire the dragon? What did Maid Gwendolyn have to pay Sir Dragon? What else does she want him to do?

  17. So after reading… I think there’s another cause-and-effect connection we can make here. I think we can connect the fact that Sir Grimbald challenges the dragon to a fight with a reason why he did this. Why does Sir Grimbald Challenge the dragon for a fight? Sir Dragon insults Sir Grimbald by saying that Sir Grimblad is too afraid to fight him.

  18. So now let’s connect the LC with today’s story

  19. Let’s work in team to discuss the main points up to now What would be a good question up to this point? Why does Emily have trouble moving?

  20. Team Talk Questions • How does having CP make Emily feel? • Why does Emily attend special classes? • What types of things does Emily learn in her special classes? • Compare and contrast Emily and Nic.

  21. Partner Reading Page 421 (up to last sentence) aloud with partners Page 422 (last sentence) • Put 2 sticky notes on words that are new or unfamiliar to you • Discuss with team words you clarified • Find vocabulary words

  22. Team Discussion-15minutes • Discuss answers to team talk questions • Write answers to question 3and 4

  23. Class Discussion • What are some of the words you clarified?

  24. Adventures in Writing What do you like to do for fun? Explain your answer and give at least two examples in your response.

  25. Scoring Guide You answer the question 25 points Your answer explains or describes with at least two details 25 points Your answer makes sense and has Part of the question in it 20 points Your answer is written in complete, correct sentences 20 points Your writing has correct capitalization and punctuation 10 points

  26. Vocabulary Meaningful Sentence Practice relax cure stiff impatient frustrating nimble Choose a new word from your list to use in a meaningful sentence.

  27. Fluency5 min Pages 418-421 Or page 422

  28. Fluency Rubric 100 points Expressiveness Smoothness Rate and correctness 90 points Smoothness Rate and correctness 80 points Rate and correctness 70 points Correctness