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  1. TRIPS Transforming Raw Information In Public Services Michele Chew – Derbyshire County Council

  2. A Brief History of TRIPS • Brainchild of Mike Charnley-Fisher and CSED • Developed in the East Midlands Region • Now entering Phase 2 • If proof of concept is successful, TRIPS will be considered for potential national adoption by DH,  and by the NHS IC as a means to better collect national level data

  3. TRIPS : What is it? 17 September, 2014 An analytical tool that allows different sources of financial and activity data to be combined It contains data from the PSSEX1 Returns from the past 5 years and will allow the new 2009/10 PSSEX1 Return data to be added for analysis It allows scenarios to be plotted and set up for regular monitoring It permits the identification of patterns of service that can then be further explored in TRACS It allows us to see the wood for the trees 3

  4. TRIPS : Current Developments 17 September, 2014 TRIPS is being further developed in the context of SIIP and the National Information Strategy. A Social Care Quality Outcomes Framework (SCQOF) is being developed. A zero based review of statutory returns is currently under way. The current phase of TRIPS has four deliverables called Gateways. This further development of TRIPS is to be undertaken with SCQOF and the zero based review in mind. 4

  5. TRIPS : Gateways 17 September, 2014 Gateway 1: Extraction of Data Gateway 2: Data Cleansing and Data Dictionary Gateway 3: Business Logic Gateway 4: Analysis Packs 5

  6. Current Outputs from TRIPS • Bespoke Reports • Two existing analysis packs – Use of Resources and Expenditure by Service User Group

  7. Outputs from TRIPSBespoke Charts and PresentationsAnalysis of Older People Services using data from TRIPS This pulls data from the PSSEX1 Return 2008/09. This shows net expenditure.

  8. Outputs from TRIPSBespokeCharts and PresentationsAnalysis of All Services using data from TRIPS This takes data from the last five years worth of PSSEX1 Returns. It shows gross expenditure.

  9. Outputs from TRIPSBespokeCharts and PresentationsDirect Payment average costs by client group for the period April – October 2009

  10. Analysis Pack 1 • Use of Resources – source PSSEX1 Returns • Here is an example bar chart showing gross expenditure on residential and nursing care for older adults in 08/09 • Plus a pie chart showing the proportion of expenditure in 08/09

  11. Outputs from TRIPSCharts and PresentationsAnalysis of All Services using data from TRIPS This takes data from the last five years worth of PSSEX1 Returns. It shows gross expenditure.

  12. Analysis Pack 2 • Expenditure By Client Group • Here is an example slide showing P&S services

  13. Outputs from TRIPSCharts and PresentationsAnalysis of Direct Payment numbers during period April – October 2009

  14. CSED LD Analysis • CSED used TRIPS to complete analysis of LD services in the East Midlands • Here is an example slide showing expenditure on community based LD services

  15. CSED Analysis of LD Services • TRIPS was used by the Region to complete its analysis of LD Services

  16. ADASS Analysis • We recently completed an exercise for ADASS based on 08/09 PSSEX1 Data • Here are two example slides showing Gross Spend per Head for Older People 08/09 by Inner London Authorities and by County Councils

  17. ADASS Analysis

  18. ADASS Analysis

  19. Current use of TRIPS in Derbyshire • Tidying up data in complex spreadsheets • Providing in-year unit cost analysis for monitoring purposes • Identifying trends for future analysis and target setting

  20. New Analysis Packs • Further Reporting Packs are in Development in the East Midlands: • In-year PSSEX1 Analysis and creation of PSSEX1 Return • Individual Statements/Personalisation • Re-ablement • Unit Cost Analysis

  21. TRIPS Next Steps • Completion of Proof of Concept in the East Midlands • If successful, TRIPS could become a useful local solution for LA analysis and reporting, and play a significant role in the provision of data for national level analysis through the NHS IC's NASCIS solution

  22. TRIPS Any Questions?