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Health Professions Scholarship PowerPoint Presentation
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Health Professions Scholarship

Health Professions Scholarship

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Health Professions Scholarship

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  1. Health Professions Scholarship Recipient Orientation Forms and Documentation

  2. Submitting Forms and Documentation Send all forms and documentation to the program office via email ( or to the following address: Indian Health ServiceScholarship Program5600 Fishers LaneMail Stop: OHR (11E53A)Rockville, MD 20857

  3. Required Forms and Documentation Recipient’s Initial Program Progress Report (IHS-856-8) • Submit within 30 days of the beginning ofeach academic term. • Your advisor or the registrar’s officemust sign this form to confirm your full- or part-time enrollment for the current academic term.

  4. Required Forms and Documentation (cont.) Official Transcripts • Must be received within 30 days of the end of each academic term. • Must be sent by secure electronic transcript service or postal service. • If sent by mail, transcripts must have an official seal and/or the registrar’s signature. • Envelopes must not be opened or tampered with. • If an official transcript will not be ready within 30 days, you must submit an official grade report or documentation of grades signed by your instructors and your advisor.

  5. Additional Forms and Documentation Notification of Academic Problem (IHS-856-9) • Used to notify your Program Analyst of any academic problems, including: • Poor grades resulting in a reduction in enrollment status. • Canceled course. • Academic probation. • Withdrawal from school. • Dismissal from school. • Submit this form to your Program Analyst immediately. • Do not withdraw from a course or from school withoutfirst consulting your Program Analyst.

  6. Additional Forms and Documentation (cont.) Change of Status (IHS-856-10) • Used to notify your Program Analyst of a change in your enrollment status including: • Transferring schools or seeking dual enrollment. • Change in graduation date. • Requesting a leave of absence. • Submit this form immediately.

  7. Additional Forms and Documentation (cont.) Summer School Request (IHS-856-21) • Used to request approval of payment for summer school courses. • Required for recipients enrolled in yearlong programs. • Must be: • Submitted by April 22. • Signed by your school advisor. • Include documentation of summer school tuition and fees.

  8. Additional Forms and Documentation (cont.) Summer School Request (IHS-856-21) • The following types of courses are approved to receive financial assistance: • Required courses toward your health profession degree program. • Required courses that must be repeated as a result of poor academic performance.

  9. Additional Forms and Documentation (cont.) Lost Stipend Payment (IHS-856-19) • Submit form to the program office after the seventh day of the month after the month missed. (For example, submit after Sept. 7 if you did not receive your August stipend). Change of Name or Address (IHS-856-22) • Submit form to the program office immediately. Request for Credit Validation (IHS-856-23) • Submit form to the program office immediately. Note: Contact your Program Analyst immediately if you are changing your preferred email address. A form does not need to be submitted, but notification will avoid delay in or loss of communication with the program.

  10. Support Staff • IHS Scholarship Program Analyst — • Area Scholarship Coordinator — • IHS Discipline Chief — For additional information: • Visit • Consult your Student Handbook, which can be found on our website. • Visit us on Facebook at Indian Health Service Scholarship Program.